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SR Caitlin Encounter 01

Tuesday, December 01, 2015, 10:13 PM

This log has been cleaned up of thinks, tells, and skill-revealing attempts.

Tori has accepted the encounter.

Encounter Prompt: Your target's been contacted to help find a civilian who's become lost in the woods.

Tori reaches to tap at her phone and frowns slightly, turning it off and back on again before grumbling and shoving it in her pocket.

Tori removes an iphone6 in a purple case and slips it into a pocket.

Your phone vibrates once more, buzzing annoyingly within your pocket. It's followed by one of those long emergency beeping chimes. If you'd bother to look at it, a pop-up screen would show a group-wide message, present with a yellow triangle with an exclamation point within it: Lost Civilian. 18. Male. Last Seen in West Haven Woods. Need Volunteers.

Tori gets an iphone6 in a purple case from a pocket.

An additional icon featuring a gps signal allows for a secondary window to be opened, specifically indicating the last seen point, just off the side of Romeo lane.

Tori pulls her phone back out, peering at the app that flashes up on it. "Oh shit.. I wonder if this is another like the one Em found the other day." She grabs for a large bag that's under the bed, pulling out a tactical vest. Pulling off her blazer and shirt she straps the vest on and pulls her clothes back on over it. "I wonder if she wants to help." She starts tapping at the phone again, attempting to fire off a text to Emily.

Tori hits send, not bothering to see if the text goes through or not before tapping at the map icon on the alert, bringing up a map with a pin stuck neatly in it on the display. "Right, well maybe she'll get the alert too.." With that, she heads for the door, car keys in hand.

The text buzzes out with a vibrating response, signaling that she'd likely meet you there in the obscure forest spot. It's little more than a red circle upon the screen. The drive or walk over is relatively uneventful.

Emily arrives. Heather arrives.

Tori checks out the inside of her Jeep as she drives, making sure nobody's used it as a dumping ground for leftover pizza again. Arriving somewhere on Romeo Lane as near as she can get to the map pin on her phone, she climbs out of the car and waves to Emily and Heather. "Heya. So you got this alert too, yeah?"

"Yeah," Emily says to Tori, pulling a rifle and baton out of her trunk and sticking it in her bag where it'll be relatively unobtrusive. "What do you know about it?"

Heather brushes her hair to the side, holding her umbrella with a lazy grip as she approaches Tori and Emily, glancing between them, "Oh, I didn't know anybody else would show up. I guess it's a party then."

The constant drizzle of rain leaks through the canopy within the dark forest. A figure adorned in a yellow poncho is standing to the side of the road, focused upon his own cheap version of a cell phone when Tori eventually arrives within her non-pizza-disposed jeep to find Emily already there and Heather somewhere nearby. The yellow-poncho'd person, approaches the trio together, water slickening the plastic coat, 'Are you the people sent to help us?' He isn't much to look at, somewhat lean, fidgeting a bit in place with much of his body covered. A pair of bushy eyebrows stick out from beneath, presenting an older face when it's briefly seen. Off Romeo Lane, the roads are dirtied, transitioning to mud, with the lights from Haven on the Eastern Side dimly filtering in.

"Mmm. All it says is Lost Civilian. 18. Male. Last seen in West Haven Woods. Need volunteers." Tori replies to Emily with a bit of a frown as she opens the alert back up to read it off. "I kinda thought maybe he's like the..." She stops in her words and peers over at the man, trying to get a better look at him before offering him, "Yeah, I think so. You lost a kid out here?"

"Something like that," Emily says with a glance at Heather and then a nod toward the man in the poncho. She, too, pulls an umbrella out to ward off the drenching rain.

Tori nods to Heather and says, "Yeah, the more eyes looking the better I think." She glances over the girl for a moment before giving a small shrug and pulling out her own umbrella.

Tori gets a dark blue umbrella from red canvas tote bag.

Tori gets a dark blue umbrella from a pocket.

Heather's bright gaze flicks over towards the poncho'd man. She tilts her head slightly, a confused expression crossing her features, "This better be for real. If we find out he just came out here with some chick for some privacy..." She starts to threaten before letting out a huff and dropping the thought, "At any rate, I'm here to help and I suppose his phone is trashed by the rain. Does anyone know which direction he went off on or what he was doing?" She inquires up at the man.

