\ Haven:Mist and Shadow Logs/Revenge


This is an Encounter ran by SRMark

At the intersection of Valentine and Reformatory This area seems well populated.

It is night, about 54F(12C) degrees, and the sky is covered by dark grey stormclouds. It's raining. There is a new moon. You can hear the sound of waves behind you.

Lightning strikes down nearby, followed by a boom of thunder.

As Vadim walks down the street towards the corner of Valentine and Reformatory he finds himself face first into a young woman on the phone. Literally face first, they both round the corner of a building and collide without much of a warning. The young woman topples back, her tush making a B-Line for the pavement.

Vadim jumps, taken from his grumpy reverie by the strike and crackle of nearby lightning. This distracts him and he runs right into a young lady - who likely bounces off his bulky form and backwards onto her tush. He winces and leans down to offer her a hand. "Is sorries, did not see - lightning yes?" His smile iswarm, though it doesn't touch his eyes.

Upon her ass the young woman sits, topped to the ground in a heap in the rain. Big, baby blue eyes gaze up at Vadim, cheeks flushed against the rain. "No, it was my fault," says the woman, pushing bright blonde hair wet from the rain. "I was texting." She takes him by the hand and rises to her heeled boots. "Thank you. I'm really sorry."

Vadim helps the woman up to her feet and takes a step back out of arm's reach. Looking up and down the street he smiles and starts to pass her by.

The woman briefly watches Vadim as he walks away. Tugging her raincoat closer to herself she heads off down Valentine and away from Vadim. Though Vadim finds himself not heading where he originally intended. Instead he finds himself with a strong desire to head to an address he's never been to further down Valentine, a house that he has never been to.

Vadim blinks and finds himself veering off his original course and taking side streets and such until he is near this house. This is beyond his ability to detect, lost in his angry thoughts he just sort of meanders there subconsciously.

The foreign desires that Vadim is subject to have not ended at arriving at this destination. When he arrives at the house his anger is shifting to a new target. There is this hate and rage in him direct at a person. Who this person is? He doesn't know. But there is this compelling feeling deep in the back of his mind where he wants to wipe the floor with this person. And they are in that house.

Vadim is torn - he has a purpose and strict code he follows to help mitigate foreign desires to some extend. So he just kind of sits there for a moment, staring at the house as he tries to figure out who exactly he is here for.

Vadim squints at the house to see if it looks Trap-house ish.

It's a normal looking suburban house. White picket fence, white siding, wooden front deck. Lights are on in what is presumably a bedroom, though the curtains are drawn.

Vadim clenches and unclenches his fist and stalks towards the front door, crossing the lawn, perhaps there are Halloween decorations? Wet leaves sticking to his boots, rain soaked with long hair that is plastered to the side of his face.

No Halloween decorations yet. The lawn is bare of that, though it does indeed need a good raking. Mud and leaves cling to Vadim as he approaches the house. Laughter comes from the window upstairs, a man and a woman laughing together. The male's laugh rings in Vadim's ear, making his blood hot with rage for some unknown reason. His feet take him to the door.

Vadim looks up and snarls, hearing the laughter. It angers him so, he may not know why, but any personal bit of himself that could make him hate a man who made a woman laugh is running through his Angelic mind. He does what any enraged, jealous?, man would do - he rushes forward and levels a hard kick just to the right of the door handle and for shits and giggles, for effect and machismo, he flicks his wrist and sends out a telekinetic strike of energy to either finish opening the door or send it flying across the first floor.

The poor poor door is busted off it's hinges. Flying doors isn't something Vadim is able to pull off, but the door does go sliding across the floor by several feet and crashes into the wall of the foyer. There is a woman's scream heard upstairs, the crash of the door easily heard throughout the whole house.

Vadim crosses immediately into the shroud and stops at the bottom of the stairs. Enraged as he is, he's nto stupid - he wants to see if the man appears at the top of the stairs with a gun or other such implement. Hands crack with each clench of his fist. Amber eyes are focused up the stairs

There is thumbing and creaking of wood coming from upstairs. The thumping moves across the ceiling towards the stairs, where a shadowy figure in nothing but his underwear stands wielding a wooden baseball bat. He speaks, his voice loud, though the words do not carry through The Shroud and is just muffled noises to Vadim's ears.

Even if he can't really see the man, there is something in Vadim that tells him this is the target of his rage. Welling up inside him is a strong urge to hurt this man. To beat him to a pulp. Not kill him, but make him hurt.

