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1/7/2017 Encounter with Norton and Nayru: Your target comes upon an NPC being targeted by a group of supernatural hunters or a lone vigilante. They need to try to keep them safe for long enough for help to arrive.

Norton is pacing in his cabin. His eyes looking out through the windows. He walks out for the, perhaps, 100th time. His bag full of armor and weapon. Anyone looking at him would definitely say: he is paranoid. And with good reason. He discovered he is cursed with Persecution. As such he is quite antsy. He goes back in. "Who could have used this curse against me? Who could I have angered? I have kept away from most things, most politics. Was it because of last night? Perhaps I should have not used that hooker's services. Did not even got to feed properly before I was being kicked out..." He murmurs a few more thingd but they sound incomprehensible as he checks the windows again.

The last time that Norton looks out the window in his paranoid state he may notice a young woman running barefoot toward the modest, yet not-so-modestly extravagant cabin. She appears to be covered in muck, mud caked upon naked knees and shins. She holds onto a long trench coat that is barely tied onto her body, the collar slipped over her shoulders. Her hands clench onto the coat to keep it on the best she can, however, as she runs. One glance behind her and she falls, planting her bosom into the soft earth, hands splaying out in front of her to catch her with no luck.

Norton thinks; "Are you really serious with me? I am -trying- to avoid people. What in the seven curses of Hell is this woman doing out there. I swear..."

Norton sighs "Just great." He checks his bag. Everything in there. Okay. Good. He takes a relaxing breath. And put up his facade. His polite and smiling face. He opens the door and walking out closes it behinf him. "Madam, are you all right?" He jogs to where she is and takes a mental note of her state. His acute hearing used to detect more or less her state in terms of heart beat and breathing patterns. "You must be careful. Here let me help you." He extends his hand towards her and speaks in a polite tone while smiling in a friendly manner.

Norton thinks; "I am hungering. Perhaps this girl can be an excellent meal. And if by any chance her Sanctuary is not existing. Well then. I guess I can leave her sort of alive..."

Whatever it is that this woman is doing, it certainly seems that she is as paranoid and, dare we say, scared, as Norton. At least pre-facade. She clamors up to her bare feet, toes sinking into muddy soil. All the while, she peeks behind her, eyes wide. She looks as if she is ready to bolt again even as Norton holds a hand out to her. A peek toward the canopy of trees would soon give the reason for her current state. A figure breaks from the shadows, and though the man may not be able to hear a heartbeat coming from the nearly naked woman, he can hear the rustle of brush, indicating that there are more than one hidden in the foliage beyond.

Norton thinks; "Just what I needed. Curses. The seven hells have decided to make my life an impossibility today. No matter. I am a Prince in the Empire. I am not a lowly vampire." The woman takes a moment to study Norton's hand and shakily extends hers. Her fingers are bloody, and the nails torn to bits, as if she had clawed herself out from somewhere. "Ple-please..." the woman tries to beg, grasping out toward the other vampire's hand.

Norton gets dressed into his tactical gear.

Norton puts on his armor and weapons as fast as he can. Which by vampire standards it is pretty fast. "Stand behind me woman. Let us see what the hells have brought us today." He suddenly bites his lips hard breaking blood. And then he spits it on the floor. A solid amount of blood. Which he continues to spit. And then he starts to chant in an old and very dead dialect. As he summons his Shadow Puppet minion. His sword engraved with runes ready to use his magic in combat. His eyes change to a focused expression. However he stays alert that the woman does not try something stupid either. Though by now she might be a vampiress from the lack of heartbeat. As his minion comes forth he readies himself.

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        he has many stats. (stats redacted!)

Norton thinks; "This accursed sun is not making me any favors. I better trick them and pull them into the shades when I can regain my vigor..."