'I received a report myself,' the poncho-covered man explains, ducking back under the cover of his yellow coat again. He seems to include Heather in this, though he also pays a bit more attention to her garb. 'I don't know if you two have much experience with this. Usually the emergency calls come in, go out to the locals in the general area. Sometimes they have more information than they really give. We don't really always know what to expect.' There's a narrowed look towards Heather, the man adding, 'The woods are dangerous at this time of night. Do you have a flashlight?' The other two seem fairly well-equipped, so he begins moving off towards the forest, speaking as he goes, clearly intending for them to follow, 'In this particular case, it was apparently called in by a friend. They were taking a long weekend for Thanksgiving as a break from college, camping. The kid went off to take a piss. Never came back. I can take you to their camp site, if you want.'

'We can start there?' It's a simple suggestion from the poncho-covered man, at least wearing boots to help starve off the rain.

Tori glances between Emily and Heather, giving the latter a more considered look-over this time before she pulls a headlamp from her bag and straps it on her head. To the poncho'd man she muses, "So how many of them were out here? And when was the last time they saw him?" as she begins to trudge through the mud behind him.

Tori gets a simple headlamp from red canvas tote bag.

Tori wears a simple headlamp.

"Another camper?" Emily asks, sounding frustrated. She shakes her head and pulls a headlamp out of her bag, throwing it on over her hat with a sigh. "Yeah, let's go."

The trek to the supposed camp site is a bit off the wayside, the poncho-covered man making full use of his compass as he shifts through the brush. There's no roads specifically leading to it, but deep tire marks suggest that someone made use of an all-terrain vehicle to get here, at the cost of the local fauna. It's been recently abandoned, or so it looks like. A broken cooler found to the side, several beer bottles left scattered around, a poor example of a campfire ringed with a few store-bought logs that's full of ashes and what looks to be a tattered porno magazine. 'Three boys, from what I heard. One of them called, but I don't think they made a formal complain,' he explains towards Tori on the way. He sends a sympathetic look towards Emily, 'I keep telling them that they should post signs. These woods aren't exactly known for being great camping sites, and there's plenty around the college area.'

'The howls from the wolves would warn me not to camp out here myself,' the man gruffly jokes, though it cuts off fairly fast, leaving only the sound of the pattering rain as an intervention.

"Well, no, but that's what the buddy system is for, right?" Heather replies curiously to the man, her head still tilted as she nears Emily in particular, "Eight eyes are better than six and I can help keep track of where we've been or whatever while you guys use your fancy flashlights to look for... whoever it is we're looking for." She decides with a confident tone of voice.

To Tori: His original suspicious appearance seems less so, the more he walks and talks, seeming to navigate the forests well despite the use of his tools. He fidgets a lot though, constantly looking back as if to check if you're coming.

"Yeah," Emily mutters toward the man. "Three boys, only one is missing?" she asks, taking a trek around the camp site and looking for tracks.

"That kid I dealt with last week was mauled by a bear right at the edge of town.. so yeah.. the animals around here are pretty feral sometimes. It wasn't even full winter yet. Freakish stuff." Tori muses to whoever is listening to her ramble. She turns her head left and right a bit as she follows the man, scanning the surrounding forest as best she can in the weather. She nods to Emily as if in agreement with that question, "They probably didn't want to stick around." A brief grin is flashed to Heather "Yeah, buddy systems are good, no wandering yeah?"

"Someone back home would kill me if I got lost looking for someone who was already lost." Heather replies to Tori as she cringes slightly at a thought. She stays decidedly close to the group, peering around with a squint as she holds her umbrella tightly, "Did they say anything about where the missing one went?" She inquires curiously.

'Apparently the others were sleeping when he got up. Decided to drain his main vein or so it seems. They woke up and he was gone, but his things were still here.' The poncho-covered man disturbs an empty beer bottle, the empty glass container hitting against the side of the woods. 'Damn kids,' he begins to darkly grumble, reaching down to yank it up with a weather-worn hand and toss it towards the center of the ashen pit. 'They don't take care of the woods these days. A mess, that's what this is.'