Vadim reaches into his duffel and pulls out his ski-mask and slips it over his head. Deshrouding he wastes no time and uses his Telekinesis again to yank the man hard down the stairs chest first - either into drywall or the stairs themselves. He would step out of the way and watch the man fly past if he has to.

The man doesn't have much time to react to Vadim's sudden deshrouding as he goes tumbling down the stairs, rolling his way down the flight stairs and lands at the bottom in a heap of a half naked man. The bat follows behind him, having been let go during the tumble and finishes a moment after him. He lets out a startled cry of pain, quickly trying to scramble to his feet and away from Vadim.

Vadim cocks his head curiously at the man and jerks towards him, right fist swinging for his solar plexus and if it connects and stuns a hard left hook into his gut. He cannot form words to speak, he doesn't even know this man or his name and yet here he is - pummeling the shit out of him.

The man falls to his back once again when Vadim socks him in the gut. Instinctively he curls his hands and legs up together to protect his body as Vadim starts pounding on him, each hit causing him to cry. "No! Please! Stop!"

Vadim doesn't strike the man again, instead he reaches down slowly to grab him by the hair and jerk his head so he can look the man dead in the eye. He wants to see this man's face, a deep desire to see who it is he wants to hurt. His grip is tight, eyes intense and hard. THey promise unpleasant things to those that look in their depths.

Vadim gets a good luck at the man. He's older then Vadim, probably mid-thirties, handsome looking, bit bookish looking but he pulls it off. He's got wide green eyes filled with fear. His arms go back to his head, attempting to protect his pretty face from any potential strike. "Who are you?! What do you want?!"

Vadim strikes him, a physical version of shut your mouth. He tries to think back to see if he recognizes this man, has heard of this man and he hesitates - arm shaking with the strain of stopping. He wants to say something, but he cannot - this compulsion won't let him. Instead he strikes the man two more times in frustration.

Vadim has never seen this man in his life. He doesn't even look like anyone Vadim might know. This man is a total stranger. The older man squirms, fist ineffectively striking back at Vadim in a failed defense. Each punch cases the man to cry out, his face now blooded from the strikes.

Sophia and Amira would arrive to the address on Valentine to find a door that had has been completely knocked to the floor and several feet away from it's threshold. Inside at the stairs to the second floor a half naked, handsome older man with a bloody face is getting pounded into the ground by Vadim, the man's arms flailing as they attempt to strike back at the man.

Vadim is bent over a begging, bloody man in a ski-mask. He has the man by the hair and every so often strikes the man for what looks to be no good reason. There is a kicked in and battered door torn off its hinges just feet behind him - it has left bits of wood and screws in a bread-crumb like path from the door.

Vadim starts to drag the man upstairs by his hair, not caring how much he claws, kicks or screams. He makes no noises at all, each of his steps loud and basso against the stairs.

Amira walks arm-in-arm with Sophia to the door, but worry turns, almost instantly to a look of near ecstacy as they enter the house. She -purrs-. "Oh, fuck sweetheart..." Even in this blissed out, high-on-life (or pain) state, she knows something's wrong and turns towards the noise of the scuffle. "Vadim," she calls out, tone playful. "Aren't you going to let us join the party?"

Soaking wet from the rain, Sophia hurries through that bashed-in door once she hears Amira's delight and spots the bits and pieces of entryway strewn across of ground. "Jesus," she hisses, following that makeshift path to Vadim dragging the man by the hair, jawdropping. "Vadim! What the hell is going on? Are you okay? What- who is that?" Over her shoulder she looks back at Amira, begging for answers with wide green eyes.

The man does not go quietly. His hands wrap around the rungs of the stair's railing, clinging to it for dear life. With his hair not being an easy thing to grip into, he keeps himself from being dragged up the stairs.

(Private to Vadim) At the top of the stairs, hidden in the shadows you notice the form of an woman probably around the same age as the man you have been beating on hiding, watching with a hand covering her mouth.

Vadim stops, head rising to meet the eyes of the woman at the top of the stairs. He moves almost as if in a daze, he doesn't respond to Sophia or Amira - intent as he is on the woman at the top of the stairs. His head cocks curiously, as if searching hard for something he can't put a finger on. There he pauses as the man grabs on to the bannister and cries out.

Upon seeing the women, the man with the bloodied face clinging to the stairs for dear life calls out, "Help! Help me! Please--he's crazy! Call the police!"

Amira really and honestly cannot help the laugh that escapes. With lips parted, cheeks flushed, and the pupils of her eyes dilated with the intensity of the moment, she gazes at the battered man for a moment, before shaking her head. She turns, quickly, leaning in to whisper to Sophia, "I'll distract Vadim. You get this guy out of here, yeah?"

