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SR Briar Virus

In Professor Buchan's Laboratory This area seems well populated.

The tiled and sterile laboratory isn't particularly large, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in its appointment. It is clear that no dollar has been spared, with the latest tools that would be any chemists wet dream available for use on one of the six workstations, including but not limited to: Biacore 4000 analyzer, an automatic pipetting workstation, a secured heated incubator, a locked under-counter fridge, a cohesive TX-2 multiplexing systems and a Tharmac Cellspin II Cytocentrifuge.

There is a viewing window that looks out onto the corridor, and along side a high security door that everyone arrived through to the west. Opposite, and on the eastern wall, is a locked, standard office door leads off into an adjacent room.

In the laboratory is an older man, in his mid-forties, his name tag marking him as Professor Buchan, and three laboratory assistants, similarly name tagged as:

  • Denis, Alice and Ben**.

It is dusk, and about 75F(23C) degrees.

Places: six workstations, incubator, under-counter fridge, side office, centrifuge

On arrival, everyone is taken through a checkpoint and metal detector. Each person is patted down, weaponry checked in with security and various other items examined before being allowed through. It is a high security laboratory after all. Once everyone has been gathered in the waiting room, they are escorted into Professor Buchan's laboratory, filing in one at a time through the high security door. Inside, for anyone with any knowledge of such things, the lab is state of the art, outfitted with all the latest equipment, including a Biacore 4000 analyzer, an automatic pipetting workstation, a secured heated incubator, a locked under-counter fridge, a cohesive TX-2 multiplexing systems and a Tharmac Cellspin II Cytocentrifuge. There's one other door exiting the lab, a standard office door with a key-lock.

OOC: If you haven't yet already, please include in your opening emote any equipment you're bringing along.

Walking through the door, Sajad is patted down, though he nods, removing a vest and passing it off to a guard before walking on through, along with his knife leaving it with the attendants side, he shows his phone and makes sure to power off the device before he then steps through when permitted. His eyes sweep over the area, and he nods to those present, though he squints at Merek, and eyebrow arching. A polite nod is given to Constantin and a curious tilt of the head is offered to Samantha, followed by an upnod.

Samantha whistles to herself briefly as she comes in, moving through with any other guests as well as Sajad, Merek and Constantin, reaching up to rub at her neck and nodding in approval at the machinery. "Someone put a lot of love into making this stuff," she says to herself, looking at the exit door briefly but not lingering there, instead walking toward the analyzer and looking it over, keeping her hands clasped together behind her back to avoid any temptation to touch, and any suspicion from the security guards.

Pulling up in a limo, a dark skinned man in a suit steps out of the driver's side, walking around to open up the passenger's side for Constantin. The ungangly figure steps out, taking off his shades as he quietly observes the others. He's walking along silently, stepping through the checkpoint and being disarmed of his weaponry- along with his chauffeur. They don't have a lot. The two just having pistols upon their person, and they let themselves be disarmed without much protest.

Merek has decided to take his time to put on a vest Beneath his shirt in winter camo. It is allowed through, more than likely, even though it likely gets a strange look upon entry because of the pat-down. As for weapons, he doesn't seem to be carrying any. He does have his wrist-mounted flashlight and PDA with him, though placed in his carry bag. Tarot cards as well, and some condoms. Can never be too careful. So he at least has brought /some/ form of protection for the event. Just not the kind that'll likely ever come up. His bone compass is placed in his pocket as well. He looks at the stuff when he comes through and then notices Sajad, who he offers a small polite nod to, Constantin and Samantha get a small little nod as well, less familiar.

Samantha returns the upnod to Sajad and, at his expression, gives a soft laugh. "... What, you don't think college students have interest in this kind of lecture?" she asks with a bemused smile, moving away from it and looking for where she should take her seat, crossing her arms and looking around for some sort of instruction, her eyes flitting to Merek and Constantin, both without recognition, though the latter gets a comment of, "Hey, nice hair!"

There is a distinct grunt from Sajad, but there is almost a more respectful nod to Samantha before he sweeps his eyes over the area, pausing to glance over the equipment which he doesn't seem to have any knowledge of. To Constantin he greets, "Constantin," simply, his tone seeming mostly curt business, though it's not quite harsh. With that he's looking back to observe Samantha and her interaction with Merek.

The vests are allowed through, and while the bone compass and other things are examined, they're not confiscated. The condoms do get an amused look and the woman patting Merek down gives him a flirty wink. If only she wasn't fifty three and looking like someone's grandmother. The door is closed behind them, the locking mechanism clicking into place and securing them inside. Asides from themselves, there are a half dozen other people attending, as well as three laboratory assistants, and Professor Buchan himself, all identifiable by their name tags. The lab assistants seem to be hard at work, and Samantha is watched carefully with her approach to the equipment, but not stopped. Constantin's pistols and the like are all checked in, secured away. And if he has an attendant, he's allowed through with the man.

Merek blinks when he is winked at, but decides not to do much else besides offer a small grin. He then turns his attention back over the place once let through, and his gaze shifts from Samantha to the Professor. He folds his arms and then lifts his gaze to the different machinery, not wanting to speak as of the moment, and looking to others possibly gathering to examine these interesting wares.

The attendant keeps by Constantin's side, the younger man, Constantin, flashing Samantha a toothy grin at her comment as he adjusts his tie. "Thanks, yours is pretty great, too." Then he's looking around with a bit of idle curiosity in his eyes, glancing towards the man accompanying him, nudging him in the stomach with an elbow. "Smile more." Demands the Romanian, who's met with a blank stare. Merek and Sajad are offered both a nod.

