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SR Chloe The Doctor And The Wilderness

              (The Doctor and the Wilderness(SRChloe):SRChloe)

        [Sun Feb 10 2019]

On Wapiti's main thoroughfare A long dirt road that seems to come from nowhere and lead nowhere, the small town, if it can even be called that, of Wapiti essentially is a bunch of communal houses all branching off this road. Some are nestled on the side of the road proper, while others are signposts by dusty trails that indicate there's probably something down there, out of sight.

It is afternoon, about 39F(3C) degrees,

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Jericho drove in the battering ram that is his truck, with Rodrigo in with him.

Arriving by pathing via the temple Kathriel would look around at the group that has gathered. She would give Danny and Rodrigo a nod and pauses before nodding at Jericho as well.

Unless pathing was available, Danny drives his way to the reservation in a rusted out Cadillac. He parks, gets out of the vehicle and tucks a cigarette between his lips. He looks between the cops and Kathriel and nods, lights his cigarette and takes a look around.

Chloe, as usual, hasn't put much effort into really helping anyone nice enough to help get in contact with whoever they're meant to, and the 'town' if it can even be called that, looks near on deserted. A couple of dust devils bounce across the faded, aged road. However, the diner to the east appears to be open and at least inhabited, unlike many other boarded up habitations within eyesight.

"Remove the badges." Jericho advises to Rodrigo, the man himself moving to take his own advice- pulling the badge off and tucking it away somewhere.

Danny lights his cigarette and approaches Jericho and Rodrigo, he mutters to them, "Guessing you want to take point on this?" he asks Jericho and blows some smoke up into the air as he looks off to the east toward the diner.

As the four chat, a figure can be seen walking through the diner as they come out of a back room, pausing as they presumably catch sight of the obvious strangers. Offering a hesitant wave, the figure, a grimy looking man with a couple too many pounds, waits in the doorway.

Stretching her muscles, Kathriel would nod at the diner, "I believe that we are meant to go there?" She comments, "Did any of you gather anymore information then the basic that I have gathered from the flyer?"

"Someone more diplomatic should probably lead the charge," Jericho explains, although he slides his eyes to Kathriel. Deciding. "Not you." His attention then drifting back to Rodrigo and Danny.

Rodrigo shrugs slowly at the group as he puts his gloves away and zips his jacket: "I can talk, Danny's not half bad at it either."

"Nah." Danny mutters to Kathriel and looks from Jericho to Rodrigo, "Guess you'll be taking point, Vasquez. It'll be good practice for back in Haven." he sucks another inhale of smoke, his cherry burning as he exhales through his nostrils and taps out the ashes to the ground.

Rodrigo says "It's Velazquez." Rodrigo huffs.

Rodrigo takes a step towards the diner and blinks, freezing for a moment. The instant passes and he shudders: "Let's get inside... we are being watched. From far away."

Jericho cocks his head for a few moments. Blinking. "Y'all go ahead, now. I'm going to check somethin' out." And with that, Jericho tries to find a secluded alley.

Chuckling at Jericho, she nods at Rodrigo, "Excellent you take charge, it would be best anyways." Kathriel comments. She would give Danny a grin, "Ah, so it was all the information that we resceived then, so noted."

And when Jericho goes into that alley? He's gone. Just... poofed.

The town is far too sparse for there to be alleys in between buildings, there's a good twenty feet in between each building, but he finds a not enough visible spot to the side of the diner.

Danny's cigarette hangs off of his lower lip precariously for a moment before his lips purse around it and he blinks a few times, "...What?" he mutters to Rodrigo and turns his head to the side, looking around, "Yeah. Real far." he doesn't go in when someone tells them to, but he doesn't follow him either. Instead he turns in place and starts to snap pictures with his phone as he turns in place, then he tosses down a pin in the spot he's standing on on the map on his phone. Once that's done, he follows after Rodrigo to head toward the diner.

Danny's cigarette hangs off of his lower lip precariously for a moment before his lips purse around it and he blinks a few times, "...What?" he mutters to Rodrigo and turns his head to the side, looking around, "Yeah. Real far." he doesn't go in when the disappearing Sheriff tells them to, but he doesn't follow him either. Instead he turns in place and starts to snap pictures with his phone as he turns in place, then he tosses down a pin in the spot he's standing on on the map on his phone. Once that's done, he follows after Rodrigo to head toward the diner.

Jericho is visible for the SR's sake, of course.

Walking behind the group Kathriel would stay silent as she look around to make sure that there's nothing that's going to attack them out of nowhere. She flicks her hair out of her face as she focuses on what Rodrigo's goign to say and do next.

This thing can see from a long way? No problem. So can Jericho. He pulls out carbine parts from his backpack, adding it all together to expertly put make his carbine. This done, Jericho adds the final touch- a scope. Before peering down the southwest.

the harsh winter wind picks up for a moment, loose dirt blowing over the pale shadow of what used to be a road, as if nature is trying to bury all trace of humanity in this place. The diner's roadside sign creaks noisily as it sways in the breeze. The figure in the diner crosses his arms quietly as he watches the group bemusedly.

Danny is tapping on his phone as he heads off toward the diner, "Let's get the lead out, huh?" he asks Rodrigo and starts forward. He takes in another draw from the cigarette and blows out through his nostrils.

"Si, let's." says Rodrigo as he removes his kevlar and slings it over his shoulder. No need to look dangerous, right? He steps into the diner.

Jericho blinks back into existence. Although instead of removing the vest, he simply zips up his coat. Disassembles his weapon, and places the parts back into the backpack. Jericho comes strolling after the others.

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the diner is hot and humid, despite the doors being wide open at all times and the borderline freezing weather outside. A man in a greasy apron that seems to have accumalted oil like a tree does rings wipes his hands down, before giving the four a gruff upnod and a grumble of a greeting. "You folks here about the disappearings, yeah? What've you been told and who sent you?" he says, voice strong and assertive if not without a quiet note of fatigue to it, squinting down at everyone else with a weathered gaze. Apparently unfussed with the displays of firearms and all sorts of illicit goods, he waits for a reply.

"Hola!" Rodrigo says with a broad smile as he approaches. He seems nonchalant and relaxed as he nods: "This lady called Chloe, si? We just know there's a lotta folks missing, and one suspect. You are one of the group that pooled money for external help?" he studies the apron wearing man.

Danny puts out the roach and drops it into an ashtray if he can find one, the trash if not, "Five missing, conventional wisdom is it's the Doc in town. No bodies, just gone from their beds." he replies to the cook in his gravelly voice through a cloud of smoke, "Think what I'd like to know is when the disappearances started, when the rest happened, who the missing are and what connections they have to each other, outside of living here and some of them speaking with the Doc." he thumbs open his phone to a note taking ap as he looks to the cook, "You help us with that information or know who can?"

