\ Haven:Mist and Shadow Logs/Mark Of The Betrayer

Mark Of The Betrayer

Matilde has accepted the encounter. Someone in Haven has found out about the supernatural and is freaking out about it. They're at risk of exposing the secret, hurting themselves, or hurting others. Your target and their allies are tasked with containing the situation.

You add the encounter to the Haven's godi storyline.

Matilde was just relaxing in the guest room of the longhouse, playing peek a boo games with her daughter and listening to the soft sounds of the forest outside.

It's another sweltering summer day in Haven, and the rooms of that windowless longhouse are near unto a sauna. While the trill of birds and the chittering of less natural things can be heard, muffled, through those heat-trapping wooden walls, they're all but drowned out by the sudden, incessant buzzing of Matilde's phone, itself likely hard to hear under the cooing gurgles of an entertained infant.

It takes Matilde a few moments torealize there is a new sound reaching her ears, but when she does the young woman reaches for her phone, keeping it out of range of little grabby fingers to check on what is being nagged at her by the phone.

Whoever is calling, their number probably isn't saved in Matilde's phone. Or maybe it is? Regardless-- When she answers, should she answer, she's met by the stereotypical, grating and high-pitched valley-girl twang of one of the employees at Spook's strip club. Candi is the stage name. "Hellooo? Like, Miss Gundersson? Is this the right number? It's so hard to, like, read his handwriting...?"

Candi, of course, has somehow mispronounced Matilde's last name. Typical.

"Oh Ja!" Matilde replies to the phone as she dodges Lotta's grab for it again, suffering instead through fingers tugging at her hair as she speaks "What can I do for you?"

"Like, you were one of the emergency contacts? For before we call the police?" The voice on the other end informs Matilde in that shrill voice of hers. Something, probably a tree branch, scrapes and scratches along the side of the longhouse walls, and the wooden logs groan in protest. "The bouncers for this shift just, like, fucked off or something? But we've got this guy here, and I think he's crazy."

In the background of the call, behind Candi's obnoxious voice, there is the sound of a deeper, male voice shouting. Preaching, almost.

"Well fuck." Matilde mumbles softly to the phone "Bouncers gone? I'm going to have to make sure Mister Renfield knows about that, but I guess I'll come by and see what is going on in the meantime." she looks down to Lotta and tells the baby "You're going to have to behave, Aunty Rachel isn't awake enough to look after you." then backto the phone the young witch says "Hang in there, I'm on my way over." at that the woman piles herself and Lotta into her car and heads off down the bouncy potholed dirt road.

 The ride down to Fleet Street is an uneventful as they come. The streets are

quiet, though a frankly abnormal number of cars have parked along Fleet, outside that glowing neon sign that hangs over the strip club's stairwell. That's nothing out of the ordinary, given the past week. The heat, of course, does not abate, even this close to Haven's bay. If anything, the humidity seems to make it worse.

"Ugh" Matilde complains as her feet step heavily down the stairs leading into the pit of the club "Home was never this bad." she utters slightly apologetically to Lotta "One day I will take you back there." she reaches the door and swings it open to peek beyond at what might be going on inside.

Nor does the heat abate inside the club. Descending into the building's basement is like descending into Hell, if only Hell weren't frozen over and kept to the biblical depictions of its name. "A symbol!" A male voice carries down the hallway from the main stage. "A sign! Not for hope! But for control! Don't you see it?!" In response, Candi can be heard, "Just, like, put the knife down, ok?"

And the male voice answers, "I will show you! In blood!"

Hoisting her little girl up on a hip further to hold her closer, Matilde whispers to the baby "You will enjoy this." she studies the man from afar for a time before taking a few steps closer and calling out "What is this? Who are you."

The man is shirtless, bearded and bedraggled. Given the heat, his present undress might be understandable. The bloody line he's currently drawing down the front of his chest with a steak knife, though? That's a bit less so. There's nobody on the stage right now, the music has been cut. Blood spatters the tiled floor as the shoeless man spins to face Matilde. "I am the one who has seen the visions! The true visions!" he shouts, wild-eyed and waving that steak knife around.

Lotta is bouncing excitedly on her mother's hip as the man cuts into himself, Matilde keeps her distance from the crazy wielding the blade. She studies the symbol a little before looking up to the man's eyes again and asks him "What visions, tell me what it is that you have been blessed to see and know."

The next line starts at the top of the first, up and diagonally to the right. Blood spills down the front of the dirty man's chest and onto his jeans, to the floor. He's cutting deep. It's the beginnings of a rune. "Fields! Burning! Under the great liar's guidance!" he proclaims, apparently immune to the feeling of pain. Or hopped on something, more like. "Should we be surprised, when came the visions of betrayal? NO! The dreams of death? NO!" he cries.

