\ Haven:Mist and Shadow Logs/SR Emily-Encounter 02

SR Emily-Encounter 02

Luka was just spacing off in front of the Lodge, staring blankly at the
christmas tree above a howling wolf drawing on the cement, trying to wrap his
Wildling mind around it to figure out if it meant anything. 

The street is no longer busy from the day's traffic, with many of those with
families having gone home for the night. The younger crowds are still out
clubbing or drinking, but there isn't too much by way of that type of foot
traffic passing by here. A stray dog comes padding up the street, panting
against the cold. He looks like a stray from his unkempt fur, lack of collar
and very evident lack of neutering, though maybe not to Luka's Wildling eyes.
The dog doesn't look dissimilar to the one depicted in the drawing he is
staring at at the moment, and might be a very pretty dog if not for lack of a
caring owner. He has grey fur and soulful eyes, and he pads right up to Luka
and starts sniffing at him. 

The Wildling, Luka tears his eyes away from the drawing to look upon the
dog, and offers it a warm smile. "Hey there, boy." The big youth goes, bending
down on a knee with a warm smile to reach out with a hand to first allow the
dog to sniff him. If nothing happens, then Luka proceeds to reach over with his
other hand to pet at it's head for a moment or two.  (Wildling)

The dog sniffs at Luka's hand as it is extended, then licks at it
tentatively. He is a very quiet dog, and does not respond with any barking or
yapping at the greeting. He isn't shy, either, cocking his head to the side so
Luka can get at a spot behind his ears, then butting at his hand when he
doesn't quite scratch the right spot. 

Luka snorts in amusement and continues scratching, the overgrown youth
wondering, "Where's your master?" Although in Luka's strange language of
Wildling, the dog might be more confused than if it was in English or something
of this Earth.  (Wildling)

The dog doesn't seem to understand anything Luka has to say, but it's hard
to say whether or not that's because it's in Wildling or simply because... he's
a dog. The dog allows the scratching for a few more moments, then starts to
wander off, evidently bored. But he stays in the area, sniffing around the
Christmas tree, then padding over to a grassy spot nearby and starting to dig
at a spot. The spot isn't marked by anything in particular, but the dog seems
insistent on it, as dogs tend to get. 

Watching the dog for a few moments, Luka shakes his head and looks back at
the Lodge, starting to step towards the bar. 

The dog seems to get hold of something in the ground. As he does, his eyes
flash and he bounds at surprising speed to block Luka's path up to the bar. A
deep growl emits from his throat. 

Luka blinks as the dog jumps in front of him, the big feller looking down at
it with a raise of his brows. Luka stares and squints at whatever may be in
it's mouth. Unless it dropped it. Then Luka would just stare and squint at the
dog itself. 

The dog is still holding whatever it is in his mouth, but it's very hard to
tell what it is, since it's still caked in dirt that's wet from the recent
snows and rains that have assaulted the small town of Haven. 

Another growl emits from his throat as he stares down Luka. 

Luka is an animal lover. Not bearing the thought of hurting a dog, the big
guy attempts to dodge around the dog into the magical safety of the Lodge. This
might prove impossible, and if it does, the giant of a teen instead turns
around and -runs- as fast as he can. 

Luka is fast, but the dog is faster and already watching for this. He rushes
at Luka, launching his full weight into the large teenager. It's enough to
knock the man off balance, but not knock him down. The dog, however, is
snapping for Luka's throat, dropping the object in the meantime. It's caked
with dirt, but he can see that it's some sort of metallic object, round, on a
chain. A necklace of some sort, maybe. A coin on a necklace. 

No other way but to fight, Luka would see. The giant kicks at the dog's
side, before attempting to pluck up the necklace- eyes on the dog the entire
time however, preparing another kick should the need arise. It's a good thing
for Sanctuary, though, should Luka get bitten. However... it'd still hurt.
Probably very badly. 

The dog snaps at Luka, getting his teeth into his shoulder but getting
knocked aside with a whimper with nothing to brace his weight on. The wound is
relatively superficial, but as with the teeth of feral anything, is half likely
to get infected. Luka has a chance to scoop up the necklace, but this might
cause him some regret. A wave of something, anger and hunger, a deep hunger,
passes over him. Unlike with the dog, though, he can probably master this
emotion if he tries. The dog, meanwhile, goes a second time for Luka's legs as
he's scooping up the necklace, trying again to knock him over. 

Yelping a little, Luka scoops the necklace up and grits his teeth, trying to
fight off the wave of madness. He continues to kick at the dog, this time
aiming for it's face. Should he succeed, then the big boy would try to run off
to the safety of the Lodge once more, at least trying to reach the porch, which
would be enough for magical protection. 