To Emily: The encroaching of the rain seems to mess with much of the general tracks around the area and it seems as if someone was snooping around here prior, a single grouping of tracks all around the immediate area which look relatively fresh. With some extremely careful searching, you might notice a glint of metal about fifty paces away to the northeast, an abandoned flashlight that ran out of batteries abandoned under a tree.

To Heather: You smell something relatively untoward to your nose as you near the camp site. It's faint to the senses, but relatively offensive when you catch brief catches on it.

To Tori: The man himself doesn't seem to be searching the area much, more focused on picking up the trash without inspecting it and lumping it into a pile at the center of the camp.

"Town'd rather spend money on other things," Emily answers the man in the poncho, walking over and squinting at a set of tracks. "These look fresh," she says. "You think the kids came back?" Then, flashing the light of her headlamp around, she narrows her eyes against the rain and then walks over in the northeasterly direction and picks up a metallic object. It's a flashlight, but when she tries it, nothing happens. She stops there to check for more tracks.

"You seem to know your way around out here. I'm glad you got the call about it. These kids locals or you not sure?" Tori asks the man as she peers into the broken cooler, frowning slightly at its condition. "Looks like they had a bit of a party, yeah." She gives a faintly questioning look to Emily and Heather before asking them, "Either of you got friends who went camping last weekend out here?"

Heather wrinkles her nose at something as she crouches for a moment, "Yuck..." The teen lets out in disgust. She then immediately stands and backs away from the particular location she was inspecting to near the havens of the flashlight-holders, "Nobody I know of, but... ugh, I guess we should check for tracks? It's kind of muddy..." She suggests uncertainly.

The man's head turns towards Emily staring for a minute, the last of the beer bottles dangling from his hand. There's an answering clink when he tosses it with the others, his head shaking belatedly, 'Uh. Maybe. They might've come back. Who knows. Kids these days. You know, this whole thing might've just been some joke. I mean, we came, and looked around the camp site. I didn't see any of them. We could probably go?' He takes a step back with a soured chuckle, '... Who looks for people in the rain anyways?'

To Emily: Closer inspection reveals that the tracks are all one size, relatively large, but not too impressive. A man's footprint, or a sizeable woman wearing boots, perhaps. They encompass a pretty clear immediate circle about the campsite itself, backtracking upon themselves, but not going any further.

To Heather: The offensive smell gets fairly unmistakable the closer you get to the poncho-wearing man, though some of the rain helps to dampen it. It also seems to be coming in the direction to the northeast, though far more vaguely. You're not a blood-hound, pun intended, but something unpleasant isn't that good either.

To Tori: The cooler isn't much to look at. The kids here certainly had some fun, or at least destroyed a good deal of things. There's broken branches to the side, the sparse remains of a blackening at the bottom of a tree where a destroyed paper firework seems to have been left. It must've been one hell of a party.

To Emily (In response to an attempt): If you look over at the poncho-wearing man, his boots do look remarkably similar. It's a little hard to eyeball it, but it's ridiculously suspicious.

To Heather (In response to an attempt): You don't immediately hear anything out of the ordinary.

"We just got here," Emily replies to the man calmly, headlamp flashing as she looks over a bunch of tracks. Her gaze stops briefly on the man's boots. "What's your name? You've done a lot of these kinds of searches, right?"

Tori wanders around the campsite slowly, shaking her head and then pushing some damp hair up away from her face. "For three boys they sure made a helluva mess." she muses quietly, frowning at the remains of a firework and a rather abused tree. She watches Emily and Heather as they survey the ground for tracks but then turns to the man with his suggestion and says flatly, "It's snowed more than once already. You really want to leave this kid out here to that? I sure don't.. I don't want to deal with him on a slab tomorrow or something."

"Uhm... I sort of want more information. Maybe we can go back and make a phone call and see if we can learn more about what happened from those other guys? Or call nine-one-one and try to track his phone?" Heather responds with a bit of uncertainy and nervousness in her tone, fidgetting a little as she starts to trail towards the way they came from, but she seems unwilling to go very far from the others and their neato flashlights.