After a long moment of consideration Sajad begins to look about at things more closely, seeming interested in the lab techs and their work, though he doesn't seem to want to interrupt, still with his figure as he appproaches it could almost seem as if he were looming before he drifts on passed, his eyes study the professor then, and his lips purse in a neutral appraisal.

The older man, name tagged as Professor Buchan, stands in front of the biggest workstation and calls over the group attending with a wave of his hand. He has a curt-brisk no nonsense kind of manner about him, perhaps even a little rude. "We'll get right to it shall we? Unless you all are blind, you'll know, of course, that I am Professor Buchan. And you have no doubt heard of my work." The man shuffles to the side and picks up a sole test tube from where it had been set in the holder, pinching it between thumb and forefinger, he holds it up and shows off the milky white fluid contained within. "It doesn't look like much does it?" He questions, before asking of Constantin, "What do you think it does? You? Anyone got a guess?"

Samantha gives Constantin a quick wink at that compliment, but when Buchan starts to speak her attention is turned towards him, looking at the container in his hand. She wanders over to one of the workstations for now, and she casts her eyes over it, though again, her hands stay locked in that 'look but do not touch' position. She shakes her head at the question, looking curiously over to the addressed Constantin to see if he might have the answer.

Samantha recalls a previous lecture like this, with a particularly arrogant professor, where the students ended up all getting up and simply walking out on him, leaving him blustering and confused.

Holding up his hands, the sleeves fall to reveal his inked arms, seemingly comprised of feathers, Constantin shaking his head as he answers with his heavy Romanian accent. "No, sir. I have no idea what it does."

There's a mildly amused look from Sajad as Constantin seems to be singled out first, though his face holds a considering expression at the question raised, which quickly starts to turn into a brooding scowl of thought, his eyes moving from Buchan's face to the slim tube of that material, considering it curiously with a nod of his head. Finally upon Constantin's answer he poses, "I was told it was a weapon. That true? and if so Possibly something psychological, or...maybe something else?" He shrugs, though doesn't seem wholly confident in the answer.

Merek looks around a bit, then to the Professor, before he looks at the fluid, "Hrm, perhaps it is some manner of essence that has come from a living sentient, and is used to power a generator of some sort?" he muses.

Before Professor Buchan can respond to their suggestions, something rather unexpected happens. One of the laboratory assistants, a younger man, name tagged as Ben, reaches into the incubator he's working at, and draws out some kind of a weapon. It takes only a fraction of a second, and the shot is sent directly into Professor Buchan's skull, splattering blood and brain over anyone in the front row surrounding him. The man goes down as does the vial he holds. It lands on the tiled floor with a spatter, shattering the glass and sending what ever contained within, up into the air. There's a scream from Alice and she slams her hand down on an emergency button.

"... A bacterial agent?" Samantha supposes, her eyes on the fluid. "Kept in some kind of Serum, it looks li-?" and then the shot is fired, blood and brain spattering everywhere. At first she freezes, but then, as the panic starts to go around, a smile comes unbidden across her face and a small giggle erupts, before her hand slaps over her mouth to try to stop herself. The alarms seem to draw her focus back, and she looks at the puddle on the floor. "... Well. Shit," she gasps out, though her eyes show anything but worry right now.

Sajad skitters back and his eyes lock on the man with the weapon, his muscles already starting to tighten, as he grimaces, looking prepared to fight but cautious, stepping over next to Constantin and his assistant while he works his jaw. His eyes make a sweep over his clothes to see if there's blood on them, but he also seems to remember the vial, and he considers the place, eyes sweeping quickly between the broken tube, and the man with the weapon. "Allah! fucking what the fuck?"

So, now there's Ben with a gun. Professor Buchan is dead, Alice is screaming, and Denis, well it looks like the poor guy just wet his pants. The button seems to have triggered an emergency procedure and a voice drones on in the background. "Laboratory 301 engaging emergency procedure. Containining

  • Virus**." There's a lot to deal with, but probably the guy with the gun needs

handling first, and quickly.

"..." Merek verbalizes his discontent as the Professor is shot, and Alice moves to make this situation an emergency. He does look worried, and he forms his lips into a frown. He takes a moment to hold up his hands a bit and looks at the essence dissolving into air. He looks to the man with the weapon, and then decides for now to listen to him. "... Y'know, one day is all I ask without insanity." He then bumrushes forward with his elbow at the man with the gun, very fast.

"It raises the dead into zombies." Comes Constantin's words, next, first as a jest- then that happens. He watches in horror as the Professor's brains are splattered everywhere, ducking down underneath somewhere, along with his company. While Merek charges straight at the man, Constantin is chattering with his attendant in a different language, who then starts to circle sneakily around while Merek has Ben's attention. Constantin just sits there, holding his shirt up to his face to keep himself from inhaling... whatever that is.

At Merek's rushing forward, Sajad makes a bolt forward as well. it'd seem though even though he doesn't have a knife he intends on just well, clocking the guy attempting to strike the man in the face, his movements at once seeming abruptly swift. If connected it'd be with impressive force, very impressive really.

Samantha responds to all of this by ... ducking down behind her workstation, and letting Merek move in for the tackle, her hand still over her mouth as her body starts shaking with laughter, her other hand curling into a fist and punching at the bottom of the workstation, perhaps evoking a loud thud through the room. "Deep breaths," she tells herself when her hand falls down, letting Sajad get in on this as well, her eyes closing, attention focused on herself.

The man Constantin is with would attempt to grab Ben by the throat if sneaking successfully, holding him there while he gets pummeled by the othersw.

While Merek is pretty fast, Sajad is faster, and he gets there first, barreling into Ben and knocking him to the ground. The strange gun he held falls from his hand, clashing to the floor but the man isn't going down without a fight. His fist swinging and trying to get a lock on Sajad. The man is stronger though, and a solid punch sends Ben reeling back against Merek. With the brawl ongoing, Constantin's man can't seem to get an opportunity just yet to sneak or grab anyone.