Thalia is walking along Valentine, headed for the Lodge. Between her sense
of smell and hearing, she would potentially hear any weird going on in the
vicinity. And being able to smell Luka from half a mile away certainly helps.
And given he is one of her charges, she would certainly not be completely
unwilling to lend her assistance. 

Luka (Privately to Thalia) is bleeding. You would smell his blood running along the
streets. OUt of his body. Not heavily, maybe. But. Still. 

Luka's attempt to fight off the influence of whatever is in that necklace
distracts him from the feral dog, which takes the opportunity to knock him down
and launch himself at the large teenager's throat again. Sanctuary prevents any
/major/ damage, but the dog gets a chunk of meat this time. A small one, but
something to sate the hunger-- or prime it. The dog, appearing to be some sort
of cross between a Spitz and a Labrador, would be a beautiful specimen if not
for his mangy, flea-ridden and dirt-caked coat and evident lack of neutering or
collar. Thalia can smell the dog, which smells, well, pretty much like a stray
dog, but there's an off-kilter je ne sais quois to something she hears.
Something wrong with the dog's heartbeat, maybe, though that could easily go
unnoticed given the sharp, iron tang of blood in the air. 

Private to Luka:
Your willpower wins out against the influence of the necklace. But you have
bigger problems on hand at the moment. 

Thalia does not usually spring straight to violence. She really doesn't,
despite her modern Viking look. But she also doesn't usually go killing,
hurting, or scaring animals that much either. Unfortunately, she has committed
to protecting Luka, and she can already tell that he is going to be a
challenging charge. She is in public, so she has limited options too. The
off-kilter nature of the dog though helps to choose her path for her. She slips
into the shroud on her way forward to give the dog a good look. Though Luka
likely won't see it, when she does so, her golden cloak of an aura begins to
billow along with her fur coat. 

Private to Thalia:
The dog itself is not a supernatural creature in any way. But there is
definitely something wrong with it now that you're close and have a good look.
Luka, too, seems to be suffering some sort of effects, but his are relatively
muted. Something is going on with their heartbeats. The dog's practically
sounds like it's beating a war drum rhythm. 

Growling and grunting, Luka tries to kick away at it again, looking in a bit
of pain. His shoulder's bleeding, and his throat is too, by the time Richmond
arrives. THe throat probably isn't too bad, but this don't stop the big guy
from crying out with each movement of his neck. He looks at the Lodge
longingly, even if he doesn't manage to fend the dog off of himself. If he does,
Luka would make a break for the safety of it's magic once more, although the
pain would cause his movements to be slowed a bit. 

Al thinks; "Hmmm maybe I should add to my chalk drawing outside the Lodge."

Thalia dives out of the shroud and tackles the dog, trying to get it in some
sort of weird canine headlock and get it off of Luka without actually just
straight up killing or hurting it just yet. When spectators start showing up
though, she kinda just hopes to not spread what is wrong with it past Luka. She
also really focuses on not letting it bite her if she can. 

Outside the Lodge, the new arrivals are greeted with the sight of a large
teenager tussling with a moderately large dog not too far away from Al's chalk
drawing. Not right on top of it, luckily for the drawing. The dog seems to have
gotten the better of Luka for the moment, as the teen's upper body is trickling
with blood and it's evident to those with sharp eyes that it's gotten a good
bite of his neck. The dog is undeterred by the kicks, able to avoid the bulk of
them by nimbly changing where his center off gravity rests on Luka's body. It
makes a growling noise that might sound.... frustrated? Though its jaws snap at
Luka's body, it can't seem to get a good, satisfying bite out of the meaty
body. Thalia's sudden entrance gives Luka some relief as she tackles the dog
and forces it off Luka. It snaps its jaws at Luka, but fails to connect this
time, instead trying to force its weight out of Thalia's grip. 

Private to Thalia:
You don't feel anything strange coming into direct contact with the dog. 

Richmond frowns at the sight of an attack, and runs up as Thalia tackles the
beast, eyeing his movements closely until he steps to the head of the beast
with a kick that would likely make any football kicker proud, fully intending
on detaching the oversized canine's head from its body. 

After having been standing in front of the lodge, Faolan hears the commotion
going on and decides to check it out. When he approaches the scene he watches
with a curious expression, his head tilting slightly. 

The battle against the Luka and the dog gets his attention, "Oh no!
Someone's in trouble!" Al places to fingers in his mouth and whistles loudly to
summon is faithful companion. Rambo. Al's protective dog that's been a part of
his life since he was a baby. "Come here Rambo!" Rambo, When one of the female
K-9 units from Boston got pregnant, Frank managed to snag a puppy from her
litter. This little guy has become Alvin's faithful friend, and will assist him
in battle. 