Jericho nods a bit at Rodrigo's words, then at Danny's words. The grumpy looking acting Sheriff leaning in against the bar, hands planted on the counter for a few moments as he finds a seat. The big guy lowers himself on down onto a stool while he waits for the others to work their magic.

Letting the men take there lead, Kathriel doesn't speak but just settles down into one of the cheirs and drum her fingers on the table, as she listens to the information that the two will gather.

Frowns deeply at the mention of Chloe "That girl? I'd assumed she'd gone and fucking died in the winter or something. Homeless wretch." he complains conversationally. Pulling out an impeccably clean chair he thuds down onto it, kicking out one or two for the party. "Sit down, guess I gotta catch you up." he sighs. Looking down at the tablecloth, he adjusts it a little before muttering. "It all begin about a month ago, Wendie went out on a hunting trip and.. never came back. We searched for her, nothing. All thought bears or some critters got her, or she just fell, she was an idiot, a loveable idiot." The big man rubs his neck quietly, expression pinched.

huffs, continuing after his brief display of upset, face settling back into a more firm stony exterior. "Then Steven disappeared- Uh, Wendie's husband. Two days later, Tim, then an indian bum who oftens tries to jeb us out of cash at his shitty casino a couple miles out. Finally, Faith, my wife." the man says, scratching his stubble as his beady eyes rest between Rodrigo and Danny.

The chef waits a couple of seconds in case there are questions to be asked, meaty jaw set to one side.

Danny types on his phone while he lisens to the cook, he nods his head, "Yeah, okay." he mutters to show he's paying attention and he glances to Jericho and Rodrigo, when the cook resumes, he continues to type on his phone, "That's only four." he notes to the cook.

Rodrigo moves to sit on a stool and folds the kevlar vest on his lap. He listens to the diner man and furrows his brow attentively, bobbing his head as he plays with a little balled paper napkin he might have found.

Rodrigo says "Then the pastor." Danny nods to Rodrigo, "Right, right... the pastor." he agrees and types on the phone, "Any connection betwen them, other than Wendie and Steven?"

Jericho just dips his head once at that.

Paying close attention, as she does such, she writes down notes on a pad as she listens. Nodding at Danny, Kathriel would smile at him.

The tubby man blinks, before clearing his throat. "Name's Jeff, by the way, and I forgot th In'juns wife. Faith is the pastor, yes? So two couples and then my wife... you can see why I'm worried. Only connection them folks all have is they've seen this god accursed doctor at some point before they disappeared. Faith was trying to encourage him to come to church cause he's such a fucking shut in." He sneers, browned teeth visible for a second before a hairy arm thuds down on the small square table, leaning it over to one side. "Never trusted him."

"It is highly possible that someone is upset with the doctor an' is tryin' to damage his name." Jericho says after another few moments. "Tryin' to hurt everyone an' everything he comes into contact with."

"What's the Indian's wife name?" Danny asks and rubs lightly at one of his eyes as he resumes taking notes on his phone.

Staring into the table for a moment, Jeff, looks up at Jericho with a deadpan face. "Seems awfully strong grudge to kidnap people on. I'm just hoping it's not anything worse than kidnap..." he says, his deep, gruff voice faltering for the tiniest moment. At Danny's question he grimaces a little as he rubs an eye. "Fucking... Anhta, I think. Never met her."

Jericho where

"Could be. I have my doubts, but we shouldn't rule out any possibilities." Jericho mutters grouchily to the other guy, but he falls silent.

"Anything else come to mind?" Danny asks Jeff after he thumbs in some more information, no comment given yet about the doctor, he scrolls over his notes.

Rodrigo pats the counter with both palms in mild impatience before he asks: "Can you tell us anything more? Any other suspicions you have?"

Jeff says "Course, the good Doc, Simon Tucker by the way, denies all this shit, but I ain't seen him trying to find the missing people either." he grunts as if this is unequivocal truth. Shaking his head stubbonrnly at Rodrigo, he says "Ain't no one else I'd put the finger on. Simon's the newest in town, only been here couple years, rest've us lived here our whole lives. There's about... twenty or so of us in here." he rumbles, beady eyes squinting as he does some terrible mental maths real quick. "But like I said, we been a community all our lives, -he's- the new one."

"So, there's noone that want's to do harm towards each other in this place at all?" Kathriel would ask, "Besides the doctor?" She would eye Jeff, "That's kind of interesting to me."

"He's been here fer two years, an' the disappearances have only jus' started last month?" Jericho tilts his head some.

Jeff sneers, a callous, ugly thing on an already rather callous, ugly man. His hand clenches into a fist before he gestures into the air dismissively. "Ain't no one wanted harm on anyone here -ever-." a confused look is given to Jericho "... Yeah, why?"

"Nothin'. Just find that odd, is all." Jericho drawls as he relaxes into his seat.

"Yeah... new people, outsiders, sure..." Danny mutters to Jeff, "Your wife's phone missing? Can you gimme her number?" he asks the man and nods to Jericho, piggy-backing off of him, "Anything happen around a month ago, two months ago? Something that might've set him off... even if it's nothing to do with the doc, anything out of the ordinary at all?"

The chef eyes Danny suspiciously, before saying, from memory. "381-4811. I've called her every hour since she's gone, before you try being a smartass." The man's eyes widen as he says this, before he slumps back in his seat, giving Danny an apologetic smile. "Sorry.. I'm just stressed." he states, obviously. "And no, this shit just started... out of the blue. Err..." he sighs as he thinks for a good long moment, wracking his memory for no doubt the umpteenth time in the last couple weeks.

"Pets gone missing... live stock if you have it. Odd tracks. Seeing things that aren't there." Danny rattles off a list of things to try to kick-start Jeff's mind as he enters in the number and mutters to Jericho, "You use your contacts to try and track it? If he's calling it and it's ringing, might be a signal we can follow."

"Hmm." Kathriel says quietly to herself. She takes more notes down as she listens to the conversation, not saying a thing.

Jeff says, uncertainly. "We had... an unusually good haul of deer, but not our biggest so nothing to write home about. Err... Winter was pretty mild too, only a couple feet of snow. Less than usual. Err... no pets have gone missing?"

says, flatly. "No one ain't got pets out here, they'd just die or get abducted by damn In'juns for like, stew or something. They do that right?"

Jericho pulls up his phone, texting this town's Order branch. Asking them to trace that number.

Rodrigo raps the bar with his knuckle: "Wait."

Rodrigo says "The doctor arrived here -five- years ago. Chloe said so." "Well, either she's wrong, he's wrong, or one of them're lying." Jericho notes to Rodrigo, not at all careful about saying this in front of Jeff's face.