Merek takes a moment to look at Sajad, and lifts his brow at how strong the man is. He looks over at whatever's coming up in the air, then he tries to take ahold of Ben and holds him out for the taller Arabic man to take his time with if he's able, "Talk, NOW!" he exclaims, while he tries to shuffle his mouth

  • Ben**eath his shirt to avoid whatever's coming into the air.

Private to Constantin, Samantha, Merek: Perhaps it is the exposure to the recently shattered vial, but you're starting to feel a little off. Nauseous, and a bit spacey. Nothing too pressing, but enough that you might struggle to focus.

Chattering away still in his native tongue, Constantin has his man grab at the strange gun and pocket it for now. He looks up, this way and then that, finding Samantha, the lanky Romanian starting to make his way over towards her, looking even paler. Despite this, Constantin coughs, clearing his throat, eyes trying to find the woman. "You, uh. Alright?"

When the gun hits the floor, Sajad barks, "Someone get that fucking gun away from this mess, and keep it from killing someone else!" his tone a command and a rather curt one as he attempts to kick Ben in the stomach, no matter if Merek is there or not. He's obviously upset at the moment. Though if the kick lands he seems to find that simply done and over with watching the others with a guarded expression. He nods to Constantin's companion when the gun is grabbed.

Samantha nods at Constantin, though when he approaches, she pulls herself away from him, pupils wide when she turns them on the man. "... Yeah. Demon blood," she explains with a clearing of her throat, another snorting giggle coming through her. "Can't - can't help it," she murmurs, and on hearing

  • Sajad**'s words, pokes her head up and begins to dash for the gun, throwing

herself on top of it if she's the first one to make it there.

It seems that Ben has come prepared for this, and only seconds after he's pulled into the hold by Merek, his teeth bite down on something in his mouth. "You're dead, you're all fucking dead!" Is all he gets out before he's lifeless in Merek's arms. Poor Denis is screaming, "Oh-my-god-oh-my-god-oh-my-god." Over and over, and looks well, terrified. Alice is a bit more helpful, though clearly a bit distraught, hands shaking as she says, "There's a cure, he had a cure, we just have to f-fucking find it." The gun is grabbed by Constantin, and there's now two corpses in the room. Professor Buchan and our assassin, Ben.

Samantha missed that Constantin's attendant was going for the gun, and just ... stops near him, looking awkward and turning her head around the room. "Cure," she says, before yelling at Denis, "Get your shit together or I won't be able to think! Cure, cure, cure," she begins to mutter, walking toward the corpse of Buchan on the ground and kneeling near it, beginning to search through the pockets for anything that might be useful, her elevated mood apparently keeping her stomach from turning, at least.

The now lifeless body of Ben seems to be slammed back into Merek, and he lets out a small sound, as he winces a bit. "Damn it," he states. He then takes the man and tosses him off to the side, reaching to find his scarf and pulling it around his face to slow down... Whatever. He then looks over to Alice. He looks over to the standard office door, seeing if it will open, as he tries to slam through its tumblers.

Private to Samantha: Within Professor Buchan's pockets, you find a smartphone. The phone is locked, requiring a finger print to access it. Once it has been entered, the phone can be explored.

Sajad looks at Denis with a look of irritation at the man's fear, though it seems to be battering at his reserves as his limbs tremble with both a rush of adrenaline and a small amount of fear, before he turns to Alice saying, "What do you know about what was in the fucking tube we need to know fast. Calm your shit and tell us what you can," Glancing over to Constantin and his men afterwards, asking, "Any of your crew know first aid or anything if we need it?"

"You idiot!" Samantha snaps at Merek, "You're going to release this shit out into the world!" She manages to pull a smartphone out from Buchan's pockets and, looking at it and the fingerprint reader, shakes her head as her hand grabs the dead man's, pressing his index finger to the point on the back and running it across. "Oh, this better fucking work," she mutters to herself, hands shaking from overstimulation. There's only one man with Constantin, and that man looks towards Sajad, looking a bit irritated. "I'm right here." Comes his voice, before he then nods. "A little first aid." Constantin doesn't say anything himself, just pacing up towards a nearby wall, and bonking his head in against it as he sighs, "...Shit."

The lock on the office door is pretty standard, nothing special, and it easily is bashed as Merek slams into it. The door swings open to reveal an adjoining office which is a bit sparse, compared to the laboratory, containing a single wooden desk, two leather desk chairs and a wooden shelf holding a number of biochemistry themed text books and journals. On the desk itself is a laptop, which is plugged into a power source though it is not connected to the internet, but rather an internal network. There is a standard 'in' and 'out' tray on the desk, various office supplies and an open note book. Alongside the desk is a trash bin, filled largely with paper waste.

Private to Merek: Unfortunately, doing so doesn't come without cost, and Merek's arm is rather painful afterwards for a good ten minutes.

Alice stares at Sajad and it takes her a moment to find her senses and stammer out a reply, "I don't know shit about that.. he was pretty fucking secrative about it, wouldn't let us touch it. It was all on his computer. But I know he was working on a cure. He had to of finished it, right?"

Constantin says (to Merek), in a dozy, sardonic Romanian bass, '...Do you have... any... idea what you just done?'

Private to Samantha: While the recent text messages have been cleared, there are a number of entries in the address book:- Alice: 712 5453 Ben: 754 4399 Denis: 238 0986 Janus*2: 744 8150 Katie: 831 5754 Maggie: 725 4415 Nigel: 420 0417 Patricia: 838 5268

Sajad nods slowly to Alice before asking Samantha, "Anything else on him?" before he's already marching to the office door as Merek crashes it open. His eyes land on the note book moving to snatch it up and read what's on it. "Anyone good with computers? I bet it has a fucking code on it."