The poncho-covered man's shoulders straighten up at Emily's words, the beam of her headlight outlining the large mud-coated boots that he wears, his shifts leaving fairly clear tracks. He paces one step to the left and then to the right, before he responds, 'John. Durell.' And then he's moving towards her with a rustling of his weather-sleek poncho, only to present his hand with a quick thrust, 'Nice to meet you. And yeah. I mean. I go when I can. I live in the north side of the forest. It isn't bad. This one just struck me, because I was free. You can't blame a man for helping.' But Tori's immediate statement has him turning his head towards her, agreeable, 'They did. No respect whatsoever. The kid probably just... got sore feet. Not everyone can handle the forest. It happens all the time, you said so yourself, right? About the camping thing?'

To Emily: There's a bit more emphasis placed into the final statement.

To Heather: You thought you heard the faint howl of a wolf somewhere in the distance. But this is Haven. That probably isn't too unusual. It doesn't seem to be moving any closer to here currently.

Emily takes the man's hand in a brief shake. "Emily Mercer," she replies, eyes narrowing not at him, but at the tracks he leaves behind. Her gaze shifts from them to the fresh tracks she's found. "No, I suppose not." She withdraws her hand and says, "How long has this kid been missing?"

Something rustles in the bushes off to the side, just a small thing that shifts the rain-beaten foliage before it stills.

"Yeah.. and left all his stuff behind and didn't tell his friends? Nah.. I don't think so. Poor bastard is probably out here somewhere without rain gear getting soaked and cold." Tori replies to the man with a searching look to his features. "The way boys are, they could either have pranked him and left him tied up out here for.. some stupid reason. Or they could be pranking us and they're all back in town laughing their asses off. But I think we ought to at least look a little more. Did you get the name of the kid by any chance?" Tori asks. A rustling nearby suddenly grabs her attention, her head swiveling that way with the beam of her headlamp.

Heather grows silent for a moment, a little huff escaping her lips as she begins to glance around, a growing sense of nervousness noticeabl in her demeanor, "I don't know about this..." She murmurs towards the group in a slightly quiet tone of voice, her gaze sticking towards the areas where the flashlights don't touch, "This could be a little dangerous for us for a prank and... I don't know how well we can actually help someone if we don't have any clues on how to find him..." She states with a decided lack of confidence touching her voice.

'I heard that they left this afternoon. They woke up late. Not exactly early risers,' the poncho-wearing man states towards Emily after shaking her hand, 'I think after a bit of searching around, they left after that. Kids these days aren't very responsible.' He issues further words towards Tori wiping his hand off uselessly on his coat, able to stare her dead in the face without flinching, 'Mark? I think it was Mark. Marcus? Crossover.' He wipes at his nose, sending a darker look towards Heather, before he looks back towards Emily, 'You're welcome to look around. I just don't think you'll find anything.' He outstretches his hand, palm up, catching a few droplets of rain upon it, stating clearly, 'Rain.'

To Emily: The man's hand is large within your smaller one, calloused and rough to the touch, dwarfing the size of yours despite his fairly unimpressive size. And there's a great deal of pressure applied when he shakes your hand, his greenish eyes not leaving yours, before he had turned his head.

When Tori's flashlight immediately moves to the bushes, it lights up nothing, just a dense shrub of several leaves that doesn't seem to be shifting anymore the longer her beam zones in on it.

To Tori: And you can't get a further glimpse of it from where you are, the bushes almost deadly still aside from where the downpouring of rain coaxes them to shiver beneath its natural touch or the wind cuts through to briefly jostle it in a natural manner.

"We're out here so we can find clues," Emily says over her shoulder toward Heather, glancing briefly at the rustle in the bushes. She rubs at her right hand with her bandaged left as she withdraws the former from the man's grip, flexing it briefly. "You're welcome to head back if you want. If they filed a report, maybe you should call Paul, Tori. We might be able to get a better description and a confirmation on the name that way."

Tori watches the interaction between the man and Emily and Heather thoughtfully. When his demeanour darkens towards the younger girl she shifts a bit away from the bush she was inspecting and towards the girl, nodding slowly to him before Emily gets her attention. "Yeah, if I can get a signal out here. I'll give it a try." She pulls her phone back out and taps a button, holding it up to her ear as she mentions, "Let's see if he knows about it."

