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Its Better Not To Believe

It's Better Not To Believe Date: 11/05/2016 (Saturday, early afternoon)

Anna has accepted the encounter. Someone in Haven has found out about the supernatural and is freaking out about it. They're at risk of exposing the secret, hurting themselves, or hurting others. Your target and their allies are tasked with containing the situation.

Anna is sprawled languidly on the loveseat, wearing Josh's button down flannel with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows. "Hi, Liesel," she says, waving at the phone. Josh can just see the lace detailing of a pair of black and cream underwear that matches the shirt beautifully. "That sucks."

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Josh steps from the bedroom to the north and makes a turn towards the kitchen to the west, though he pauses to look over his shoulder at the young woman who lays on his loveseat. He flashes her a little grin, telling her, "Bacon, sausage, and blue berry pancakes are coming right up. I'm pretty sure in the boyfriend score, this is worth twenty points."

The sounds of the forest and the city in the distance can be heard, dulled from the cabin's walls. The relative peace of the interior of the cabin is disturbed when Anna's phone begins to send up various notifications to her in a rapid fire.

[Your phone begins to show with notifications from one of your contacts: There's a natural who just stumbled in from the forest, they're delirious and screaming about monsters in the woods. HSD and the Venetians seem otherwise occupied. Can you help? Valentine and Devilwood is where she is now. Blonde hair, skinny, brown eyes. the notification ends.]

Anna sighs and pushes up from the loveseat to wander over to where her purse is sitting on the entertainment console. "Crap." She looks over at Josh. "One of my occult contacts just sent me a message. There's an unaware Natural who was forcibly Aware'd by wandering in from the North Forest. Woman, blonde, skinny, brown eyes... and screaming about monsters in the woods. Apparently HSD and the Venetians are preoccupied." She wanders over to Josh, looping her arms around his waist. "Think we should see if we can help, maybe. Would you be terribly put out if we postponed breakfast?"

Josh lets out a small sigh to Anna as he gives the woman a brief hug around the woman's shoulder, shaking his head. "We got a job to do. Go get your clothing on, I'll be waiting in the car," he says to her, leaning in to plant a kiss upon her cheek.

Anna nods and moves towards the bedroom to get dressed. She returns a few minutes later and steps out the door, locking it behind her.

There's no issue in getting to whatever vehicle or mode of transport you prefer. However, on the way out the door, Anna's phone springs up a new notification.

[The notification reads: Hurry. She's pulled a knife. She seems like she's having a nervous breakdown. the notification ends.]

Josh pauses as Anna's phone once again goes off, the man turning around to face her, looking at her curiously as he wonders, "What does it say?"

Anna swears quietly under her breath in French. "She's having a breakdown and has pulled a knife. We need to hurry. Valentine and Devilwood." She looks at Josh. "I guess this is my chance to practice one of my new abilities," she mutters.

Josh gives a small nod of his head towards Anna as he jogs over to his car, climbing in and turning the engine, waiting for Anna to get in before he speeds off down the dirt road for the town.

Anna climbs in and buckles up.

As Josh and Anna navigate back to town, there is little interference. A kobold might be spotted hiding behind a tree just at the edge of the mist in the forest. As the pair drive up to the intersection the northwest corner is crowded: A skinny, blonde-haired woman with a torn pair of jeans and a t-shirt has her back to a streetpole, a folding knife held out before her, warding back three or four people who are just out of her reach. Most other passerbyers get an eyefull but move on. The woman's mascera has run and when one bystander tries to approach her, she screams at him and brandishes the knife, causing him to back off with his hands up.

Josh pulls up behind the crowd, parking along the side of the street as he looks to Anna, giving her a small nod. "Alright, if we can handle this without forcefully taking her down, that's preferable. As long as she doesn't try to hurt herself or others, we'll stick with talking. You seem to have an idea, you want to do the talking?" He ask the woman as he unbuckles his seatbelt and opens the door.

Josh goes AFK. (They expect to return in 5 minutes.)

Anna nods and waits until Josh has parked the car to jump out and walk swiftly up to the woman. "There you are, dear," she says as soothingly as she can, sunglasses pulled off as she makes eye contact with the woman. "We've been worried sick about you. Put the knife down and come on. Let's get you somewhere safe and warm, hrm?"

Anna says, in an exotically accented, multifaceted mezzo, "There's no reason to be waving that thing around, especially at people who just want to help."

                Stat Report:Anna
        she has Psychic Persuasion stat at *.

The blonde haired woman turns toward Anna when she approaches, initially her knife is kept held upright. The bystanders part to let Anna through and after Anna speaks the blonde woman has a mild expression of confusion. It's fleeting, but she lowers the knife and wipes at the tears and snot on her face. She takes a few steps toward Anna, "Safe and warm... sounds good..." she says between rapid intakes of breath, "Who are you?" she asks and approaches Anna. The knife remains in her hand, but it's pointed downward now. The bystanders, initially relieved, seem to take on an air of confusion as well when the blonde asks Anna who she is.