Jeff furrows his brow at Rodrigo, before he sits up a little at Jericho's blatant accusation. "Well ain't none of us saw that dude until two years ago, he lives half a mile away from here, but so do a lot of us. And Chloe was a stain on the damn earth, ate trash like a damn human raccoon, beat up people who tried to stop her, damn Brian shot her clean in the leg and she didn't even give up... Maybe this is her revenge?!" he asks, almost rising to a stand with vindictive fury.

Kathriel would grin at Rodrigo, she says quietly, "I honestly think that someone is obviously framing that poor doctor." She settles back into her chair, "But the reason is, why?"

"Calm down there, Rambo." Jericho mutters as he watches the guy rise.

"Improved haul on hunting, better weather... okay." Danny mutters and notes tat as well, he asks Jeff, "Think we'll be wanting to the doctor next, you give us some directions, help us out with that?" he asks, the timeline discrepency on the Doctor's arrival in town doesn't seem to phase him, much as Jeff's mild outburst didn't, "Two years, five... an outsider's an outsider. You're from New England, yeah? Same in every little town." he looks to Jeff, "Chloe paid us to come here and investigate this, Jeff. Be a little uh... short sighted of her to hire people to investigate her."

Jeff looks at the group a little warily, before his shoulders sag. Leaning his bulk against the chair he just scattered across the floor, he shrugs with a grunt. "I ain't fucking know. She's a fucking weirdo, more than the doc if I had to put money on it. Should be in a hospital. Err... Doctor's to the northwest of here. You'll see a trail just on the opposite side of the road, follow it and you can't miss it. Big expensive house."

Rodrigo bobs his head, unfazed it would seem by Jeff's anger. "Thanks a lot sir." he says, standing up. "I say we go pay the doc a visit, I've get some prescriptions, solve some mystery."

Danny tucks his phone away and reaches his hand out toward someone, a smile crosses his face that clarifies the age-lines in his face, "Think that's all I need. Thank you for your time, Jeff." he says, his gravelly voice carries the veneer of friendliness.

Danny tucks his phone away and reaches his hand out toward Jeff, a smile crosses his face that clarifies the age-lines in his face, "Think that's all I need. Thank you for your time, Jeff." he says, his gravelly voice carries the veneer of friendliness.

The large chef nods at the four, looking awfully tired all of a sudden. Huffing like a bear, he turns around and thuds back towards the steaming hot kitchen. "Let me know if you find anything out, or I'm ... I dunno, gonna call the FBI or something." the man mutters something about Chloe sticking her nose in other's business before shoving his way into the back of his diner.

Standing Kathriel would follow Rodrigo out of the diner, she would smile at Jeff as she exit. She still doesn't speak however but still gather the information.

When the man is out of sight, Jericho notes to the others. "...We're dealing with a shifter, at least. A large shifter. Maybe a bear, maybe a cross-over. I didn't get to check it out too much before it disappeared." The man pushing himself on up. "From here... we go northwest. The phone was seen..." Jericho looks to his own, rattling off the coordinates.

"You know the distract and search routine?" Danny asks Jericho as they walk up toward the mansion, "Might be worthwhile to have someone poke around while we're keeping the doc busy in conversation, assuming he even lets us talk to him."

After a long and not-very-well trodden path winding through an increasingly dense amount of foliage, you happen upon a large oak cabin, as if straight out of Alaska or Canada, there's even still a little snow on the roof still. The door is not only unlocked, but open. Heading inside, a young, exceedingly cultured looking man (If his v neck pleated jumper, cardican and dress slacks are anything to go by) looks up from his spot in a large leather high backed chair near the fire. Closing an old leather tome, he gives everyone a pleasant smile, not at all perturbed by the strangers. "Ah, hello folks. How can I help you?" he asks in a cultured, english voice.

From this point onwards, Jericho keeps his hand near his polymer handgun. "I still think that checkin' out where the phone is is our best course of action- however, I can go invisible." This said, of course, before they arrive at the mansion.

Sighs, disregard

Danny nods to Jericho, "We can detour, check the phone first..." he mutters to the man as he walks up the path and quiets when the man comes out of the cabin, "Afternoon." he says with a slight smile that deepens the lines in his face.

Walking up the path with the others, she hum's a tune to herself as she moves along, her phone snaps shut as she notices the man at the door. Nodding at the man Kathriel would give him a warm smile, "Good evening sir, I hope all is well with you." She greets him.

The assumed Doctor gives Kathriel the warmest response in reply to her good manners, dipping his head as he clasps his pale hands in front of his waist "All is well." he says, glancing behind himself for a second, giving Jericho the chance to invisible the fuck out of dodge if he's feeling it.

Rodrigo walks in with a little hum, looking at the doctor for several moments. He inclines his head and says: "Doctor Tucker, yes? We wanted to speak with you about the case of the missing locals? Pardon the lack of proper attire, si?"

Then Jericho blinks out of existence with the others distracting the man. He approaches the mansion, testing the door, wriggling the handle this way and then that. If it doesn't open, then Jericho tries to find another way in.

Dr. Tucker's gentlel, warm expression wavers a tad, before he sighs. Posture remaining as perfect as it's been since everyone laid eyes on him, he lowers his voice and gestures inside. "It's probably best we all come inside and have a chat then, isn't it?" he remarks, smoothly, if sadly.

For Jericho and his invisible antics, the door is open and unlocked.

"We're not from here." Danny mutters to Tucker, "Probably it's no secret to you that everyone thinks it's you causing this, right? But... we aren't from here. Fresh eyes. Just looking to check some information with you." he looks to the others and nods to the Doctor, "Got no problem coming inside, if it's no trouble to you."

Taking a deep breath Kathriel would close her eyes for a moment and shake her head, "Pardon my...companions, they are eager to learn of the activity that's going on in the town." Kathriel says with a tightness to her voice, "I was curious would it be ok if we come in for a rest?" She would ask politely. Kathriel would nod at the doctor, as she follows him inside of the cabin. "Understand, I want to understand from your point of view first before anything else, there's alot of....misunderstanding I am betting that's going on here, Chloe, a person I don't actually get along with but I do have to admit she has fire, wanted us to see what was going on around here." She faces the man, this time taking the lead a bit in talking.

Rodrigo smiles a bit and lets Kathriel do the talking as he fiddles with his phone a bit, following her.

Simon nods quickly, gesturing the three inside with a polite wave of his hand, tugging his jumper down absently. "of course, come in. I'm quite happy to answer any questions you have. You know how suspicious the locals can be of newcomers, they're just... simple folk, you know? Never done much more in their life other than survive. I envy it almost." he says, with a familiar smile.