'I wouldn't go trying to call anyone else. They already made one call in,' the poncho-clad man stresses towards Emily moving another step closer in her direction, bordering crossing that line of personal space with only being thwarted by the canopy of her bubble umbrella. 'We're here to help find the kid, but it's also our business to report if nothing can be found. And that--' His eyes descend to the nonfunctional flashlight that she had picked up earlier, '... that doesn't tell us anything. They left a mess all over here. They probably just threw it out.' With a bit more emphasis, he elaborates, 'There's no tracks. No evidence. Just a bunch of shit on the ground. It's raining. The girl is right. Let's. Go.' And then knowingly, he informs Tori 'You can't get a signal out here.

To Tori: And he's right. There's nothing when you try your phone, this deep into the forest. What a stupid place to set up a camp site, really.

There's another rustling briefly in the brush behind Tori, but this time only a squirrel creeps out, its eyes glowing briefly when illuminated by any lights, and then it scuttles harmlessly back into the brush.

To Heather: The man positively reeks, and you get scents of it everytime the wind subtly shifts in your general direction.

Heather quirks her lips left then right then takes a long glance around, searching the immediate area then the larger area around her where she can see through the light of the flashlights, "I wouldn't mind if like, we knew where to go, but like, standing around isn't really... safe." She states, her tone somewhat low and suggestive before she clears her throat. Her eyes meet the man's for a moment, there's a slight narrowing as they lock, but her gaze then flicks over to Emily with a bit of innocence glinting in them, "I'm worried is all."

To Tori: It's hard to mistake how close the man is getting to Emily at this point.

"You want to take a step back now. I don't like when people get in my space," Emily informs the man, pulling the rifle she'd previously stowed out of her bag. Her eyes narrow, and then she looks away. From both the man's gaze, and Heather's. "If you're that worried, I'll keep my gun out." Glancing at Tori, she says, "You should do the same."

Tori mentions "Well, there are some tracks, but most of them look like yours to be honest..." to the poncho-wearing man. Her head swivels briefly over to where the squirrel comes from before returning to the man, though her next words are meant for both Emily and Heather. "Fair enough though that we haven't found much other than that." As she watches the man creep closer towards Emily she reaches into her bag, drawing out her taser as she mildly states, giving the man a flat sort of stare "But yeah, it's a bit of a worry I'd say.. whatever it is going on here."

To Heather: The tracks around the immediate area all seem to be the same large-booted footprint. They make out a large circle covering the campsite itself. And after Emily's earlier glance down at his tracks, you might just be able to put two and two together and they're probably his. There doesn't seem to be any more tracks currently around, along with the fact that there's also no litter.

Heather flicks her gaze between Emily and the man then uncertainly nods slowly and starts to approach the former with a slow shuffle, her eyes darting about still on her approach in a nervous, on-edge fashion, "I'm still not sure... This seems... sketchy." She notes in a faintly pouty tone of voice. She keeps a tight grip of her umbrella while her other hand slides behind her back, tightly pressed to her body.

'You're going to use that on me? Out here? The help?' There's a darker chuckle coming from the hooded poncho that occasionally obscures his older features. 'And then what? They'll send another squad out looking for the missing hiker and the group?' The amusement comes to a startling halt, the temporary silence emphasizing the relative silence in the forest behind them. 'Well, we can't have that, can we?' And then as Emily pulls out her rifle and the words are spoken, he makes one testing step forward and then he's fully lunging in a tackle of the armed woman, a streak of his muddied yellow coat seen as he tries to power her down in a shove into the occlusive nature of the bushes, pushing her away from Tori and Heather in the process. Her headlight marks her descent, erratically waving upwards with its beam.

To Emily: Branches and leaves scratch at your face upon your tumble into the muddy ground beneath you, squealching from the impact and sending a shower of dirt spreading over you. But the man's unimpressive body proves to have a remarkable strength within it, and he's clearly working to disarm you, even if it comes to the cost of your body being pummeled in order to do it.

To Emily: His strength is far out of the ordinary, clearly beyond that of any humans that you typically come into contact with - which is saying something. Not to mention his breath utterly reeks.