Thalia is a big, strong woman and she's not entirely unused to wrestling
with wild animals. Her girlfriend qualifies in both counts. When Richmond goes
to kick its head, she frowns a little. She was not exactly expecting help with
the beast, but the vicious kick is certainly not exactly how she would have
proceeded normally. She uses that distraction however to roll over onto the dog
and says, "Back! No! Might be sick!" While she does not yet know the exact
affliction involved, she knows something is weird. Using her weight and
position, she tries to position herself atop the dog with hands on its neck to
keep its head down. She has no particularly useful knowledge of animals,
despite her lineage however. 

Coughing on the ground, Luka clutches what might be a necklace of some sort,
clutching it so tightly that his fingernails begin to dig into his skin. But
Luka is in more than enough pain to not care, or, well. He does care. So much
so that he doesn't move too much from the ground, laying there with blinking
eyes. Occasionally, those amber orbs wander up to Richmond and Thalia, the two
people closest to him. 

Luka thinks; "This... necklace... and the pain... can't... move... hurts... and might... disrupt my 
fight... against it's influence..."

Thalia's attempt to headlock the dog meets with some success, but it's
temporary. Her skill seems more suited toward hurting the dog than keeping it
pinned-- and whatever non-lethal means she may have been trying to use are
promptly preempted by Richmond's running up and just kicking the hell out of
the dog. It yelps, growls, and yanks itself from Thalia's grip, rounding on
Richmond instead. The kick has caused some serious damage, though-- the dog's
head is bleeding, its ear looking a bit torn and ragged. Another hit would
probably knock it unconscious. Meanwhile, Al, standing at just the entrance of
the Lodge, is well out of the way for the moment, and his faithful companion is
definitely not too far away. He might take another minute to get to his
master's side, though. 

Private to Luka:
As the necklace digs into your skin, you feel another wave of anger and
hunger coming on. It's much harder to fight this time, now that you're actually
bleeding and can smell your own blood. A deep, uncomfortable feeling rises from
the pit of your stomach. 

Private to Thalia:
If you aren't too distracted, you can hear that war beat coming from Luka's
chest. It's slow, but speeding up. He might be the next one to go feral if he
isn't checked out. 

As he watches the scene unfolds in front of him, Faolan crouches down,
placing both hands on the ground and studies the dog with a frown on his face.
"Poor dog..." The child whispers to himself and tilts his head to his other

Al looks at his wrist, even though there isn't even a watch there, must be
the kid's way of mimicking adults. "Dang it Rambo... get here soon..." Al keeps
a distance from the scuffling, after all, he's just a kid and not combat viable.

Luka's nostrils flare, the big boy growling in frustration from the ground.
It seems like he's putting all his efforts into fighting something else.
Whatever that is, the others might not know. He just lays on the ground, and
utters a few words, "necklace... bad... don't... hurt... dog... too much..." 

(Privately) As said before, Luka is putting his entire concentration into
fighting off the effects of the necklace. 

Thalia lets out her own feral growl and while she is indeed more focused on
hurting things, she was hoping to avoid it. Were the area less crowded, she'd
have ... ways ... of detaining the dog more permanently. AS it is, she tries to
get a hold of the dog by the neck again to keep him from getting to Richmond.
The rapid changes occurring around her have her trying to do too much though.
But she has an assistant or two now. "Al! Cuff Luka, the bleedy one. Luka, let
him," she tries to issue as orders while tangling with the dog. She doesn't
know Faolan's name, but she glances at him and says, "Help Al." 

Private to Luka:
It's difficult, but you focus all your thoughts on calming yourself down.
You're all right for the moment. 

Faolan looks over at Al and moves over to him. The child moves in his
crouched pose and places himself between the scene and the other boy. When
Thalia speaks to him he tilts his head slightly and glances back to Al briefly
before he turns his attention back to the dog. 

Private to Al and Faolan:
Luka seems to be dizzy and breathing raggedly. That isn't out of the
ordinary for someone who has just gone through what he has gone through, but
there's something that just doesn't quite sit right in your gut with this.
Maybe it's the big scary dog nearby. Whether or not you decide to walk up and
cuff the teenager, you notice a hole has been dug up in the grass nearby.
Probably the work of the dog. You also notice the teenager is holding onto a
necklace of some sort. It looks like a golden coin on a chain, and it's
completely caked with dirt. 

"Cuffs? I don't have real life ones!" On the line of duty for hte first
time, impromptu saving? Good job Al, you have failed to protect and serve. The
boy face palms, hard as he waits for his companion. 