"Fields burning." Matilde repeats after the man, skirting around him to stand by Candi's side now, she reaches out to place a reassuring hand on the young woman's arm before turning her attention back to the man. Lotta claps her hands and blows bubbles in approval "I am very much interested to know of these visions you have witnessed." the witch requests to the man, making no move to even atempt to disarm him, she wants to see what he is marking on himself, the blood will mop up easily enough, it's not the first time the club has seen it spilled on the floor.

"The fanged temptress!" he bellows, and at Matilde's touch Candi does the sane thing and shrinks away to a safer distance, towards the bar. "The shark-eyed man! The raven-haired destroyer! They are one and the same! Leaders of the pig-faced sinners!" He's getting his visions, his nightmares, all mixed up. This third and final cut is deeper even than the last. Another line below the second, sprouting off the first in the same direction. Matilde is a member of Ymir's Host, she's seen the elder futhark before; It's one of those.

Blood from the knife spatters the walls as the crazed man flings his arms to proudly display his weeping, self-inflicted wound. "Behold! The mark of the betrayer!"

"I have seen this before." Matilde agrees, deciding to go the ally route with the man. "I have had the visions too!" she wanders a little closer, her silvery eyes focused on the man now as she attempts to capture his gaze and slide him into a hypnotic trance.

"You have!" The insane fellow replies, wiping blood from his chest and stomach with the flat of his hand. It covers his palms now as well. "As have we all! But have you seen them as I have? Their colors are amber and blue! Amber! And! Blue!" His eyes are wild, pupils dilated by whatever it is he's tripping on, and it's only as he roars the last word that Matilde wins her eye contact, and her trance.

Once Matilde has the man in a trance she speaks in a softly soothing voice to him "The amber eyed man is your saviour, he will protect you from the blue-eyed devil. But you must have faith in him, obey and serve the Godi and he will lead you.. all his children to safety." the young woman's voice is soft, almost monotone as she speaks, eyes holding the crazy's attention on her "The Godi is your salvation, trust in him and know that you are safe under his wing."

When the bedraggled and bloodied man falls into a stupor, that blood-soaked hand reaches out and begins to draw the same rune on the club's reflective black walls with lethargic sweeps. Even in a trance. Perhaps even because he is in a trance. He mouths back Matilde's words as she speaks them, albeit haltingly and on a delay, bloodshot eyes glazed over as he stares into her own.

"You will lead a happy and relaxed life, knowing that the Godi looks out for you." Matilde continues to speak in that soft monotone "And when you are needed, you will take up arms, to fight at his side, to fight -for- the Godi, when you are called you will be brave, you will be bold and you will be blessed to have your place in his battle." she then flashes the man a smile and breaks the hold she has over his mind, seating the words deeply into his mind with a key word "Fimbulwinter" that would trigger the man to action.

The rune is painted onto the wall in the man's blood while Matilde speaks, and he continues to silently mouth back her words to her. When he comes too to find the witch smiling, the bedraggled man merely mumbles once, "Fimbulwinter..." The knife slips from his fingers, clattering to the floor. His eyes are glazed from blood loss now, he starts to sway.

"Very good, you can see we are allies Ja?" Matilde asks towards the man "We will work together when it is time, but until then you will know that the Godi, the man with the amber eyes, loves you very much, and wishes to see you flourish and grow under his watch. We will put out the fires, we will crush the blue eyed monster. You will train and hone yourself to become a weapon for the cause! this will be a good thing for you, for us all."

"...Put out the fires. This will be a good thing," The man weakly agrees with the witch, uselessly pressing a hand to the cuts in his chest as he stumbles towards the hall. Back behind Matilde, by the bar, Candi calls out in that shrill valleygirl twang, "Maybe someone should, like, get him to a hospital or something? I hope that blood doesn't have, like, aids or something."

"Good idea." Matilde calls back over, "You're it, see to it that he ispatched up and then take him for a meal and get him a new shirt, one of the spoks ones will do fine, free advertising and all that!"

"I'm not-- This, like, wasn't in the job description!" Candi warns, as if she's going to do a damn thing about it. She's already getting one of the t-shirts from behind the bar, as Matilde has suggested. This poor, bloody fellow will be seen too, whether the club's waitress likes having to do it or not. Weak in the knees, he bloodies up one of the chairs while he waits for her to guide him out.

Matilde is already looking down to her phone and tapping out several texts giving a quick outline of what has occurred at the club, she's muttering to herself something about deserving a raise while trying to keep little fingers from adding unwanted characters to her text messages.

The blood shouldn't be too hard to clean, either. Not the drops on the floor, or the stuff that made it onto the wall in forming the rune. The music eventually comes back on as things return to a semblance of normalcy. Those texts go out, while no doubt scouts for the other societies, accessing the club's camera system, are making their own reports as well.