Vadim growls and turns back towards the man, attempting to kick him the rest of the way back down the stairs. He leaps the bannister himself to save himself the slower trip and stalks over to him at the landing. "No ones will help yous - not fast enough make difference." Now he notices Amira and Sophia, hesitating - looking between them and the man.

"But he *might* deserve it. Vadim just needs to talk to us." Sophia utters back to Amira in less of a whisper. She starts up the stairs after Vadim and the battered man but falters when he leaps the rest of the way. To make up for her pause, perhaps, she quickens her pace after him -- but she's not fast even in best conditions. Up a flight of stairs in heels means she's sluggish at best. "Vadim! Wait! What the hell are you doing? Who *is* this guy?"

Sophia says (to Vadim), urgently, as if it were the real point of issue here, 'Someone is going to see you!'

Vadim growls. "I... he is... I don't know! BUt he deserves this." Its as if his words remind him of his task and he stalks towards the man once more, knuckles cracking. "Not care, man needs beating."

The thirty something man with a bookish appearance goes tumbling back down the stairs when he is kicked, falling to the landing with a loud groan. The man landed face first, blood dripping onto the hard wood floors of his home with a loud groan. "No...please..." he groans, winded, now attempting to crawl away from Vadim.

Amira saunters over to Vadim, hips swaying. There's no need to fake the look of pure lust that's etched across her face, and she slinks right up to the angelborn man, reaching out to catch her fingers in his shirt. "Damn..." she purrs, glancing aside at Sophia rather intently, before trying to catch Vadim and press her lips to his.

Sophia's shoulders slump once she gets to the top of the stairs, and she drags her gaze from the bookish man to Vadim again. Settling her hand against his armshe murmurs to him in a soft tone. "Are you sure you want to do this?" After a squeeze her hand falls away. "I won't stop you if you know what you want to do. But you have to be smart about it. We'll need to do it in a way that leaves as little mess as possible, and nothing that can link it to you."

Amira (Subtly) turns a shocked gaze on Sophia. She's high on the moment, and she's probably not as horrified by hearing that from the older blonde as she probably should be. But she's certainly shocked.

The man crawling away sure looks horrified, looking up to Sophia with this shocked expression. "Please! No! ...you have to help me!" He continues to crawl, yelling out now, "Please! Someone help!"

"What did you do? Tell us." Sophia says to the bloodied man as he crawls away from Vadim. "I know this man. He's as pure hearted as anyone and wouldn't do something like this unless you had earned it." She trails after the man, keeping herself just barely between him and Vadim. It won't stop the angelborn from getting to his target, but it will slow him down. Over her shoulder she looks back to Vadim, brows lifting. "Are you *sure*, Vadim? You need to think hard. Say why you think he deserves it, and if you really believe it, I'll get out of your way."

Amira looks over at Sophia and says softly, despite the fact that she's still caught up in the man's suffering. "You know that's not necessarily true..." With the angelborn caught up, basically in a trance, by the looks of things, she leaves Sophia to torment the man further if that's really what she wants to do, and strokes her hand over Vadim's arm, and his chest, still sort of trying to keep him from moving any closer. "Vadim," she adds softly, though it contradicts that innate desire of hers. "You don't -want- to hurt this man. You want me, mmmm? You want me... and Sophie... Let him go."

Vadim blinks as Amira kisses him and he causes him to jerk away, a distraction against what he wants, Sophia's words fall on deaf ears for a few moments and he starts towards the man, but then Amira uses her own psychic powers and he is slowed, looking conflicted, looking torn. He trembles and shakes...

"I didn't do anything! I don't know who this man is!" Says the bookish man to Sophia, quickly shaking his bloodied face. The man is pretty worst for wear. What was once a guy with the handsome older man look now looks like he just lost a fight with Mike Tyson. Bloodied nose, eye starting to swells, tears on his face and angry red marks across his back. "Who are you people? What do you want from me?"

When Amira nabs Vadim's attention, Sophia takes a few backward steps away from him. She turns back to face the battered man and presses a slim fingertip to her lips as if to shush him. One hand is offered to the man to help him up while she takes frequent, fearful glances back at Vadim.

Amira reaches up again, not at all swayed by Vadim's resistance. It seems she almost expected it. But she reaches up again, trying to curl his fingers against his jaw, trying to lure him to her, the soft, lavender hue of magic spiralling in her eyes as she trembles with the sensation flooding her.