Jericho slips in and just starts poking around everywhere.

As she walks in Kathriel would actually start paying more attention to what's around them and scents and hearing alike. She would take note of what she can perceive in the cabin. "I can truly understand, how that can be, mind me asking how long have you been in town, how the citizens of this place treated you?"

Danny readies his phone to take notes but he takes a backseat and lets Kathriel ask her questions. While she's focused on Tucker, he's looking around the outside of the estate, then the inside once they get there.

Jericho keeps poking around while the others have him distracted, although Jericho takes care to make sure nothing is too far out of place.

Simon wanders back over to his couch by the fire, smoothing down his slacks after his sits down. Bringing the large, untitled book to rest on his lap, he turns towards the other three. "Please, sit, be comfortable." clearing his throat, he begins answering any questions levelled at him with an easy, relaxed tone, although there is a tone of seriousness under it all. He seems to understand the situation he's in. "I've been here five years, although I never reached out to the folks at Wapiti until a couple ago. I'm a psychologist you see, and one of the folks there, Wendie, became a client. I thought then was a good as time as ever to introduce myself, even if I'm not the most social of men."

See society report event 3 2 to continue.

society report events 3 2

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"Hmm,that answers my question then, five years, not two, thank you for that, I do appologize for all this, and you really shouldn't have to go through all this, but..." Kathriel would trail off, "Please tell me, more about this..Wendie?" She says as she start taking notes.

"You get much work out here?" Danny asks Simon conversationally and scratches at his beard, "I know you probably can't talk about your time with Wendie, but can you tell us when you started to see her?" he asks the man and opens up his phone.

And Jericho starts to pad on down. But not before pulling out his phone and sending a quiet text.

Rodrigo fiddles with the damn phone a bit as he looks around and lets Kathriel and Danny tackle his part of the talk.

Simon seems a little off guard that he's being asked about specifically Wendie. Twisting his lips out to one side, he hums. "Uhm... She's a patient of mine, I'm not going to breach patient confidentiality, with all due respect. Her condition shouldn't have anything to do with why... she's not here any more." he sighs, glancing out the window. "I've been her therapist for... well, two years, as I mentioned. She disappeared... Januray 21st. We all tried looking to her, and even with the light of the moon making it easy to see, nothing, not even a trace." he says, absently.

Danny fiddles with his phone after something Simon says, "That was around the time of that super blood full moon or something, yeah?" he asks the man as he types on his phone once more and lapses into silence again to take a backseat again to Kathriel.

"And I wouldn't want you to do such doctor Tucker." Kathriel says calmly, "I am just curious why the people of the town doesn't like you much or what happened that made them start disappearing?" She would keep her attention on him, as she's talking, but look over at Rodrigo and shrug, as to say ask questions if you like.

The doctor seems a little surprised by Danny's revelation, but not... all that surprised. "Hum... yes it must've been, come to think of it." he remarks, glancing down at his book for a second. Running a finger along the embroided edge of the tome, he glanecs back to Kathriel with a slow shrug. "Why do people distrust outsiders? I couldn't tell you that, suspicion? Tradition? And if I knew how these others disappeared, I'd tell you, and the town."

Jericho pulls himself away from the bed. His footsteps bringing him back to the stairs. Which he tranverses downwards. Jericho then searching the rooms for a downstairs, maybe.

Rodrigo looks at Simon Tucker and asks with a furrow of his bro: "You have any relation with the other missing people, doct?"

Rodrigo of his brow *

"Something I'm curious about. You been here five years, didn't reach out for three. Why is that?" Danny asks Simon, "Why wait, and what changed two years ago?"

Then Jericho decides to sneak past the others. Exit out of the house. Then blink into existence before the house- a little out of the way, of course, so nobody spots him through any windows. Then, Jericho approaches the house, and starts knocking.

Jericho sends out a quick text.

Simon opens his mouth as if to say something, before he pauses. Pressing his lips together, he sighs as he leans back in his chair, eying Rodrigo levelly. "They were all patients, or relations to patients of mine." A measure of patience and formality returning to his voice after that revelation, he tells Danny "Because I like my privacy, and Wendie was the first client to come from Wapiti, I thought it rude to not at least say Hi to the other residents."

Glancing over to the door sharply, the man's delicate brow arches as he sees Jericho. "... I assume you're with these three? Or are you doing your own investigation?" he asks the grizzled man.

Nodding at Simon, Kathriel would settle back in her chair as she says smiling at him, "How are you holding up yourself, Doctor Tucker, with all of this...happening, what are your thoughts , suspicions, and ideas of what might be going on?" She would ask.

"I'm with those three, I'm more here fer their safety as well as the safety of the others." Jericho informs the good doctor, his head nodding. "So I'll jus' be joinin' 'em now."

"So your four patients disappeared, including the pastor?" Rodrigo shudders lightly, "That's horrible, doctor, no wonder why people point fingers at you. Even if they don't seem aware they were your patients. How did you sustain yourself with no psychology work for three years in here, alone? Trust fund or something, right?" he winks and grins.

Danny listens to the doctor without replying with anything more than a smile for the time being, but he types out a message on his phone.

Simon glances at Kathriel with a moment's confusion, before he looks at the four in the room more levelly. The man looks... indecisive for some reason, before shooting Rodrigo a sharp glare, expression more guarded. "I have been using video conferencing to talk to patients remotely, as well as having people... visit in, from around the world. I'll have you know I'm moderately well renowned in my... field." A long glance is given to Jericho, before he sighs and comes to a stand. "It's best I show instead of tell."

Picking up his book, he slots it into a particular spot in a shelf and... pushes. There's a quiet grinding as something moves in the kitchen, a staircase leading down is revealed. "I suppose if you're being this nosy people were going to find out anyway, or worse yet, find a body. I hope they're ok..."

Rodrigo walks after the others, eyes widened and shooting a stare to Jericho. He tenses his body in this walk, looking at the back of Tucker's head as he leads: "What's this nice clean place, doctor?"

Danny follows the doctor down into the basement, he looks around and rubs at his chin, "Thought the purpose of psychologists was to make a person feel at ease. Pretty spartan and medical in here."

"I'm going to be frank with you, doc. ...I don't think it's you. Despite... reasons unseen to the average eye," Jericho itches at his face some, his eyes moving from person to person. He shakes his head. "It just makes no sense to me that it's you."

Simon casually descends the staircase, like royalty, most of the the stress and strain having left his voice. "This is where I help them, and they are werewolves, fight their lunacy. While it can take many, many years, I have a one hundred percent success rate over fifty patients." he says, with no small amount of pride. As if to disagree with him, one of the doors shudders violently, hinges buckling as a deep, throaty roar is heard from the other side.