Merek looks to Samantha, "It's an /office/ door, it's his office, and there's his computer," he states, with a roll of his eyes after a moment. He then moves in to go towards where the laptop is, adjusting his scarf, and moving to check it. "Yes, I know a fair bit about computer tech," he offers, as he taps on the console there a bit.

Private to Sajad: You notice some indentations in the lined paper, hinting at text being written on the page that has been torn out of it perhaps if you can find a pencil, you can shade over it to more easily make it out.

"Me," Samantha says as she lifts her hand, standing and reading through the phone before she shakes her head at Sajad, beginning to tap through it and looking at the contacts. She turns to look at Alice, asking her, "Who else would know about all this?" she wonders, letting Merek go in and handle the computer first, seeming content to be looking through the phone. "Who can we call?" She brings a hand up, rubbing at her eyes, her euphoria starting to calm down at least a little and her face setting into a grim determination.

Brushing his hands back through his hair, Constantin just decides to stick by his companion's side, walking alongside him and the other's into the room. He squints around, holding his head as he does so, but shakes it off with a rapid movement of the head.

Sajad stares blankly over the note pad, and he is breathing a bit heavily making a strong effort to keep his nerves in check. "Merek if you're not face deep in that computer is there a pencil over there. There was a page written out, but he had a heavy hand, left marks on the page Beneath. I'm going to try and recreate the fucking thing. Or Uh...damn what's your name...Samantha, right? you have one?"

"A page Ripped out, rather, shit," Sajad says, his voice a little shaky as he corrects himself.

Private to Merek: You manage to locate some files of interest on the computers, and in particular, one that seems to pertain to the Virus in question, but unfortunately you can't quite manage to hack into them. Perhaps someone else can help?

"Yeah, Sammy, but no, I didn't ... I was going to take notes on my phone," Samantha says, frowning as she says, "There has to be something over in his desk, though. Sajad, you're strong, right? There's a cabinet in there named Janus, it's probably locked, but..." she trails off, looking at him hopefully as she pushes a button on the phone, bringing it to her and speaking quietly to herself. "Come on," she says softly. "Come on..."

Merek looks up from the computer, and places it over towards Samantha, while he lets her finish up whatever he was working on. Afterwards he flicks through some things, and he frowns a bit. He reaches to try and find a pencil, and if he is able, he will toss it to Sajad, looking to Samantha, "Files pertaining to the Virus are pulled up now, you finish that," he offers, as he finds anything that can help the Arabic man with his task.

Motioning towards his man, Constantin points towards a nearby cabinet. The man in the suit starts to make his way there, looking around for paperclips along the way. If he would find any, they'd be grabbed, twisted and Bent for their new purpose, which is... picking the lock. Constantin himself just stands around, looking nervous.

Sajad nods slowly, then grabs up the pencil when one is found and starts on the notebook, taking a moment to get his big hands to stop shaking before he starts retracing the letters, squinting at the pages, as he works. Calling over ot Constantin's man, he says, "If you can't pick the lock let me know I'll try and rip the thing open."

Unfortunately the lock doesn't seem to be the sort that a paper lock will help with. This cabinet has been secured well with a 'Janus' combination lock, with the walls reinforced in several inches of solid steel, it is going to either take some considerable force to get into, or the right code. The lock itself appears to be a standard dial combination, where each number is entered in sequence by either turning the dial to the left, or the right and lining it up. Each number is two digit, ranging from 10 to 99.

"Of course there's no signal, can't have us taking pictures and showing the world," Samantha laughs as she lowers the phone from her ear, walking into the office and looking at the computer when Merek shows it to her. "What am I looking at here?" she asks him, before adding, "Merek, right?"

Private to Samantha: You get the feeling that the phone number just.. might have something to do with the similarily named code on the safe. If you could just work it out...

After trying to fiddle with it for several seconds, Constantin's man turns around towards Sajad, uttering, "Break the thing the hell open." He steps out of the way, the man looking as pale as Constantin. The two however, don't seem too worried about it for now.

Private to Sajad: Sketching the pencil across the paper reveals a kind of an alphabet wheel, with two circular wheels each with the various letters of the alphabet. When lined up, it allows one to decode coded text. A pair of red lines provide the point to line it up, and when done it translates the letters. This might come in useful, if you knew what exactly needed translating.

"Yes, that's my name," Merek tells Samantha, and once Sajad has the pencil, he looks over to that lock, and seems to consider a moment. He then adds to

  • Samantha**, "You'll need to root access those files, they're locked up good, data

on the Virus is in them, and likely information on that cure." He looks over to

  • Sajad**, while he moves to the door they broke open, and he motions to the

others, "Anyone not in this room, get in now!" he exclaims, then if they do, he will close the door a bit, just enough to keep them from being /too/ exposed while they figure this out.

Sajad nods to Constantin's man when Samantha speaks to him, seeming to let him fiddle with the lock while he keeps going. "I hope that thing doesn't have something rigged in it. I mean we already had someone kill themselves and there's fucking all sorts of shit in here."

Unfortunately the combination as read, seems to not work for Constantin's assistant, not quite the right number of pairs...

Samantha passes off the phone to Constantin's man, turning her attention to the computer, pupils still dilated and breathing heavily as she pulls the keyboard to herself, beginning to tap at it. "There's a Janus in the contacts list. If that doesn't work, divide the number by two and try it again, with that symbol next to it," she mutters as she begins to try to decrypt the files, her lips pursing.

Private to Samantha: You recall that the number listed was: Janus*2:744 8150

Samantha says, in a youthful alto, "It was Janus star 2, number seven four four eight one five zero. That would be..."

Samantha says, in a youthful alto, "Someone else do that, I'm working on this."