Lightning strikes down nearby, followed by a boom of thunder.

Vadim's lips tremble. "Haves to hurt this man... look at him. He needs hurting... men like hims." He gestures to the man, eyes locked on Amira. If he notes Sophia's fear or work with the beaten man he shows no sign. Reaching up he clutches his forehead - having already beaten the man bloody, that has been fulfilled enough to give in to Amira. He closes his eyes and turns towards the door, stalking out with a hand clutching his head like it pains him. The strike of lightning doesn't make him jump.

Vadim (Privately) doesn't look himself, he looks conflicted, troubled. You've never seen him this indecisive, so vague in his explanations for doing things... something isn't right

Being the closes to Vadim, Amira notices something sticking out of his pocket. Looks like some kind of...doll maybe?

The strike of lighting does aggravate that painful headache of yours. The light and sound is like someone putting a dagger between your eyes.

looks after Vadim, wide-eyed. "Vadim!" Amira calls, shifting around to reach for his arm. Whether or not he intends to fight that off, she reaches out quickly to try and grab whatever odd thing it is out of his pocket. Suspicions aroused, and knowing Vadim as well as she does, she's pretty intent to get it away from him. Just in case.

Vadim The lightning strike causes him to clutch at his eyes and stagger into the wall with a growl of pain. Whatever it is in his pocket would not be hard to grab right now. He sags, shaking his head as if to clear it.

While Amira and Vadim do their thing, Sophia tries to get the man to his feet and usher him out of their line of sight. She again presses that finger to her lips to shush him, as not to draw the angelborn's attention. Unlike the bruiser in the room she does flinch at the lightning strike, then looks back at the two as if expecting one of them to bull-rush her.

Amira calls out, "Soph! Switch!" Because the thing in her hands is foreign to her, and she seems to feel like Sophia will be able to handle it better than she does. "Let me deal with them, okay? I can at least help his injuries... a little." She holds up the doll-like thing, and then turns to toss it to the older blonde with a shudder. Poor Vadim. For some reason, she's intent on getting to the injured fellow and his wife, and leaves the brawny, pained angelborn for a moment.

What Amira pulls from Vadim's pocket resembles something like a voodo doll, made of cloth, with a tuff of brown hair that is the same color as the bloodied man who is carried off by Sophia. A ring of ruins stitched in black around the doll.

When the doll is removed from Vadim's possession his desire to beat the man senseless fades.

The man isn't in a position to struggle, he can barely stand at the moment stumbling as he follows Sophia, leaning upon her.

Vadim blinks and shakes his head, standing quickly - with a start like a man startled awake. He swings around and sees Sophia and the bloodied man, staring in terro at him and pales. Pupils dilate, his eyes widen and he takes a quaking step backwards. "No no no no... what have I dones?"

Sophia turns away from the battered man just in time to catch Amira's cry. She gropes for the doll as it sails through the air, fumbles it, but then recovers it well enough to get a look at the runes etched across it. A fingertip traces the markings around the vodun-esque figure. Though she keeps her form close to the man so that he doesn't collapse, she moves to allow Amira in there if she heads over so that she can tend to his wounds.

Vadim raises his hands before his face, bloody and bruised. Pulling at his shirt he sees the droplets of blood there, bloodied handprints and staggers back even more as if he can run away from the stains, run away from the proof of what he's done. Tearing at his shirt, he rubs a bloody hand over his face and careens out into the night.

(Private to Sophia) With your skill in the occult you can tell this is a cursed object meant to cause someone to hate a particular person and desire to hurt them. Little more primitive then most cursed objects in that it has stricter requirements and more narrow scope of use. Probably not made by a particularly skilled occultist.

Amira looks after Vadim, pain in her eyes, still muted by the pleasure the young blonde's finding in the suffering surrounding her. But she crosses over to the injured man, and turns to try and get him resting semi-comfortably on the floor with a few soothing noises. Her eyes though. They swirl, growing a brighter purple by the moment, until their natural blue is all but gone. She gazes into the injured man's eyes and purrs a soft, "You'll be okay... You'll be okay." Her fingers stroke his jaw, his cheeks, and though she may have intended to see to his injuries, something else seems to be driving her - perhaps not entirely of her own volition. "You were hit by a car... but you'll recover. We were never here..."

Sophia studies the runes on the doll and, before long, nods her head as if accepting something. She makes her way to Vadim's side and tries to snag his hand. "Don't forget about the front door. Maybe it was a burglary or a renovation?" Her voice is directed back at Amira, though she never looks back to her companion. Instead she keeps her gaze on the angelborn. "Hey. Don't you worry. It's not your fault. This- it's a curse. You weren't in control, sweetheart."