Tori reaches over and grabs Heather by the arm as she moves towards Emily and the man, shaking her head, "Perhaps you were right and it's time we consider heading back into town. At least to where we can get a signal and make a call, yeah?" As the man lunges for Emily she doesn't let go of the girl but she does swivel her head in that direction quickly, headlamp illuminating them. She aims the taser gun which is always kept loaded with a dart at the larger shape of him above Emily and pulls the trigger. She aims a bit low, clearly going for his leg below the edge of the poncho.

"Oof--" is all Emily can manage as she gets tackled into the bushes. Snapping branches and scraping leaves sound as the weight of two people fall into them. She's managed to flip the safety off of her gun by this point, though, so a random shot gets fired in Heather's general direction as she scrambles for a secondary weapon with her bandaged off-hand. "Get-- Heather--" she pants toward Tori as she struggles. This move might cost her her gun, but she's already looking for something else to use.

Heather lets herself be tugged along with fair ease, relief showing on her face as Tori seems to be coming around. In the confusion, she gets jostled around a bit, making her take a moment to measure up the scene before her as she spins around to face the man as he gets Emily to the ground, "Oh no, no no no!" She starts to yell as she drops her umbrella and tugs her arm away from Tori's grasp, already starting a murky run towards the grounded pair with her free arm still concealed behind her back.

The distance and the bushes provide some coverage for the rampaging man dead-set on keeping Emily fumbling within the mud beneath him. There's a satisfying thunk, though Tori might be too far away to hear it, given the dampening sound of the rain environment and the rustling of clothing and bodies as the unmanageable nature of the fray escalates. It still his movements considerably, before an ear-splitting snarl cuts through any ambiant noise, followed by the tell-tale signs of cracking and protruding bones distorting the poncho and ripping at the seams. Great tufts of mangy dark-grey fur sprout through the tears as the man's entire frame grotesquely contorts, leaving Emily held down by nothing less than a menacing werewolf.

To Emily: And then it's a saliva-dripping maw rampaging near your face, spit leaking down the fangs and and splattering upon your earlier protected clothing. That rancid breath is all the more offensively obvious by the time the howl shatters forth within your ears, the weight magnified as hands become large clawed paws that tear at your attire.

But there's still a feathered dart sticking out of his lower thigh, so his savage assault upon Emily is temporarily slowed; leaving only his immense weight bearing down upon her struggling form. The branches and leaves shudder in response as Tori and Heather become somewhat occupied with each other.

Tori goes after Heather, her hand fumbling in her bag to pull out a pistol as she grabs for the girl, this time reaching for the arm that's at her back because that's the easier one to try to grab. The sudden shift of the man breaks off any attempt at grabbing the girl though and she moves back slightly, yelling at her, "Don't!" as she quickly moves to get a clearer view of the oversized wolf bearing down over Emily. "You bastard!" she cries out as she lifts the pistol, clearly accustomed to using it and takes aim at the creature's neck or chest if she can, settling for its hip joint if not.

Emily fumbles in the cold rain under a raging werewolf for anything that can be used as a weapon. Her rifle has been knocked just out of reach but her hand closes on her baton, which she promptly tries to shove in the wolf's mouth to keep it from biting her, and to try to push it off. She's fighting gravity and the weight of something probably a great deal heavier than her, though. "Tori," she says through gritted teeth. "He's-- the /help/. Get /her/."

Heather halts her run just as she gets it going, nearly tripping backwards as Tori gets a hold of her. Her concealed arm turns out to reveal a quite sophisticated knife, primed and ready for cutting as it now partially flails in the air due to the unexpected force, attempting to wrestle her arm free, "Wait! Let me go, I have to do something!" She cries, not so much out of concern for Emily, but moreso out of frustration and a subtle sense of hatred.

The menacing form of the darkly-matted werewolf seems too caught up with Emily to bother anything with Heather and her struggles. His maw snaps down at Emily, catching onto the horizontal of the baton, fangs mere centimeters from her face and drippling saliva down within the brush. Angrily, he snaps into the material, his head shaking violently from side to side to rid her of the temporary shield, large paws bearing down with claws constantly shifting upon the prone woman, his rear legs digging in against her thighs, clipping at them as he tries to rip into her flesh. His hunkering form, so caught up in his current assault, leaves a clear opening for Tori, elevated from the brushes that he's so entangled up in.