While his man does as Samantha instructs, Constantin seems to just go off, looking around for anything else helpful. He brushes both hands back through his hair, getting down on his hands and knees occasionally to peer underneath certain items.

Private to Samantha: While Merek was able to locate the folder you need, he didn't have the skill needed to break past the security. You, however do. Your hacking would reveal numerous files of interest but some would take more time than they have to brute force the passwords. There is one though that you manage to get into through sheer luck and it reveals: The solution being developed by the professor seems to hold a genetically enhanced version of the SARS Virus which is capable of adapting to target specific aspects of the supernatural world. In the initial stages, it causes fever, coughing, shortness of breath, eventually progressing to death in 90/ of cases in as little as an hour. The file refers to an antidote that has also been developed in parallel to the Virus, which is secured away in the laboratory.

"This is a cipher of some sort. Apparently there's something we're looking for that's coded," Sajad grunts calling out to Alice and Denis. "Eh Girl, and whatever your name is do you know of anything that looked coded, fucked up whatever in this office? something you couldn't read?" he asks churlishly. holding up the note book briefly.

Private to Constantin: You notice a rubbish bin along side the desk, it might be worth investigating?

Once the two are in the room, and Merek has made sure the door is keeping the Virus from over-bearing them too fast, he looks over to the others and then takes a moment to move over to the lock while Alice and Denis are asked a question. He checks the lock, and then the rest of the cabinet. He pulls out his pocket PDA and begins to use the on-board calculator with the numbers and data that Samantha mentioned, clicking fast at it.

Finding some trash can to the side, Constantin pulls it closer to himself before then taking off the lid. Constantin starts digging around inside of it, tossing unneeded trash behind himself. After a while, his digging becomes more hurried.

  • Constantin**'s man eventually figures out that he needs to times the phone

number by two, doing so allows him to open the safe, and inside there is a single folded piece of paper and it seems to hold the recipe for the antidote to the Virus the group has been exposed to. Except, the only problem is, the writing seems to be encoded:- 1 LWNP AN + 3 LWNPO SZ + 2 LWNPO AX. IET EJ YAJPNEBQCA BKN 5 IEJO PDAJ WZZ 1 LWNP CZ.

Samantha reads over what's written on the computer, frowning as she lifts her head to her forehead, rubbing at it, and shaking her head. "... We're fucked," she says softly. "This is SARS on steroids, specifically targeted at supernaturals." She scans her eyes slowly over the screen, and her frown fades back into a smile. "Is anyone feeling feverish, short of breath, coughing, any of that? If you are, you've probably got less than an hour to live."

Private to Constantin: Eww. As you rummage around the rubbish bin, you find your fingers coming into contact with something less than savoury, a used condom. Still wet, still leaking sticky fluids of dubious origin that now coat your fingers. You also spot orange peelings, half a sandwich, and various strips of shredded paper. There doesn't seem to be anything useful to learn here after all.

"Oh Fuck me fucking running!" Sajad barks before he passes the cipher off to

  • Merek**, then bullishly shoulders him out of the way, probably a bit roughly in

his haste and studies the cabinet for a good handhold, saying to Merek. "Keep that safe."

"... You know, we likely should've killed that Professor ourselves, just with less 'falling vials'," Merek states. He looks down at the cipher and begins to study it, as he nods a bit, "Sure," he mutters, scanning his gaze over it in quick pace, using all his knowledge to try and glean something out of it.

Private to Sajad: That cypher you found seems to be related to the code on the piece of paper in the cabinet. If you put them together, you can probably figure it out.

"Well, uh. Good news? Me and Jim are safe." Constantin answers, swiping at his brow a he frowns, his face immediately paling as he feels something in the trash. Slowly, he pulls it out revealing... a condom. A used condom. And it's still sticky. That look on his face says he would very much like to die right now, as he tosses it as far away as possible.

Merek says, with a masculine, husky French accent, "... I took biomedical research in school as an undergraduate along with my engineering courses, maybe I can figure /smoething/ out."

Samantha continues to read over the file, then says, cheerfully, "There's an antidote in the room. Bet it's hidden within that safe," she opines, looking over at the thing with a little scowl, and asking, "Are we getting any work done on the combination?" With the work on the computer done, she brings up the ubiquitous windows calculator, typing it in.

Private to Merek: It seems to be an alphabet wheel, with two circular wheels each with the various letters of the alphabet. When lined up, it allows one to decode coded text. A pair of red lines provide the point to line it up, and when done it translates the letters. This might come in useful, if you knew what exactly needed translating.

Merek takes the cipher and reaches to the paper in the cabinet, "Yes please," he states, then he pushes them together, and starts to scan it. "Come on, come on," he mutters, scanning through it, "Wheeled... Okay," he lines up some text to the red lines on a paper, and then begins to check it, as he flicks through, attempting to decipher the code, "... Let's see... DNA helix codes, blood examination types, it has to be related to one of these, and perhaps it is coded in as the chemical make-up," he mutters.

Sajad gets a grip on the cabinet, and after a moments breath, his hands clamp down, he growls, then gives a real nice good firm and rather irritated snarl as he rips the cabinet open rifling through the cabinet until he finds a paper. Looking it over he says, "Fuck yes! Here. Here we go." giving the paper to Merek, saying, "There's your code. use your brains smart people I got nothing for that." Turning to Samantha with a brief smirk of amusement he says, "Yeah fucking elbow grease was your combo."

The man pulls out the piece of paper, staring at it in confusion, before walking towards Samantha and just sliding it over to her. Constantin just keeps where he is, still looking sick.

Merek lines up the letters on the alphabet wheel, and it is a slow process but eventually it translates the antidoate on the piece of paper to: 'one part ER + three parts WD + two parts EB. Mix in centrifuge for 5 mins then add 1 part GD.' It seems that the initials refer to components in the lab.