"That one doesn't seem too pleased." Jericho notes to the man. Before clicking his teeth. "...How many prehistoric wereolves are you aware of within the town?"

Rodrigo blinks at Simon's revelation, huh-ing and looking left and right at the doors: "Well that makes sense, but it either means someone is spreading the Curse around, or these are losing their minds. Because if the locals here were in the know they wouldn't have calld us."

"Doc, I am also betting that one of the werewolves bit you, or you are not human anymore yourself, from trying to help them with there issue yes?" Kathriel would ask him calmly, no judgment in her tone or any kind of accusation.

says, idly. "Well, Wendie, Engal and Faith are. I've been finding using loved ones as emotional anchors to be exceptionally potent." glancing over to Jericho, he shakes his head quietly. "There are none. I've moved here as there is a very large population of werewolves, native americans, who live in the park as a half dozen packs. I see to their worst members. Or, well, those that'll trust me." Just then, a massive, lumbering thing clad head to foot in medical scrubs wanders out of one of the quieter cells, carrying... a armful of blood bags, and full ones. Steven shoos him away quickly.

"Or there's just a bad apple wolf, who isn't pleased with what the doc here is doin'. Some wolves believe that wolves should roam free." Jericho notes to Rodrigo. "And that wolves who go against their... nature. Are traitors."

OOC: SIMON, not Steven

The 'good' Doctor chuckles, a musical, easy sound that drips with a quiet confidence. "I am not -that- weak, my friend, and I'd merely burn the wound should I ever be bit like that. But it is not a one sided relationship, you see? We both have something to give the other." he says, turning to stand in the doorway to mostly block the view down it, even though it's done so lazily that it could just be accident. "That is what I suspect, yes. Perhaps one of these is in a pack and this is an alpha or.. well just a member of the pack seeking their lost one out."

"Any or all of the wolves here your patients then, doc? You let them turn one another and work on resisting the lunacy together?" Danny asks Simon, "Guess my question is.. thought so long as werewolves don't let themselves turn into wolves, they'll be able to resist it. Why do it this way if it takes years? Cause it lets them shift?" he shrugs, "Probably not relevant, but I'm curious about your methods." he admits and looks after Lurch and eyes the rest of the room.

Rodrigo looks at the lumbering creature with wide eyes, hiching a breath. He remains quiet for now.

Simon continues answering away, although his patience sounds like it's running a tiny bit thin. "If they turn their spouse, that's their choice, I'm not a monster that forces them to make that choice. If their spouse turns, I treat them too. They don't leave until they don't have even the -tiniest- temptation to kill, shift, or anything of the sort, even though the ability to do so remains."

Simon asks, after a pause. "So, you'll help me kill this wolf, right? I really do hope you're not going to try a prison break." the door behind him continues banging violently as screams of rage echo from inside. It's not full moon either.

Simon smiles apologetically, teeth flashing sweetly.

Rodrigo looks at Jericho next to him and he raises an eyebrow: "What do you think, sir? We can take a tough wolf out, can't we?"

Jericho checks his watch for a few moments, then murmurs. "We probably can. Danny here's an ex-soldier. I've served with Potter for 15 years. You've got the other naturalizer handgun-" His attention shifts to Rodrigo, Jericho tilting his head. "You do have it, don't you?"

Looking at the rest of the group and stepping back, "I believe doc, that you have all this undercontrol actually." She says quietly, "I think this group of mine shouldn't get involved, at least I don't think I will at least." Kathriel would look at the rest before she turn back to Simon, "I think you are doing quite well, and that you could easily handle this wolf." She gives him a grin.

"Of course I do." Rodrigo smiles a bit at Jericho, "Always with me."

The party stands at an important choice. They can either defy this ancient vampire and his attempted control of other's natures, suppressing their very blood, as well as whatever he's doing taking blood -out- of their cells.

Or they can choose to help the ambiguous doctor, and silence the snarling, violent snarls of a creature going too far to help one of its own, misguidedly.

Deciding to move on and help the vampire with this, and advance his Order propaganda, Jericho gestures around. "See, Rodrigo. Some of 'em are tryin' to control it. Ain't that bad. Just like humans."

"Let's see what this wolf is going up to." Jericho mutters.

Rodrigo grunts and shrugs slowly: "And getting a nice slice of blood from it, too. Unlike humans."

Simon smiles gently at Kathriel, almost teasingly, a disturbing amount of charm in his smooth voice. "I am not a man of violence, dear. I would expect the fact I treat and help my most mortal enemies to prove that alone. The wolf will never hurt me as I will not allow it, but I am not strong in actual warfare."

Clapping his hands joyfully, the man bows to the foursome. "I am glad we can see eye to eye on this... sensitive topic." at the clap, the lumbering brute yelps for some reason, blood bags spilling out of his arms as it clumsuly attempts to pick them up in meaty, mutton chop hands. Simon himself just smiles genially, as if the creature behind him doesn't exist. "You'll find the creature ah.." he glances up, as if he can see through the ceiling. "To the south of that diner you were at."

"Ex-soldier? I don't know about that, just an egg flipper," Danny mutters to Jericho and he puts another cigarette into his mouth as he looks around the lab, "Vampire's gotta eat, might as well be off of werewolves. Keeps him from feeding off humans, keeps them a little more weak and mellow while they adjust to the treatment. I'm not seeing a drawback here." he admits, "If everything he's saying's on the up and up that is."

The doctor adds, with a rather proud index finger being raised. "It sells very, very well too. What young and adventurous vampires won't do for a little... energy in their life." he says, nostalgically. "If you kill the creature, I will be in your debt. Perhaps in the future I can lend you folks a hand, if you're ever around here again."

Kathriel starts to say something, but stops with what she was going to say, and shuts her mouth, her eyes closes for a moment as she contemplate her choice here, her eyes would open as she looks at Simon, "So, you help the werewolves get better eh?" She asks quietly, "I see."

"Let's go see about this thing terrorizin' the town then." Jericho murmurs as he starts to head up.

It takes about half an hour to make it fully out of sight of the town, but when you are, you are lost in the wilderness, figuratively at least. Acres and acres of untamed wilds sprawl out in front of you, a distant waterfall glinting in the moonlight in the distance. Something interrupts the glint, blurring past.

Jericho blinks out of existence, befor Rodrigo, Danny and Kathriel's eyes.