Heather unsheathes her titanium silver and black ballistic knife.

Tori tightens her grip on Heather's arm, seeking a pressure point to dig into when she catches the glint of the knife in her hand. She stares at the form of the wolf intently though, aiming for the join of neck and skull as she pulls the trigger. If she heard Emily's words, they didn't seem to make much difference other than the fact that her left hand is now probably digging into a pressure point at the girl's forearm in an attempt to make her drop that knife.

Emily grunts under the wolf as his claws tear into her coat and pants. A little bit bloodied but not yet in massive danger given he's still dealing with her baton in his mouth, she chances grabbing a tranq dart out of a side pocket, attempting to deposit a secondary dose into the wolf's neck or head or whatever she can get at while fighting for control of her baton.

Tori beats Heather at a contest of strength

Heather lets out a loud, squeaky little yelp as her arms twists reactively to Tori's pressure, causing her to jerk closer to the woman to relieve it as the knife falls out of her hand, a strong wince crossing her features as her other hand that previously held the umbrella turns back to grab at Tori's in an attempt to make her stop.

The tranquilizer dart embeds into the neck of the wolf, an anguished howl sending him shuddering vigorously on top of her, shedding a collective of fur, muddied water and saliva all across her prone form. In reaction to the bullet, a rageful smack is made with one of his paws, a stunning ravaging against Emily's shoulder before he bounds off of her with an uncoordinated lope, smacking into the thick trunk of a tree and then beginning to meld into the forested area beyond the bounds of the current campsite, partially hidden in its natural predatory grounds and slinking off further.

To Tori: With your struggles with Heather, and attempting to manipulate both, you fail to land the killing blow on the wolf, shooting his side instead.

Tori grunts as Heather's movement dislodges her aim and the bullet lands somewhere along the side of the wolf instead of where intended, a brief glare as it smacks Emily and bounds off. She gives a sharp yank at the girl's arm, finger's still clenched around it and giving occasional jabs at that pressure point to keep it activated. She hisses out to the girl, "You. Hold still and start talking before I clock you with this pistol." She stares at the girl and says more loudly, "Em, are you alive over there?"

To Emily: The pressure of the wolf relieves all at once, but at the sacrifice of him using you as the point in which he was able to bound away. Evidence of the size of his claws have shredded every bit of you, coating you in that filthy layer of mud with scratch marks upon your skin welling up from the unclean burn. His clothing, or what's mostly left on it, remains in tatters about you, partially concealed by the bushes that you find yourself still laying in.

Heather shakes her head, sending a spray of flecks of water everywhere from her now decidedly wet hair. She holds Tori's arm by the wrist as it squeezes her arm, making her wince again and let out a nagging, "Ooooow, just stop already!" As the werewolf seems to run away, she fights the grip less, calming down with a glance going towards her knife as it gets all muddy and wet, a noticeable amount of concern crossing her features, "What do you mean? Why'd you stop me!?"

Emily struggles up with her uninjured arm, looking distinctly scratched up by bushy twigs and wolf claws, disheveled from her struggle, and completely coated in mud. She makes a grab for her discarded rifle and attempts to brace it for a potshot at the wolf, but can't really seem to focus on him or use both arms and lowers her gun. "I hate. Everything," she says with a grimace. "That over there. She's with Red Gold. Earrings. Probably a leech. Why not just knock her out and take her back to the mill for questioning."

To Emily: Something heavier falls at your feet as you move to stand up, part of the pants that the man was wearing.

Emily shoulders her rifle painfully and bends down to scoop up the pants and other tattered clothes that have fallen to the ground, looking them over for clues as best she can with one uninjured arm.

Tori fixes her gaze on Heather's hand where it struggles to free her hand from it's grip, saying to the girl "Like I said, start talking." Her right hand lifts up slightly, the butt of the pistol turned towards her head at about temple height. "What was it you had to do? And talk fast."

To Emily: Inside the ripped pair of pants, you find the compass the man was using and a mud-streaked photo identification card, written with the name Marcus Crossbody along the front. It's a Boston address. There's also a cell phone within his pocket, a cheap thing, evidence pointing to an unlisted number with the single order that the carrier is supposed to clean up his own mess, dictated by someone with the uninventive name of 'Packmaster'.