The woman, though beaten and broken looking, does not seem to be a lowly vampire either. Under the mud and the blood are eyes that look much older than her form. Her face would be pretty despite the scratches she bears. Around her neck is a collar. Silver in nature. She reaches up toward it, tugging and pulling at it. "Help me get this off...." She watches the one figure, who hasstopped just at the tree line, waiting with a bow slung across his shoulder.

Norton arches an eyebrow "Of course Madame." He uses his vampiric strength to break the collar, hoping her resilience is enough to handle it. "So. Mind telling me what we are facing here?" His focus going back to the figures that are incoming "Better talk fast." He nocks an arrow and breathing slowly he prepares to let it fly. "As in now before I commit to the attack." He was saying this because as part of the Legion, direct conflict was the last resort. His body grows tense as he readies for combat. "Let us hope Lord Ajax does not find about this." He will let that arrow fly as soon as they break out of the forest and he can see the white of their eyes.

Nayru arrives.

If Nayru is just pulling up to the cabin, Norton is outside, geared to the gills with a poorly dressed woman standing just behind him. She is covered from head to toe in grime, and is currently yanking at a collar that is around her neck.

probe norton larceny probe norton strength

There was a dark look in Nayru' eyes as she was driving past. She obviously didn't expect to spot Norton or the woman as she was driving, but seeing them gave her enough pause to stop. "What the fuck are you doing?" She said bluntly to both Norton and the girl, very little care in her eyes about the pair. Her eyes moving away from them as she moves to drive onward. "You know. I don't even know why I asked."

The collar is no match for the strength of Norton but neither is the woman in her current state. She is nothing more than a human with the collar on. Resilience is only as good as the powers that allow it. There is a crack of bone along with the twist and crack of the collar. The woman falls to the ground in a slump. Though she may not be dead. Or as the case may be, dead again, she is rendered into a state that makes it hard for her to lift her head or speak. From within the forest there is a slow clap echoing. Norton thinks; "I forgot about that. Accursed collars. Now I am down one possible ally. All right let us see how we salvage this situation."

(Subtly) "Nayru, we have trouble. So stop being angered or unhappy, and help me with this. Give some of your blood to the woman. That should kick her back into action. I hope." Norton states to Nayru. "Why are you clapping?" Norton lets his acute hearing work to pinpoint the source of the clapping and trains his arrow on whoever it is. "Do explain, please, what is going on." He was always proper and polite no matter the circumstances. But his eyes were cold and calculating. Because being proper and polite had no effect on ruthlessness.

This is, unfortunately, the response that Nayru is met with from the woman. A gurgle and the bubble of blood forming on the ground from the coughs she is able to force out from her lungs. But from the tree line a voice rings out, "Well, seems you've done part of our job for us. Shame about the collar though. They get to be so pricy after a while." The voice falls silent for a while, then says to Nayru, "Yes, Nayru ... give her some blood why don't you. Weaken yourself. It is a rather vicious circle, isn't it?"

"What the fuck Norton?" Nayru calls out when she hears the crack of bone and the woman falling unconscious. Her hand reaching for her hip. Her attention being pulled by the sound of clapping in the woods. "Uhh... Fine." Nayru then conceded. Getting off her bike to make her way over to Norton and the girl, keeping her eyes out towards the wilderness while she does so. "Do you have a knife or something I could use?"

Norton sighs. He looks back at the woman. Was she a vampire? Or something else? She had no heartbeat. He had to risk it. He takes Nayru's hand quickly and bites with his fangs to break the skin and make her bleed, though not enough to cause her a mild wound all this using his fast reflexes so he can go back to the interlocutor. Just enough to feed the woman. Assuming she was avampire. He however keeps his senses on the person talking. "Ah. So is that all you wanted? To kill this woman?" He keeps his eyes on the conversationalist. "Why did you want her dead?"

Norton thinks; "I do not get it. Did she not have Sanctuary? Even if I broke the collar, which I have done before, Sanctuary would not allow me to hurt her. Had she no Sanctuary then?" probe norton occult knowledge

(private to Norton) There certainly does not seem to be any faction markings on the woman, but then again, she is nearly naked. But her aura must be red. Perhaps it is a case of obfuscate?