"Good fucking combo," Samantha says to Sajad, looking at the paper handed to her - or letting Merek do it, but either way, joining in with him to try to read over what's on them as she brings her hand up, rubbing at her temple as she scans over it, shaking her head. "If it's just a cipher, we just need to replace one letter with another," she murmurs, then when it's finally clear, she turns and looks at the lab stuff. "... I can operate the machines, but I have no idea how to mix these chemicals properly. Anyone?"

Private to Samantha: Your body suddenly shudders, and you're unable to stop a hacking cough from being emitted. It ain't look good, because it looks like what ever is expelled with that cough, looks a bit bloody.

Sajad points to Alice and Denis then saying, "Look we got fucking lab techs," before he barks. "Hey which one of you can mix this shit?"

Denis doesn't look like he's going to be much good for anything, Alice steps up though, putting her hand up in the air. "I can probably help with that. I think.. I think those are in the fridge or the incubator." She adds helpfully to Sajad.

Sajad nods then points to Samantha saying, "Not me. Her, I'm no good with this shit."

Samantha suddenly Bends over in a full coughing fit, covering her mouth with her hand as it quickly sounds hacking and wet, her shoulders shaking and her eyes closing. When she pulls it away, there's red blood mixed with the phlegm, and she opens her eyes slowly, staring at it in shock.

"I can help, but it's going to take all of us to work the antitode out in enough time, so let's get right to finding those chemicals," Merek mentions, while he stands up. He looks to Alice and Denis, "And them too." He copies the coding on a piece of paper, then he copies it on another, and stands up. He moves towards the exit and waits for the others. He then hacks up a small cough, and rubs at his neck a bit. "Lead them to it, I'm going to turn the machines on so they're ready for you," he offers, then he moves out the door and to the machinery, leaving the others to find the chemicals.

Private to Merek, Constantin: You're starting to feel a bit flushed, warm even. The lab is starting to get uncomfortably hot.

Breaking out into a sweat, Constantin swipes at his brow as he utters, looking a bit shaky, "...Are you sure it only effects supernaturals?"

"I'm not a chemist," Samantha says weakly, her voice a rasp now before she looks for a kleenex to wipe her hand off, panic in her eyes for the first time as the reality seems to sink in. "Merek said he did some of that in undergrad, and - god, well, I can do the formulas, I can do this, okay," she whispers, bringing the back of her clean hand up to wipe over her eyes before she turns to walk toward the fridge first. "Just look for things with those letters." Then she shakes her head at Constantin's question. "It's still SARS on steroids, man."

Private to Sajad: Your body suddenly shudders, and you're unable to stop a hacking cough from being emitted. It ain't look good, because it looks like what ever is expelled with that cough, looks a bit bloody.

Private to Samantha, Sajad: The fridge has been secured closed with a simple padlock, secured closed with a key. It is able to accurately control the internal temperature of the items stored within, and is equipped with an alarm. Alice helps you get it open, using her own set to do so, once open she steps back to let you browse the numerous vials inside, each one labeled with a two letter code:- ER LB JS LS WD JO AT KS.

Sajad glances about himself, then begins to move out as Merek does, his eyes flicking to Constantin as he asks the question, his body bprobably due to anxiety and now distinct chill it would seem his skin starting to sweat, he coughs and his steps are a little labored with mild disorientation. "Never a-fucking-gain." He calls back to Samantha, "Apparently Merek has medical knowledge."

Merek moves to the machine that needs to be used, and then starts it up with the power. He then finds a slider and checks a few things, before he coughs and lets out a small sound. "Ugh," he seems to be in Sajad's state, no blood coughing up yet however, fortunately. He still has enough power to work with the things he has.

Samantha pulls out three vials from the fridge, calling out, "I've got the ... um..." she starts to say, leaning heavily into a desk as another coughing fit hits her, before she lifts them up and regains control of her breathing. "It's - ER, WD and GD. The EB has to be in the incubator," she says, walking straight to the centrifuge. "Which ones go in here?" she wonders as she looks for a test tube to start filling.

Merek seems to have a little medical knowledge and it's enough to start up the machine needed and it's soon whirling to life, buttons lighting up on the front console. Both the fridge and the incubator are open, revealing numerous vials on display, each with a two letter code on the front.

Sajad hunches in front of the incubator, and reads over the vials saying, "We got EB and GD in here. how much do we need? and are these pre-measured out...uh," He pauses to look over at the lab techs, finally reading the badge, "Alice?"

"... Right, I don't have the GD, this was ... AT? What?" Samantha asks herself as she looks at the vial, pushing it to the side and frowning as she pushes the vials to the middle. "Merek, you had the paper. What goes in the centrifuge?" she asks.

Merek seems to know what he's doing to a point. He's certainly no master at it, but he seems to manage a bit, "Bless my mother for sending me to college in preparation for the Knights," he states. He then motions a bit, "Once you have them, place them in the sliders, and measure out..." He looks at the paper he copied, and hands it to Samantha, "Measure them out based on that, then we can put them in the centrifuge once we've meeked it out," he adds. He motions to Constantin and Sajad, "One of you needs to prepare the machine according to purine and nucleinic ratios."

The translated code from the safe reads: 'one part ER + three parts WD + two parts EB. Mix in centrifuge for 5 mins then add 1 part GD.' Alice when called over, comes forward to peer at the vials that Sajad has, "Shit, that's almost right, we need like.. a couple more...." She adds, glancing between Samantha and Sajad.

Sajad nods making to reach for the vials but he turns to the side and with a heavy shudder coughs and spits out a bloody glob of mucus, turning back to the incubator and grabbing the EB and GD vials, moving on shaking legs to hand them to Samantha, grunting, "Who gives a fuck about your mother and the fucking knights lets try living."

