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SR Brent-The Family Business

Audrey has accepted the encounter. Someone has sent the state police after your target. Perhaps they're a real criminal or perhaps they've been framed, in either case it's up to them to get their arrest warrant handled and removed.

Audrey lays about on her bed, the smell of the weed strand Amnesia thick and palatable in her room. She stares out the window at the full moon. "Full moon. I think old me did rituals on this night... full moon ... is Donald right? Do werewolves really exist?"

As if to punctuate or perhaps answer Audrey's self-query about werewolves, a short chorus of wolf howls in darkness beyond her room echo loudly through the room. The dark room, without power, seems that much more susceptible to the notion that werewolves really exist for that brief moment. Another sound follows those howls in fairly short order, the crunching noise of an approaching vehicle rolling worn tires over roughly kept road. The headlights flash through various windows briefly before they are shut off. A couple of car doors slam, and a moment or two later, a vicious knock is delivered to the front door.

Audrey stirs, and crawls out of bed wandering to the door. "No such thing" she tells herself after a long moment of consideration. She opens the door, her hair all a mess and the strong smell of Amnesia floating out to meet her guests.

Donald comes wandering on in after hearing the knock. His head swiveling one direction, then another. Eyes landing on Audrey. Dozily wondering. "Who dat?"

Opening the door to the guests outside creates a little gust of the aptly named Amnesia to waft out and greet the two men outside even before they can see the resident. The two men exchange a look that can only mean, 'Really?' The younger of the pair of officers holds up a badge. The older one shakes his head slowly and asks, "Miss ... Dee, is it?" He slowly gets out his badge as well, showing it off to the woman, just in case.

"The popo" Audrey tells Donald, squinting at the cops. "Nope. Isnt a living soul here named Dee" she tells the police "Not in this trailer" She haa the blunt in her fingers, and she brings it to her lips to draw slowly before exhaling. "You two fellows want some?" she asks, motioning at the blunt to indicate what'some' is.'

"Damnit, they passed the bill, now everyone's a goddamned pothead," the younger cop snarls to his partner. Young though he may be, he has short blond hair, blue eyes, chiseled features, a long coat despite the warmth, and even a tie somewhere under the layers he has.

The older cop has that salt-and-pepper, might be your daddy/grand daddy kinda look, with soulful green eyes. "Are you certain? We have a description that roughly matches yours with that name. Audrey Dee," he presses just a little, not applying too much pressure, despite his companion's obvious frustation.

"We should just bring her in on possession. Look at her, she is obviously dealing," the blond officer insists toward the older one who waves him off once more.

"Possession of pot? Got papers, boys, if you wanna see them" Audrey says in an unusual accent. "Oh, you talk funny. Its Dae. Audrey Dae. How can I help you fellows?" she wonders as she inhales again on the Amnesia.

"Of course" Audrey says after a moment squinting beyond the two. "You should look at that full moon up there. Odd shit gonna happen tonight... yes indeed."

"Might be good if we take a look at the papers, just in case. Mind if we come in and have a little talk?" the older officer asks, glancing into the building past the door. He starts to take his coat off as if fairly certain the request will be granted.

"Now they play it cool, like it isn't still a federal offense," the blond cop grumbles, shaking his head, but preparing his coat as well as if expecting to follow the older officer inside.

"Always been fascinated with the moon. I wanted to be an astronaut at some point, but then I got a knee injury playing high school football," the older gentleman relates to Audrey, giving a slight shrug as he drapes his coat over his arm.

Audrey sucks on her teeth before she just leans against the door jamb. "You boys got a warrant?" she asks the two cops, hand stretching out and open.

"Actually, we do," the elder officer says, glancing over toward the blond cop.

The younger one pats himself down real quick to find what pocket he put the paper in, then produces it and hands it over to Audrey. A quick perusal will reveal that some fairly serious charges are written on it: conspiracy to commit murder, accessory after the fact, assault and battery, theft, and fraud. And if Audrey's papers are not up to snuff, probably the additional potential charges of possession, possession with intent to distribute, and extra weight to the current charges on the piece of paper.

Audrey straightens up, and opens the door wider. "Come on in" she says to them as she turns and heads in. "Take a seat. You state or Federal?" she asks as she heads to rifle through a box.

Donald blinks a bit, after spacing out just about every time the blond cop opened up his mouth. Eventually, Donald forces himself to pay attention. The blond looking towards the other blond, working his jaw up and down. Before the warrant catches his attention, Donald standing on his tippy toes- although it likely isn't needed- to peer over Audrey's shoulder. Get a good look at them. "How long ago were these committed? Where were they committed?"

"We are State Police. I am Officer Gerhalt, and this is Officer Matterson," the older man says to introduce himself first and the blond man second. "These crimes were reported fairly recently, on Friday, regarding behaviors over the last month or so," he continues, stepping in and taking a seat once allowed by Audrey.