"Think one or two of us should leave town, actually. Or pretend to. Maybe we have a public fight in town." Danny mutters to the group as they head out of the mansion, "Rest of us go to where the Doc says the creature is... the people who 'left' circle around, hit the area from the south while the rest of us come in from the north. Could be just one, but it might not be. This ain't Haven. No Sanctuary here and a wolf can turn as many people as they want out here... no need to wait for the full moon." he mutters to them

"...Then again, might be best if we don't split up. Don't need to get caught by a pack with just a couple of us." Danny decides, once they start heading into the forest. He reaches under his jacket and unclasps a carbine hanging from a harness there and wraps the strap around his shoulder.

"We need to find a place to make a stand." Says Jericho's disembodied voice to the others. "Form a perimeter. ...And be careful to not step outside of it. 'Cuz I'm setting up landmines."

For now, everything is silent save for the quiet, soulful wail of the wind over the unconquered lands of the park, a twig cracks in the distance.

Rodrigo nods his head at Danny and Jericho's voice, then prepares his two pistols. "If and only if I can get a clear shot, I'll force it back to being a human."

Taking out her rifle and club from the backpack and from the belt, Kathriel would make a deep sigh as she gets prepared, her muscles would grow more as she goes into a rage, and becomes more colder, and stronger. Her eyes would look around to see if she can spot the wolf.

"...It's just sound, Rodrigo." Jericho notes to Rodrigo. "You don't need bullets."

Danny adjusts his jacket to put a pre-loaded tranquilizer dart and a pre-loaded taser gun within easy reach. He pumps his shotgun underbarrel attachment and tugs on a pair of gloves while he smokes and looks around, "Can just form the cardinal directions, keep a three sixty view of the surroundings." he suggests to Jericho and sucks in a lungful of smoke.

It is dark, inky night, the moon shining strong and proud in the sky, even if it is not at full strength for another week or so. Eventually, a yellow pair of eyes glints from the distance. Silently, a huge wolf pads out from the edge of everyone's visual range, a ground shaking growl escaping its throat. Nature doesn't wait for people to get ready, but it doesn't seem like it's going to attack yet, 100 yards out, it pads towards the three members of the group it can see.

Rodrigo points down with both pistols, narrowing his eyes as he grunts: "Just sound, he said... no bullets, he said." He'd have switched to silver bullets on the meantime -- he has half a magazine of them prepared.

Kathriel doesn't fire, but she keeps an eye on the wolf, as it's coming her way, her expression is grim, but determined. She would sigh to herself as she wait and see what the deputy have in mind.

Jericho doesn't attack yet himself. He cocks his head. Waiting to see what it does while he sits there, invisible.

"Be easier to talk if you'd shift back into a human." Danny calls out to the wolf from around his cigarette and pointedly aims his carbine down at the ground, "No need for this to get violent, not if it doesn't have to."

The monster comes to a halt a couple yards away from the trio, lip twitching as its saliva drips onto the ground. Its eyes watch, intent, scouring out for the tiniest sign of weakness. When Danny speaks it swivels to face him more fully, unblinking, unflinching, as tall as he is on two legs when on its four paws. Testing the waters, it takes a step towards him.

Jericho blinks back into existence, resting his carbine on his backpack.

Jericho onto his back, dammit.

Rodrigo breathes in and out, looking more or less serene as he stands like a statue, both pistols held and pointing downwards.

Danny lowers his carbine entirely, allowing it to hang from the strap around his neck, the barrel aimed at the ground as the creature approaches.

Still waiting and not doing anything, Kathriel would watch the wolf, and also watch the men that's around her.

The creature gazes at Danny for a long, baleful moment, before it turns its head to Rodrigo, blinking slowly as it watches. He can practically smell it now as it takes another step forwards, paw hovering above the ground before it dedicates tothe ground pressuring step. As Rodrigo seems to tense at its approach, it immediately bursts into a loud, ear splitting howl, muzzle arking up into the sky in that classic, awe inspiring pose.

The forest erupts into a discordant cacophany of howling, barking and yelping as it seems the earth itself joins in with this creature

Rodrigo gulps noticeably as the creature steps closer. The man tries, he really tries, but he can't help take half a step backwards at the inmense size of the huge wolf. And when it cries he raises both pistols and grinds his jaw, wide eyed at the cacophony of predators.

"Sack up, kid." Danny mutters a bit gruffly to Rodrigo when the wolf tenses, he exhales a plume of smoke and bites down onto the cigarette as he looks to the left and right briefly to look out toward the forest before he looks back to the creature. He grinds his teeth at the answering howls, moreso than the initial one, "Like I said, be easier for us to just talk if you shift back."

"We ain't shootin'." Jericho murmurs.

"Hold your ground, Rodrigo." Kathriel says to him softly, "You can do this." She however points her rifle a bit more towards the wolf, her eyes locked onto it now.

If the wolf can understand Danny, it makes no show of it, thundering up to Rodrigo as it bears down on him, teeth gnashing within inches of his face. Fangs the size of his palm spray spittle all over the poor man as it does everything -but- attack the man, like a pitbull in all the wrong ways.

The second Kathriel raises her rifle up, she feels the warmth of hot, stinking breath on the back of her neck as a second wolf, slightly smaller than the first, growls at her sign of aggression. It's approached behind her while their attention was on the first werewolf, and it isn't alone, three others are within feet, having approached from opposite the largest.

"Keep calm." Jericho orders the others. "Don't show you are prey. You act like it? You're prey."

Rodrigo hitches a breath and pulls the trigger... halfway. He is breathing heavily as it stares at the wolf, dead in the eye. He's green, let's remember it. He is on the verge of breaking, but the words of encouragement from the others keep him from shaming himself: "W-what do we do?" he asks nervously with a shaky voie.

Danny keeps right on inhaling that cigarette until it's more ash than not, he breathes out to the wolf in Rodrigo's face, "You're gonna wanna step back from my packmate, pal. Or you're gonna be dealing with me right quick." he mutters to the man in his gravelly, midwesterner baritone, his piercing gaze on the wolf. He may not notice the other wolves, or just doesn't give his attention to them.

"Keep calm, Deputy." Jericho states evenly to Rodrigo. His eyes drifting towards the wolf near Rodrigo. "And lower yer fuckin' weapon."

Staring at the bigger wolf, Kathriel would pay more attention to it, then to the one that's on her, her eyes focused fully on it, but she doesn't pull the trigger however. She would roll her eyes at Jericho's words. Her expression still stay cold, hard at the bigger wolf though, not speaking, and keeping the same pose that she has had. Not giving up ground but giving the bigger wolf a nod of respect however.

The largest Wolf twitches when it hears the internal springs of Rodrigo's pistols strain against his nearly finished trigger pull, only for hot, acrid smoke to be blown in its face. It snaps, teeth bearing down on Rodrigo to grab his pistol arm, jaw clamping down like a vice as it tears backwards with gut wrenching violence. Either he lets go the firearm or he loses his hand with it.