Samantha says to Alice, "I have the ER and the WD," lifting the relevant vials for display before she looks at the paper handed to her, nodding as she says, "We have the pipette thing, right? At the workstations?" She gathers up all four vials, heading over there. "Okay, so, we mix together these parts first," she says, sweat forming on her brow as she puts the relevant ones in under the machine, popping out their vials and looking at the machine. It takes her a moment, but soon enough, she seems able to figure out how to operate it, trying to get the parts together and get the initial mixture ready for the centrifuge.

Samantha definitely has the know how to operation the machinery and the instructions are pretty straight forward to follow. Alice looks over her shoulder, providing some instruction when needed and eventually they have a murky looking mixture, ready for the centrifuge. The lab assistant gives the other woman an approving nod. "Fuck, this better work. They ain' going to let us out of here till we're all clear." She adds, and sure enough, lined up at that glass viewing window are a number of anxious looking lab people watching on.

Sajad seems to shudder as his control seems to break as he lets out another hacking cough of blood, his body shaking as he groans out. "Allah....please....work."

"Well, both keep me working to live," Merek tells Sajad, while he checks the machine and adjusts it to read for the antiparallel polynucleotide chain. "Alright, DNA replication replacement codes locked in," he mutters, "These ingredients... Fuck, what he made was horrible, biochemical warfare at its finest AND YES I am working," he adds for Sajad even as he seems to be relating things /slightly/ unrelated. "Alright, the centrifuge should be ready in a moment, if that mixture is ready," he then adds to Constantin, "Can you... Help me with this," he motions to the other side of the machine, "I need you to rotate the system." He seems to be holding onto his breath under that scarf, and inhaling only slightly as he's able, but he reaches for the machine to balance himself, "Hurry with the mixing..."

"Someone put this into the centrifuge," Samantha says as she passes the mixture off to Alice, looking at Constantin pointedly as she turns her attention back to the machine and the last vial, measuring out all of the 'GD' that she might be needing as Merek rants at his own station. "Trusting you here!" she calls over to him as she pipettes out enough of the last ingredient, ready for when the centrifuge has done its thing.

Rushing around in a hurry, at Merek's orders, Constantin grabs onto what he needs to before starting to rotate as per instructed. "Fucking. Fuck. Fuck. I hate biochemical warfare. That was the first thing they did back home when the war reached us." At Samantha's look, he gestures towards his companion, when then rushes off to grab the last vial, looking towards Samantha for further instructions.

Samantha says, offers helpfully, "... Put it in the thing and spin it, I think?"

Alice gives Merek something of a blank look when he starts talking about DNA replication codes, and she steps up to touch at the centrifuge, adjusting the settings with one switch. Once done, she takes the mixure from Samantha and slides it into the slot on the centrifuge. Another couple of button presses and it starts to spin at a high speed, mixing the contents together. It's on a timer, and slowly ticks down the five minutes. But.. it's been almost an hour, the group doesn't have long to go by all accounts.

Sajad looks at Alice then just asks bluntly, "Is he just shitting out of his mouth?" he wonders before glancing at Merek. "If you fucking get us killed I swear to fuck it's because you have no fucking idea about what you're talking about shut up and just read the goddamn instructions."

Alice is likely helped in all of this by Constantin, and once the vial has finished mixing, she hands it to him to add the final component.

Merek checks the vials and then places them in, along with whatever other vials Alice seems to be putting in. Once Constantin is done, and he himself is, he lets the woman ready the final bit.

Samantha turns to Constantin's man, saying to him, "Bring it over here," her voice sounding weak as she keeps her finger on the final button, beckoning him before another coughing fit hits her, her eyes shutting -tight- as she grips at the desk, tears streaming down the edge of her nose before she opens her eyes again, ready to finish off the antidote.

The man rushes over towards Samantha's side, while Constantin sinks down in against a nearby wall, wiping at his brow. "Fucking... hell." He mutters, continuing to sweat but not looking nowhere near as bad as everybody else.

It seems Sajad has used up the last of his reserves of strength and he coughs harshly before he moves to Samantha, saying, "You are fucking kick ass," apparently giving the woman a compliment, which given his bullish behavior this whole time, is probably rare.

The five minutes which it takes puts Merek in a worse condition. He will be the last to take the antidote more than like, as he walks over to where the others are, and half-pastes himself on the floor with blood coughed up, as he rolls onto his side, and just waits for now.

Samantha pushes the button before she slumps down on the ground, her breathing shallow as she gives a weak smile at Sajad's compliment, giving him a thumbs up. "How do we take the antidote?" she asks Alice, as the last part of the mixture is added in, and she leans against Sajad's leg for a little bit of extra support.

Without the health that the group had at the staart of the night, what would have been simple to achieve an hour ago, is that much harder now. Fingers shaking, Samantha adds the last component in, and without mixing, it slowly blends in, the solution changing in colour from off white, to a bright yellow. Alice comes forward, an orange in her hand which she starts to peel. "We just.. drink it I think." She says, though she doesn't sound completely sure.

Sajad settles down next to Samantha, switching that position the woman has on his leg to his brawny side. "I'm not a fucking good man. But I'm not dying in a fucking lab," he relays to Samantha before he says to Constantin. "You feeling as bad as us? you activate then?"

"Inhalation of this Virus, injecting it would be... Faster, but I'm not sure we have time to do that," Merek tells Alice, with a small little sound, as he leans back, "Drinking will still get it in our bloodstream though," he admits.

Samantha begins to cough again, curling on herself and groaning, putting a hand to the floor but unable to push herself upright, slumping down again as she stares at the bloody flecks sprayed onto her hand. "Can anybody get to it still?" she rasps out. "I'll take first drink, whatever."