Anna smiles sadly. "You know me," she tells the blonde woman. "We've been friends for a long time. I'm a little hurt that you don't remember, but I guess I can understand..." She sighs and moves on. "I've got some of your clean clothes back in the car, but I don't know if they're the ones you wanted. Come on; if they're not right, we'll take you back by your home to get the ones you want. Let's go, hon." And she holds her hand out for Blondie.

Josh's blue eyes dart between Anna and the knife wielding blonde woman, his face relaxed, calm, and as non-threatening as the can make it.

The bystanders begin to chatter amongst themselves, one suggests: "Nutjob" and the others nod in agreement, snickering. A pair of them lose interest as the crazy woman seems on the brink of being taken away. The blonde, knife-wielding woman takes Anna's hand with her free one and she says, "O-Okay..." and follows after Anna, "There were monsters in the woods." she says and if either Josh or Anna are able, they would note that she has a blue-green aura currently.

Josh's non-threatening tone of expression turns sharply towards a threatening one as he turning his head to look back to the pair who poke fun at the woman, hard gaze landing on them as he lifts up his hand and flips them the bird. On the turn of a dime he looks back to the blonde girl, hushing her soothingly, "It's alright. Lets get you out of here and somewhere nice and safe."

Anna walks calmly towards Josh's car. "Hon," she says to the blonde. "Do you remember Josh? He's going to help keep you safe. Would you let him hold your knife? I mean, you don't need it anymore. You're safe with us."

"Hey fuck you buddy!" one of the bystanders calls to Josh after his bird-flipping, a young, red-headed teenage boy who runs off after his shrill, 'witty' retort to the man. The blonde shakes her head, "I don't remember Josh..." she says quietly and looks down at the knife as if she'd forgotten it was in her hand. She extends it to Anna, she has just her thumb and index finger pinched around the top of its hilt so Anna can grab the hilt if she likes, "Where are we going?"

Anna looks at Josh, letting him answer that as she passes the knife over.

[STalk] Josh: 'I have to go. Sorry'

You tell Josh 'No problem! Thanks for coming.'

Josh walks with a small swagger to his stride down.

Anna nods to Josh as he steps away to make a phone call, telling her to go on ahead. "We're going to take you to the Antlers. Get a room there for a little while so you can lay down. Nice and safe and warm."

The blonde nods at Anna, perhaps she believes the woman, perhaps not, but she follows her nonetheless, her hand squeezing down on Anna's, seeking comfort as she starts to breka down a bit, weeping softly as she follows Anna,

The blonde nods at Anna, perhaps she believes the woman, perhaps not, but she follows her nonetheless, her hand squeezing down on Anna's, seeking comfort as she starts to breka down a bit, weeping softly as she follows Anna, "I was so scared... there were so many and... I just ran for the road... but they almost got me. Are they going to get me?"

Anna shushes the woman with a soothing arm around the shoulder. "No one's going to get you. It's alright. You're safe." She puts the woman in the car and off they go.

The woman keeps her head down as she sits in the passenger seat and allows Anna to take her anywhere. The bystanders visible in the rearview mirror disperse once Anna and the blonde are gone. A notification chirps on Anna's phone: Good work. Make sure she doesn't talk about what she saw. That's bad for everyone. it reads, should Anna chance a glance at it. Otherwise, she's free to drive herself and the blonde to whatever destination she chooses.

Anna does take the woman to the Antlers. She leads her inside and rents a room. They walk up the stairs and inside. "I'm sorry you had such a bad dream," she says with a sigh. "When you left the party last night, no one could find you. We were so worried. Maybe you shouldn't drink that much, yeah?" Her voice is full of concern. "I mean... monsters? You probably just saw a big wolf or something. Dangerous, but... Everyone knows that monsters don't exist. You know that, don't you?"

The blonde looks down to her torn jeans and the gash upon it. She tugs lightly at the torn flesh, "I.... a wolf... just a wolf in the mist." she murmurs softly, as if trying to convince herself. She wipes at her eyes and says, "Can you take me... to the bus station? I don't want to stay here. I just want to go."

Anna nods and silently turns the car towards the bus station.

The blonde pulls her phone out of her pocket and reads off her number to Anna, "Please text me? I just... I need someone to talk to while I get home. Maybe you could ride with me there? It'd be an adventure... it's only Ohio, it's not that far." she says as they drive up to the bus station.

Anna smiles. "I'll text you, yeah, but I've got to get home to Josh." She turns the car off and walks with Blondie to buy a single bus ticket to Ohio. "Just... don't tell anyone about the wolf, alright? I'm concerned that someone might think you're, well... You know. I don't want you locked up, alright?"

Blondie nods her head at Anna and sighs. She wipes at her eyes and accepts the ticket from the person behind the glass and, unless stopped, throws her arms around Anna in a hug, "Thank you." she whispers. She then turns and rapidly starts toward the platform where her bus will be.

Anna hugs the woman back and waits to make sure she gets on the bus. Only when the bus begins to pull out does she turn back to her car.

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