The blond cop chooses to stand near the older man, not taking a seat, as if he expects trouble and wants to be able to react to it. "Serious list of crimes, the slightest truth could lend weight to the whole batch," he advises with a victorious looking sneer on his face.

Gerhalt reaches over to smack his wrist, and he quiets down. The pair remain quiet then, watching the other two and waiting.

"That is impossible. I was with my wife the whole day." Donald explains. At the words, 'his wife', Donald gestures over to Audrey, Donald's face looking more than a little puzzled.

"They were reported on Friday, regarding several days and behaviors over the course of the last month," Gerhalt insists to Donald, speaking a little slower for the weed-addled audience perhaps. Matterson just shakes his head slowly at the comment but surprisingly stays quiet, for a change.

"Do you have exact dates of when these happened?" Donald wonders with a blink at Gerhalt, itching at his head furiously. The puzzlement not alleviating one bit.

Audrey straightens up and turns around with a literal stack of papers. Which are then handed over to the police. "Take a look, I will submit to a polygraph test if you desire" she offers. "Read through those papers. Those are my lincenses, registrations and such." Indeed they are. Several states are included, even Massachussetts. Certified organic hemp and marijuana grower. A list of bud and the THC percentage levels. Liquor license. Certified renovator. And one that states that she has a doctor certification on using weed for various mental conditions.

"This shit's kosher" Audrey adds

Audrey thinks; "Thank God that before-amnesia-me was so organized and kept papers on everything."

Gerhalt hands the stack to Matterson to go over, perhaps because the younger cop is more eager to find something to use against Audrey. "I am sure all of this is in order and legal," Gerhalt states with a hand held up to silence an almost immediate response from Matterson. "The issue here isn't so much your position with the State of Massachusetts. It is your position with certain, influential individuals in the area. Now, I'm not going to say names, but certain amongst them would be perfectly happy to allow you to continue growing your business, provided certain conditions are met," the older cop finally states, setting the hook for which he was obviously sent to deliver.

"Naturally" Audrey agrees to the older cop. "What conditions are these?" she inquiries, leaning against a wall.

"You would need to talk to the boss. Being amicable about it helps. Think of it as becoming an authorized distributor under the watchful management of someone with a vested interest in keeping everything in this town organized," Gerhalt says, emphasizing certain words in the sentences to make it very clear to most people that have been in Haven long enough that he is speaking about a certain family that participates in and controls organized crime within the confines of Haven (the Wilsons, for those unfamiliar).

A chuckle escapes Audrey, as a hand is brought up to run through her hair. "If I ran these badge numbers" she wonders idly "Would they come out that you are real cops or a crime boss sent you guys to me guised as cops?" She straightens and picks her blunt up again to draw a slow breathe. "Who is this boss?"

Donald blinks a bit when this talk evolves into something beyond a simple arrest. Looking back and forth between the two three. Wetting his lips as he takes in the information, thinking about this long and hard.

"Real cops," Matterson growls toward Audrey as he continues to look through the papers.

"Real cops with very real lawyers," Gerhalt assures Audrey with a shrug of his shoulders. "One of them will be in contact with you soon. We're here to say that you should not leave Haven, much less the State of Massachusetts. The warrant has put you on a no-fly list for the time being. And we're going to report that we did not find anyone here when we came by to try to serve you. However, should you see us again, it will be to enforce the warrant. I suggest you make nice with the boss when they show up, and I imagine all of this will be smoothed over no problem," he explains before standing up and starting to put on his coat once more.

Matterson finishes rummaging through the papers and holds them out to Audrey. "Most of it looks in order, but we'll have to check some of the records in the system to make sure they match dates and all that," he says, putting on his coat once his hands are free.

"These charges" Audrey tells Donald "Are the type of charges that I'd be in handcuffs before I let them in already, or be delivered by men not in cops suits but in suit suits, suit and ties. Instead of hooking." She explains before turning back to the cops. She takes the papers and offers a nod. "Very well."

"It would be murder police" Audrey adds to clarify. "Who doesn't care about drugs. Good evening fellows and be wary, odd things afoot tonight."

"Penny for the smart lady," Gerhalt says, snapping his fingers and pointing to Audrey. He dips his head toward her and says, "Appreciate the concern, but do try to have a pleasant evening yourself." He then goes to the front door. Matterson nods and starts after him, leaving the two weed aficionados to ponder the coming offer of potentially lucrative business in the near future. The close the door behind them and get in the car to leave.

"Oh. I know." Donald supplies after a few beats to Audrey.

Audrey watches the two leave shaking her head some. "Well, that just left me with a bad taste in my mouth. Gonna roll up."