Constantin says (to Sajad), in a dozy, sardonic Romanian bass, '...I don't know. I'm not... vomiting blood. So I don't think so...'

Merek says (to Constantin), with a masculine, husky French accent, '... Can you give those of us that can't move, a dose?'

The yellow antidote is finally ready to go, and none to soon if the coughing and general state of most of the group is anything to go by. There is probably enough for everyone, if they all take a small sip. But if anyone takes more than that, likely it's going to come up short.

"Yeah unless it's not supposed to go directly into the blood," Sajad snaps with growing irritation, " He groans but he gets up and makes a strong effort to get over to the centrifuge and Alice. " ready yet?" He seems barely able to keep his feet the next cough having blood spray from his mouth over his chin and on his suit, mixed with sickly looking flem. When it seems done he removes the liquid, and glances to Samantha taking a small sip then moving to Constantin who seems almost dead giving it to him next."

The labortory people at the viewing window are taking notes, and talking with each other as they watch the group in the laboratory. The room is still secured, and they seem to be waiting on the all clear from Alice before letting out any of those contained within.

"I don't have the thing." Constantin remarks towards Merek, his voice a bit sour- then Sajad is giving him the cure, Constantin's mood improving just a slight bit as he lifts it up to his mouth. Only one, small sip Constantin gives, before wiping at his mouth with the back of his hand, giving it to his partner next.

Merek leans back a bit, and then hacks up another cough with blood in it. He then reaches up and once it comes around to him possibly after Sajad or

  • Constantin**'s man, he too will take a drink from it, small sip, enough to leave

more doses, then pass itr on.

Samantha waits, not protesting and just trying to keep herself stable. "Give it to Denis last, he can't control himself," as she breaks out into a shiver, curling into a ball, keeping an eye on the antidote as it makes its way around, waiting for her turn. Presumably, Merek passes it to her, and she takes a small sip, saying, "Alice, you take it before Denis. He's in enough of a panic he'll down the whole thing," as she holds the vial into the air.

With each sip, that fluid contained within the vial goes down a fraction more, getting lower and lower. Will there be enough? Alice insists on going last and after Merek, and when it's her turn, she ensures Denis has his share before she too takes that final bit.

"Just got to give it ten minutes to go through our system and I'll give them the all clear." Alice says, giving the technicans at the viewing window a thumbs up, followed by five fingers flashed twice, to indicate the time needed. "You all did great. Better than expected even. Professor Buchan would have been proud." She says, somewhat.. cryptically?

"... What?" Merek asks Alice, his gaze watching her for a moment, as he narrows it a bit, and lifts his brow. He coughs a bit, and then tries to push up a little, as he leans back down. He shakes his head a bit. "You..."

Private to Constantin: You briefly recall on seeing Alice with that orange, peeling it, wasn't there orange peel in the Office rubbish bin?

Samantha nods softly at Alice's words, curling back up in her seated position on the floor as she waits to recover. She doesn't seem to process whatever Constantin and Merek are getting upset with, all her energy focused on staying alive as the coughing fits still work through her.

There is no reaction from Sajad save for the most brooding of scowls as he just stares at Alice. He begins to sigh as if its all just too much to deal with before he coughs again, flecks of blood still in his flem.system.

Samantha (Internally) really is in bad shape. She doesn't have a lot of excess fat or energy on her body, so when she gets sick even normally, it hits her really, really hard. Nor does she have access to any supernatural healing, thanks to the College's restrictions on her.

There is no reaction from Sajad save for the most brooding of scowls as he just stares at Alice. He begins to sigh as if its all just too much to deal with before he coughs again, flecks of blood still in his (fix)

"No... Wonder you seemed to not be bothered towards the end... You wanted to see how fast we could... Do it ourselves... And study us, before you..." Merek lets out another cough, and then shakes his head a bit. He then swallows thickly and lets out a small growl, but just remains laid back. At least now he knows why Alice perhaps butted in, which was odd, combined with her exasperation. Why didn't he see this coming? He can't exactly fight them over it though...

Something broke inside of Constantin's mind for a moment, and he starts to giggle, "I'm going to eat your soul." But his lapse into sanity doesn't last that long, and he just shakes his head towards Alice. Lookin towards his driver, Constantin shakes his head for some reason or another.

Alice seems to be in surprisingly good spirits, and seemingly unaffected by any of the ailments from being exposed to the Virus. She pops an orange segment into her mouth, savouring the taste of it as the door to the lab finally clicks open. "Well, you can't have a deadly Virus without going through some testing first. Thank you for offering your services. You may collect your weapons and things on the way out." There's a pause then, and she adds cheerily. "Enjoy your day!"

"I...fucking hate humans...I really, really, do," Sajad says, starting to push to his feet, He looks almost as if she would punch Alice too, but thinks better of it, and stalks rather shakily through the door, yanks his vest and knife from the guards and then says bluntly, "Fuck all of you."

Merek stands up after a bit, and then coughs a moment. He then shakes his head a bit. He stands up and looks to Alice, holding a hand to the table. He watches her a moment, and considers a bit. Something in his gaze curious. "Was... He really willing to give his life and his assistant as well for... This?"

Samantha lifts up her head, staring at Alice as everything begins to sink in, but she just pushes herself upright when the lab clicks open. She doesn't seem as upset as the others, though, considering the woman, but soon she's shaking her head and walking to the door, a small smile on her face. "... He wasn't the one in charge of this, Merek. She was."

"Fuck. You. Fuck you so fucking hard." Constantin mutters underneath his breath as he and his man gathers his stuff- the man keeping the pistol with him. "You're going to regret this." Is Constantin's last words, upon leaving the building.

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