Not two seconds later the howling of the wolves is silenced by something far, far worse.

The very fabric of the forest seems to shake in fear as the air is filled with a depe, bassy roar. And out of the gloom it paces, a White Wolf larger than a van. The pack assaulting, or perhaps just testing the four humanoids whimpers in fear and scatters, pelting off into the dark night as they disappear into the gloom in seconds. The Monstrosity approaches the three, looking down for a long, silent moment. Unlike the other wolves, its eyes are calm and devoid of emotion.

However, to say it is calm couldn't be further from the truth, deep in its gaze is the glint, the pang, of savagery. This being kills.

Did Rodrigo get rid of his bullying wolf? And which arm gun got bitten, his pistol or his naturalizer?

Looking at the wolf, Kathriel would lower her rifle, she would chuckle to her self as she stares at the beast, knowing that it is quite powerful and strong, Kathriel would stay still, not even move as all of her attention is now on the bigger creature.

Rodrigo yelps and grinds his teeth as he loses his pistol. He shouts: "Mierda!" and -- silences himself as the white wolf makes it's entrance. Eyes wide eyed, he remembers to lower his naturalizer this time.

Danny lifts the carbine and spits the cigarette out of his mouth, "Didn't mean to blow smoke in your face, now get off of him." he mutters through clenched teeth as he points the carbine in the general direction of the wolf, though he doesn't dare fire it with it being so close to Rodrigo. At the arrival of the white wolf, however, his eyes widen and he mutters, "...Well, fuck."

As if no one has done anything in front of it, there's a flurry, a gust of wind, before the Wolf is a monstrous beast no more. A tall, high cheeked woman stands in front of the party, completely naked and... appalling beautiful. Blemishless, healthy skin glows under a subtle swelling of female curves and unmistakeable muscle. She's not pretty, that's too dainty a word, she's so intimidatingly perfect in physique it hurts to look to the more lecherous members of the group. Upnodding Jericho out of all the group, the figure finally speaks, arms hanging coolly by her side. "You come to stop us from taking back our own." she states, voice strong, carrying unnaturally through the whistling wind.

See society report event 3 3 to continue.

society report events 3 3

Rodrigo widens his eyes and blinks, the pain of his hand forgotten for a moment as the angelic monster manifests before them. He looks at Jericho, managing to tear his eyes off her, and waits for his answer.

Nodding at the woman in respect, Kathriel would not speak at all but wait for the answer that the deputy will give.

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Rodrigo has time.

Kathriel has time.

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Danny lowers the carbine a little after the white wolf transforms into a woman, "We're here to find the missing townspeople... don't think any of us are set one way or another yet, but your packmate biting mine isn't doing you any favors."

The painfully flawless girl sniffs in disapproval as no one deems it worth answering her, before she turns away, and begins walking off with a sway of hips. "The missing people all know, or are, one of my pack, and that Monster is traumatising, no, TORTURING them because they're having a momentary hard time. He's doing this for their blood, not out of kindness. As they entered of their own free will, I'll leave this as a lesson to them to not be so weak." a pause, before she disappears into the gloom. "Don't think I'm letting you just leave after acting against me. INDAL!" she calls out into the night, the subtle snarl of a wolf can literally be heard emnating from her voice, somehow, as she says this

Edging out of the forest, the first wolf the group saw subserviently pads out, head lowered. "You will fight these three to prove that you are as strong as you claim to be, if you wish to raise in rank in the pack. If you lose, then I expect you to do it nobly."

"I'll take some time to think about whether I destroy that vampire's hidey hole or not." she mutters, before she is gone.

Ingal whimpers at the Alpha before it looks to the trio, aggression slipping over it like a mask all too easily put on. It doesn't even wait as it charges towards the three.

Rodrigo widens his eyes as he switches to fight mode too. Without waiting to think, he makes a dive forward to try to catch his silver bullet pistol. If he has had time for it, when Ingal is close he will seek to fire the naturalizer first.

"Well, that's not what I was.." Kathriel says as she fires off a shot at the wolf, her eyes focused on it now, "Well fine then." She stands straighter, and her hand not trebling at the least as she focus her shots on him. "I don't think we should kill him however, unless you are all out for blood this night." She says calmly to the other two.

Danny tries to buy some time for Rodrigo, he doesn't raise his carbine, instead he draws and fires his pre-loaded taser toward the wolf in an attempt to stun it, if the darts pierce flesh, he'll depress the button on the taser to send a current of electricity through the chargeing beast.

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Rodrigo being its previous target, the wolf lumbers towards Rodrigo, teeth gnashing at his extended hands, but missing, so instead the beast tackles Rodrigo to the ground, claws scrabbling at his body armour as it fails to make any significant damage to the man, on the other hand, he's being battered around like tiny fish in a very fragile tank of armour. Just then, the tazer goes off and Indal yelps in pain, massive, muscled bulk crushing Rodrigo somewhat as it thrashes around spasmodically.

Moving in this time towards the wolf, Kathriel would slam her club into it's flank if possible, this time her adrenaline is boosted so that she deal a more harsher blow to it.

Rodrigo yells and tries to... punch the thing in the face but it's likely useless as he's thrashed around. When the taser comes in, the man fires the naturalizer into the wolf. A loud, high pitched sound can be heard, but nothing seen.

(OOC: Will go in the order Indal>Kath>Rodrigo>Danny)

Jericho must had an inner-struggle with his multiple personas or something.

Danny waits for it, until Rodrigo uses his naturalizer, then he lifts his gun and yells, "Down!" to Rodrigo and fires his shotgun toward Indal as he backs away and to the side to get into a better position to fire at the big wolf.

Indal snarls as it is ganged up on by all three of the heroic squad. Overcoming the electricity that is beginning to run out with pure, unadulterated rage, it hauls itself up to its feet, only to be smashed into by Kathriel's club. Howling, literally, in pain, its jaws sink down into Kathriel's arm, a deep, pain inducing laceration as it shakes its head violently, like it has a living, breathing chew toy to enjoy itself with, zoning out from the other two completely. Then the bane of any wolf kicks in as the beast whimpers, turning into a tall, native american looking man who promptly (as he was on all fours) lands on top of Rodrigo, his now very human teeth still sunken into Kathriel's arm. Thanks to the proximity of two allies to Danny, however, the shotgun shot goes wide of everyone in an attempt to only hit Indal.

Kathriel showstat stregngth

Rodrigo ews as a naked man falls on his fours on top of him. He tries to connect a punch, now much more confidently, into Ingal's jaw.

Gritting her teeth, but letting out a cry of pain, Kathriel would yank her arm out of the man's mouth and heal the wound that he has inflicted if she can, her club would raise again and this time it would slam into his skull, not to kill but to knock him out if she can do such.