The voice calls out, stepping further into the light. His head upticks, "Oh, not just this woman. If you can even call her that." His hand pats at his left hip at something holstered there. "Thing. Beast. Undead bitch." The man seems keen on monologuing, gesturing to Nayru now with her hand bitten into a bleeding. "Leech." The words are dark and bitter. "Saw her feeding on someone. And well, we just can't have that."

"If you plan on feeding and harboring the whore, well. We will be happy to teach you a lesson as well." the voice says, unslinging his bow as well, the arrow appearing to be wooden. He keeps a little out of range, but the standoff seems to be starting. Missing: tumbleweed. "Seems we have a bit of a problem. See. I would prefer to have you dead. Fully. Not this corpse that walks and talks and feeds off of the flesh of those honest people who live and breath. We're not cows, as so many of your sort consider us to be."

There was only the slightest of flinch when Norton's teeth broke the skin on her hand. Blood dripping from her newly formed wounds into the woman's mouth. "I... Hate you... So much right now..." Nayru stated clearly in tattered breathes. Her gaze travelling between the unconscious woman on the ground, and to the forest beyond. Not quite sure who it was that was clapping and what exactly Norton and this woman's relationship with them might be. At least until she saw the man who seemed to be causing this mess. "I see what's going on." Nayru stated with a soft sigh as she changed her posture to a more reposed one. "You saw a vampire trying to drain someone and wanted to make her pay." Her eyes glancing down at the woman. "I guess I can't blame you for that. In which case..." Nayru puts both her hands into her pockets, beginning to walk off as the man drew his arrow, "I'll leave you three to your business."

The man moves his arrow off Norton though the vampire is still trained and ready to release his barrage of arrows, and focuses on Nayru. "And yet you let him bite you and were ready to let the bitch drink your blood?" This is said with incredulousness. The man calls out into the forests, "Someone check up on this Nayru. Unique enough name."

"Drain. Oh. Okay. I see your point now. I mean after all. We are just abominations to the most of you. Right? If we drink blood, we are the bad guys. And even when we drink from animals, we are still the bad guys." Norton frowns. But he puts his weapon away. He looks at the woman to see if her Aura is red. Ah right Obfuscated. This was complicated then. If she was Red she had broken Sanctuary. And possibly killed someone. He kneels down and says to the woman. "Are you a Red? Better answer me honestly before I plunge my blade through your neck."

"Call it an owed favor." Nayru states plainly and nonchalantly. Walking as if this was an every day occurrence. She carefully eyes the forest for any signs of this mans allies. Though trying to do so without drawing any more attention to herself from the hunters.

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Another voice rings out in the forest. Female. "Hedge witch, Sir. Legion."

The man shakes his head and says, coming out further into the light of the day." I've dabbled with magic myself. Even have found ways to augment myself to stand up against the likes of things like you. You can only feed on animals so long. I've seen it." The woman is slowly healing but can yet barely hold her head up to make a reply to him.

(private to Norton) Obfuscate hides the red aura that is caused also simply from being unfactioned and supernatural. Perhaps she did feed and kill in the process of feeding. Perhaps she is simply just between factions. There is no way to tell without her being able to respond -- Weakened as she is without Nayru providing her any replenishing sustenance.

"Okay." He gets up. "If you attack us now. The Legion will make sure to make your life a living hell. We will ritual bomb you. We will make you eat schemes for breakfast. Lord Ajax is not a joke. And neither are we. However. I dislike confrontations. Take the woman. I am not a white knight. She is yours." Norton answers as he moves away from the woman. "I am not here to save damsels in distress and for all I know she broke Sanctuary. Not planning to break the rules of the Legion for this." The man continues, taking another step forward, "You don't owe any of these things favors. If given enough time, he will turn on you." This appears to be directed at Nayru. "They all turn against humans."