"Kill the fucking werewolf because he's a fucking werewolf!" Heather replies to Tori in a furious tone of voice, "And you stopped me and you're friend up and got hurt because of it. I could have had his throat instead of letting you pelt your little bbs into him." She states in a huff that comes to a decided conclusion as she slumps in place a little stomp of her leg in a vaguely childish manner causing a minor splash of the mud. She fumes quietly then, standing with her arm still held and a mixture of poutiness and anger frozen on her features, "And now he got away..." She murmurs grumpily.

The forest surrounding you is eerily silent, the wind occasionally slicing through the partially cleaned up clearing, rustling the leaves on the bushes. In the distance, you hear the resounding echo of an unmistakable howl.

"You couldn't fucking get away from me. What do you think you could have done to him before he took out your throat? That bastard's going to hunt you next if he got a whiff of you, which he probably did." Tori growls out to Heather before her right hand does in fact jerk towards the girl's head in an attempt to clock her at the temple. "I'm starting to think Cain may have the right of it." Tori mentions to Emily as she makes this motion, "And I'll get your shoulder fixed up when we get back..."

Once she's finished going through the contents of the pants, Emily pulls a bandage out of her bag and tapes it to her shredded shoulder for the time being. "Doesn't matter right now," she says, checking her gun, "we might have company soon. You guys heard that, right?" She glances at Heather. "You really wanted to go for the wolf? Sorry, I saw you go for your knife and thought you were coming for me."

The werewolf howl is followed up by one alarmingly closer -- and then another flanking the opposite side. The last part of Tori's words are cut off due to the proximity. It's highly unlikely she could both manage to knock out Heather and get away from the encroaching threat of the werewolf pack.

Tori startles at the closer howl, her right hand lowering with the pistol as she yanks at Heather's probably rather sore forearm. "Em, grab her knife and let's get the hell out of here."

Emily throws the pants in her bag and scoops up the knife. "North side," she mutters. "Didn't know there was a pack out here. Let's go."

"Don't you know about the art of assassination? A knife still cuts, all the deeper when it's in your targets back. I would have had his head-" Heather argues belligerantly at Tori, furious beyond sense it would seem as she stomps another angry stomp into the muck. She's cut off suddenly when the howl echos through the area. She purses her lips tightly into a thin line, glances off in the direction of the howl then in the direction the group came in from, "Right, leaving, but I want my knife..." She states in an orderly tone that masks panic.

Carting the unwilling girl along will undoubtedly slow your movements, if you attempt to drag her the whole way back towards town.

"Run first, argue later," Emily says. "We get jumped, I'll toss you your knife. Let's go, right now."

Tori heads quickly back in the direction they came from, hopefully managing to to spot the glow of the town in that direction. As she moves her hand releases the tight grip on the girl's forearm, sliding down to try to grab her hand instead, not willing to lose her out here despite whatever else might be running through her head.

Heather begrudgingly follows along with her hand in Tori's, grumbling, but running along all the same with the pair.

With the werewolf pack threatening close, or at least so it seems, judging by the marked distance of the howls and the disturbing and swiftly moving brush beginning to be distorted between the three women, the distinct need for speed is increased. It's possible that the closer they manage to get to town, the incoming threat would allow Heather as a result, the ability to escape, if she wished it. The unfortunate end for the hiker, as discovered by Emily's prowess likely goes down as another unjustified mark against werewolves, or perhaps supernaturals in general. When you are ready, you may exit down to end the scene.

Tori probably doesn't bother to keep a very tight grip on Heather's hand the closer they get to the lights of town, simply reminding her over her shoulder through panted breaths, "Watch your back, he's got your scent."

Heather doesn't much pant as she doesn't seem to be the breathing sort. She simply slips loosely from Tori's grasp and states, "For the future, I don't kill my food, I kill werewolves." She states with a bit of disappointed bitterness. Her youthful, pouty voice greatly contrasts the relative seriousness of her statement. Before parting entirely as she starts to edge in a split direction from the pair, she cups her mouth and yells towards Emily, "My knife! There's still more to do out here!"

You return home.