Danny backs up a little more and he aims the barrel of his carbine at the back of Indal and pulls the trigger three times in a tight burst aimed for the man's center mass.

(OOC: Combat order: Indal>Kath>Rod>Danny>Jericho)

Jericho snaps out of his daze for a few moments, working his jaw up and down before blinking out of existence. Leaving the fight. ...At least, as far as people can see. In reality, Jericho is heading some distance away from the group. Before spinning around. Pulling off his carbine. Adding a suppressor, and a bipod. And then opening fire upon Indal.

Indal is made of some exeedingly tough shit, whether it's the alpha's training, blood, or just that he's a very old wolf himself, his wounds are closing up almost as fast as everyone can lay them into him... Almost. Kathriel's self healing unfortunately has that nasty side effect of dazing her super bad, the woman's club sailing past the thrashing man's skull and sinking into the grassy ground with a thud. The punch from Rodrigo sends the naked dude up into the air with a oof, before the native himself lowers a crushing blow into Rodrigo's nose, smartly avoiding the armor this time. It seems that he's about to begin laying into Rodrigo in the singular fashion he's been targetting the man ever since Rodrigo showed that tiny amount of fear, only for Jericho and Danny's firearms to lay into him, his body twitching and jerking as if being attacked by invisble spirits of lead. Collapsing backwards onto the ground, blood begins to seep out of him. His eyes snap open before he roars, coming up to a

stand and hurtling towards the nearest dealer of the coweards way of fighting (guns), Danny. He seems weakened now though, this man doesn't have much time to live. If he knows he's lost, there isn't the slightest bit of fear or anything in his eyes, he fanatically fights until the end.

Rodrigo's head is smashed against the ground when the native american hits him so hard. He blinks in a daze, blood pumping from his (perhaps broken) nose, as he scrambles with a flailing arm towards his pistol. If he can manage it he will open fire on Ingal as he runs for Jericho and Danny.

Staggering a bit, Kathriel would step away from the creature as the rest would rail into the human they are out to kill. Lookingat Rodrigo, Danny and Jericho, an expression of disbelief and then resolve would cross her face as she nods. She would step away from the battle, playing her part already.

Danny pumps his hand down the shotgun underbarrel attachment to load a fresh shell in as Indal charges his way, he's backpedalling, but probably nowhere near as fast as the charging Native American. Still, he has the luxury of not worrying about friendly fire now and he lifts his shotgun and pulls back on the trigger to fire a shotgun blast at Indal, his hair hanging wildly about his face.

Jericho continues laying his silenced fire into the man's side, glancing towards Kathriel, as if considering her for a few moments and the consequences of cutting her off from her powers. But then he dismisses it, loads in a silver grenade to the attached launcher and launching it the groups way. Cutting off the man from being able to shift.

Rodrigo's pistol round, through luck or skill, pierces the back of Indal's skull with a sickening squelch, blood exploding out of the man's eyes and nose as he staggers forwards. Now an easy target, Danny barely needs to try as the man stumbles into the perfect range for Danny's shotgun to also impact his head. This man can heal like a motherfucker, but if he isn't alive, he can't heal. A mixture of buckshot eviscerating his skull is almost enough to fell the beast turned man, before Jericho sinks the final shot.

The grenade burrows into the gaping wound that is what is left of Indal's head, flesh sizzling against the pure silver, before in a cacaphonic explosion, the park is illuminated in a bright white flash as hot, steaming, gore splatters all over everyone, especially Danny.

Terrifyingly, some of the morsels of flesh begin to grow back, as if into dozens of the man-wolf, but this only lasts for a second. The sickening lack of Sanctuary is all too cle


Jericho meant for a neutralization grenade. BUT a fragmentation will do, too.

Rodrigo tremors and heaves as his face is painted with his own dark red blood. He blinks and looks at the remains of Ingal all around the area, surprised. The realisation of the lack of Sanctuary dawns on him, slowly and warmyl like the vitae spread around.

Jericho packs up his gear, blinking out of existence again. Only to slowly decloak before the remains.

Danny staggers backward from the exposion and the spray that follows, he closes his bright white-rimmed eyes and opens them again, his blue eyes more clear in the sea of red on his face. He spits out something hard, white and covered with gore, "...Fuck." he mutters and wipes at his face, letting his carbine hang as he tries to get the blood out of his eyes.

Nodding at the group, Kathriel would say, "Well done, you killed him, tell me, does this solve the problem that we originally came out to fix?" Kathriel chuckles softly. "You got the answer that you wanted, but I don't think that none of us, would be able to take on that wolf, at all." She would shake her head, "So now what?"

"I believe we would." Jericho mutters, glancing towards Kathriel. Eyebrow raising. "I killed Sloth. And a Cardinal? Is much stronger than any prehistoric wolf."

A voice, all too familiar in all the wrong ways, rings out. Sat down cross legged, the Alpha has been watching from a distance, scintillating gaze a mixture. "You won, so your will shall be the law, for now. Let this be a lesson, pack. The strong will always get their way, and you -will-respect them for fighting for what they thought was right. They fought with cowardly methods, but they do not have strength such as we do. We shall leave the weaklings to weaken further in the basement of torture, and help them heal should they come crawling back to us with the tails in betwween their legs." she calls out to the countless wolves nearby that no one can see. Watching the group for a moment, she gives them an amused sneer, as if waiting for them to leave.

A mixture of disappointed and curious*

"...Believe we ought to lick our wounds. We know what happened to the missing now, so... mission accomplished?" Danny asks the other groups and pumps his shotgun when the white wolf's voice echoes through the clearing and he feeds a couple shells into his shotgun.

"Or they can decide not to attack." Jericho says.

Jericho nods his head, not really eager to fight. "Yeah. Let's just let 'em be. THey're respectin' our will. An' I trust them."

The Alpha seems greatly amused by the prospect of violence. "Not every fight can be won, even by me, even by you, human of a flawed mind." she tells Jericho, even if her tone is soft and maternal, her bare body glistening in the moonlight, every muscle perfectly highlighted.

Laughing softly at Jericho, Kathriel would say, "Yep, we should move on, we did what we came here to do."

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Rodrigo runs a hand through his nose and walks over to the others, murmuring quietly: "What a mess. Maeda's gonna be pissed if she sees me like this."

"...Look like a used tampon probably," Danny mutters under his breath as he heads back in the direction of his car to get his way back to Haven.

Walking away from the group, Kathriel would look back at them with a bit of disgust in her eyes but it's there for a oment, and gone. She looks forwards and leaves the woods alone, not bothering to wait on the rest.