"Hedge witch? Really? You need to check on your info there?" Nayru stated with a soft sigh. Shaking her head in disappointment. "I possess no magic. No powers. Nothing all that special at all. I'm just your normal, everyday human that seems to have a habit of being dragged from one mess to another." She shrugged again, her hands not leaving her pockets as she continued to walk. "You should probably listen to him by the way. Ajax isn't known for his friendliness to those who insult him. Trust me. I would know."

"Yes. Except she is not human. She is Gifted. I already told you to leave with the woman. You have definitely not encountered a God Child and seen what he is capable off. He is not a human. He will break you. And we have Sanctuary. You are wasting your time." Norton says as he watches the man carefully now.

Nayru thinks; "For gods sake Norton. What the fuck?!"

Norton adds "But ghosts are not subject to Sanctuary and of those he commands armies of them." His eyes are cold and focused "Make your choice."

"Legion is too busy thinking that they are somehow important and each person too busy blustering about the size of their own dick to come together over some pathetic piece of vampire trash." the man says. "Gifted is barely supernatural. Which is to say, that she can be swayed back to humanity."

"Legion indeed has that issue. No one will deny that." Norton looks at Nayru "Do you want to be swayed back to humanity?"

There was a small, annoyed twitch of her eyebrow when Norton mentioned Nayru was gifted. "Honestly I didn't think I needed to be swayed either way." She then sighs as she stops for a moment to look at the Zealot. "Let me ask you this. Are you really fighting for humanity, or are just another bunch of zealots who have killed more humans then vampires without a single remorse." She then scratched the back of her head, "Though honestly. If it was up to me. I would leave this bastard and the supposed whore to deal with you themselves. Now my question is. Are you going to give me that option?"

"Had she just accepted what we were offering to her..." the man says with a cluck of his tongue. He does let his guard down though, and lowers his bow. He does, however, not sling it over his shoulder. "You shouldn't forget your human heritage," the man tells Nayru. "Power is intoxicating. I'd be a fool to say that even I don't have the desires myself." He creeps in closer, revealing more of his shape. A muscular man, in tactical gear, and fully weaponized. "But yes, I will take what is mine, I think. I used to love her, you know. Then she wanted more. She sought this out. Some asshole filled her head with how great it would be. And look at her now." He spits. "I've not killed a single human. None anyway that have not deserved it." He shrugs and reaches in to pick up the still crumpled woman. "I'm hardly a zealot. But I will fight for what is right. And natural." He warns, "You may try to kill me but there are plenty others in the forest right now, trained on you."

"You have my word that you will not be harmed." Norton states as he watches the man take the woman. "And for your information, some of us did not even -get- the choice to be who they are. No one certainly -asked- me if I wanted to be a Vampire." Norton frowns a bit now. "I was forcibly made. So your point of view is eschewed. And I am not going to kill myself or any of that silly nonsense. If you -were- in my position you would do the same. But you are not in that position. So you can run your mouth off. Just hope some vampire does not force you to become one like they did to me."

The man hefts the barely dressed woman over her shoulders, the woman's head lolling about loosely. There is a squeal of disapproval coming from her but in her weakened state, it soon falls to a miserable groan, and the slight kicks she's made against the man do little to stop him. He says to Norton, "I'd rather die as God intends." He gives Nayru the slightest nod and turns to head back into the forest.

"Yes. That is what they all say. Until your survival instinct kicks in. Pray to your God that you never have it like me." Norton says as he returns back to his cabin.

The man begins to whistle on his way through the brush, giving the woman on his shoulder a good jostle. "You can't hide it from me anymore. Louise. And I won't let you harm yourself or anyone else ever again."

Unless Norton plans on attacking with the man's back turned, the man continues on his merry way, and those who have hunted with him begin to crawl out of the woodwork. Literally. Like a scene from Predator.