The man is malleable, laying down upon the floor at Amira's beckoning, the half naked man laying down and staring at her with this far gone, blank loon upon his face, classic trance symptoms. Amira doesn't have to look far for the wife, she's hiding in the shadows at the top of the stairs, thinking she's hidden, fearful gaze in her eyes.

Vadim is kept from leaving by Sophia and he turns back to her breathing hard, eyes wide, unable to look away from the carnage in the room. His hands rub over each other as if trying to wash them clean - out damn spot, out.

Vadim (Privately) looks to you, his usual mask destroyed. All you see is pain there, self-directed anger, frustration and an overwhelming look of horror. He makes eye contact for a moment and then looks away in shame.

Amira leans down and gently brushes her lips across the injured man's, as if to somehow seal the deal with him. And then she turns, all sultry predator, violet eyes all but glowing as she saunters upstairs towards the wife. "We weren't here," she purrs towards the woman; the poor creature who thought she could hide. "You're having your livingroom remodeled. The door was old and broken... your poor husband needs an ambulance. A car ran him down right outside." She reaches out, hands attempting to settle upon the terrified woman's shoulders to draw her in further, into that trace and ensure those altered memories settle deeply.

Once Vadim allows Sophia to take his hand, she leads him downstairs and away from the terrified couple near the top. Her pace down is much slower than her pace going up. "Listen to me. You did not do this. Okay? Understand?" She squeezes the doll as if doing so might make it suffer for the pain that it brought Vadim. Although her tone attempts to be soothing, there is no denying the concern etched deeply into her normally-soft features.

The man's injuries, by the way, are painful but not serious. He's going to need a lot of ice and some pain killers, but he's not severely hurt. The woman curls up into a corner when she notices Amira approaching, but the trance has her frozen in that spot, taking on a more placid expression as the instruction is laid upon her.

Vadim is led away in a daze, neck craning to watch the man and his wife until they are out of sight. "Could have killed. Don't know what happened... just walking to speak Rauls and then run into girl around corner. Apologize and walk on - then end up here wanting to hur tman for being... being him." He speaks fast, retracing the last hour or so aloud.

Amira probably didn't suggest hospital then, as she's actually got a fair bit of medical knowledge. She leans in, touching her lips to the woman's forehead, and then turns, bounding down the stairs at a quick pace. "Vadim, it's not bad," she calls, reaching out to grab him and Sophia by the hands and try to tug them away. "Honest. Let's go, before they snap out of it." She looks shocked at what she's done, worry in her eyes as she looks up at Vadim and then Sophia. But she's no longer looking doped and dazed by the suffering surrounding her. Not at all.

"A little girl? That explains why the curse is so crude." Sophia stares at the doll in silent contemplation until Amira grabs her, snapping her out of it. She leans over to whisper something to the woman, then moves quickly toward the door. "Yes. Lets get the hell out of here. We can worry about the curse later. It seems to be broken - or at least disrupted - for the time being." A reassuring smile is turned on Vadim, though it's strained. "Sweetheart, it was magic. Nothing you or I could do about it."

Sophia whispers to Amira, ' .... think .... vadim .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... ....'

Amira shudders at the whisper, guilt truly twisting her expression. But after a moment, she bites on her lip and nods silently. And then she's off, trying to draw the pair along with her, out of the house and visual range of the tranced couple.

The door is on the floor. So more accurately they are heading for a hole in the wall. Outside it's still raining, which is a blessing in disguise. Masking the sounds of the screams, washing away the blood, and covering their retreat.

Amira shudders at the whisper, guilt truly twisting her expression. But after a moment, she bites on her lip and nods silently. And then she's off, trying to draw the pair along with her, out of the house and visual range of the tranced couple.

The door is on the floor. So more accurately they are heading for a hole in the wall. Outside it's still raining, which is a blessing in disguise. Masking the sounds of the screams, washing away the blood, and covering their retreat.

Vadim follows in a daze, staring down at his blood stained hands. He looks between the women and then shoves them deep into his pants pockets as if trying to hide them. The rain keeps heads down, hiding him from most who look. It seems right now he simply wishes to be small and or somewhere else.

As they exit through the hole in the wall, Sophia murmurs aside to Amira with a wan smile. "Sorry if I scared you back there. Just wanted to be sure Vadim wasn't thinking clearly without tipping anyone off, if they were there with us." .