Richmond prepares another swift kick if the dog charges at him, knowing
better than to try and punch. He has no real clue what's going on, only that
Thalia seems to think saving the dog is more important than saving Luka. 

Despite not having cuffs, Al announces, "I got pepper spray!" It may not be
the proper law enforce me tool needed to be used at the time, but it was a
tool, period. Probably given to him as a self-defense thing, despite that, Al
takes the pepper spray out of his pocket and holds it rather clumsily. Can this
kid even use such a tool? Probably not as he fumbles to get the safety
mechanism off.. 

Luka just lays there and lets out another half groan and growl, although
these seem more of pain and frustration, than having a feral edge to it. He
Thalia had not even considered the possibility that Al might not have cuffs.
It actually earns some dry laughter and as Richmond goes to deliver the final
kick as anticipated, she might no longer need to hold the dog down quite as
much, given it will probably be either a corpse or unconscious at this rate. If
that is the case, she would fish a pair of cuffs out of her satchel in a side
pocket and toss them toward Al with strange accuracy, despite the unyieldy
nature of the object being thrown. 

Faolan furrows his brow slightly and looks between Luka and the dog. He
quickly takes off his shirt and tosses it at Al. "No want to break more." The
child says before he moves closer to Luka, his eyes staying trained on the dog.
When he gets close, he tries to get something out of Luka's hand. 

Thalia gets a good grip on the dog this time, being better positioned than
the last time to hold the dog down. It snaps at Richmond but being held back by
the redhead, can't quite get at him. Richmond could, if he wanted to, probably
walk up and kick the dog without too much trouble while Thalia has it pinned.
Another dog bounds into view, an adult male husky which has evidently been very
well-taken care of in its life. It runs up to Al's side while the young boy is
fumbling, but being the very smart dog it is, immediately runs off to assist
Thalia and Richmond with handling the dog. However they may choose to handle

Private to Thalia:
Luka's heartbeat seems to be holding steady for the moment. He might be
fighting off the influence of whatever it is. 

Richmond looks around at all the struggling going on, and decides to end
part of it, by kicking at the attacking dog once more, hoping to knock it out
rather than kill it, taking care to avoid Thalia in his swing. 

Private to Luka:
You have enough of yourself to yank the necklace out of the child's grip, if
you choose to do so. 

Al might have finally managed to get the saftey switch off the pepper spray.
With both hands he lifts it up, aims at the rabid dog (not rambo) attempts to
mace them. And with Rambo arriving he makes a quick hissing noise with his
mouth and points to the rabid dog, "Get him Buddy! No kill!" No kill? alright.
Rambo tilts his head as Al barks his commands, Rambo lunges after the other
dog, flaring his nostiles and showing his teeth. A bit a drool escapes from
Rambo's mouth to show his verocity. You may have messed with the wrong dog and
boy, mangy mutt. The Husky growls and leaps after the other dog, aiming to sink
his teeth into the mangy mutt's scruff. 

The necklace gets removed without too much of a fight from Luka, the goliath
of a teenager twitching a little as it leaves his grasp- but his animalistic
eyes never leave the item. "Bad." Luka warns Faolan.  (Wildling)

Private to Luka:
This exertion causes a fresh wave of whatever it is you're feeling to wash
over you anew. 

Private to Thalia:
Luka's recent efforts seem to have caused his heartbeat to speed up a little
more. In addition, the affliction now seems to have spread to Faolan. 

Private to Faolan:
As you take the necklace from Luka, you feel a wave of uncontrollably deep
hunger and anger rise from the pit of your stomach. You get a good look at the
necklace as you pluck it from Luka's hands. It bears a coin of Wildling design,
but the coin appears to have been defaced somehow with various markings. You
can't quite tell how under the layer of dirt under it, and in any case you're
now fighting the urge to stab the nearest thing... Luka. and eat a chunk of his

Thalia would actually hold up a hand toward the new dog and say, "No! Get
back!" in as firm and commanding a tone as she can manage. "Have you considered
this one may be rabid or something? Fuck, ever seen 'Old Yeller'?" she queries
of Al and Rambo. She blinks her eyes as more shit seems to be changing. She
glances over at Luka and Faolan and frowns, "Gods fucking damnit." She makes
sure the crazy dog is down for the count and looks up at Richmond, "You got
this?" If he indicates yes, she will relinquish her hold of the dog to him. 

The feral stray goes limp and does not rise again. Meanwhile, Rambo the
husky cants his head at Thalia in a questioning sort of way and returns to Al's
side. If dogs could shrug, that one just did. 

Al clicks his mouth twice signaling something back to Rambo, the husky
returns to Al's side. 

Luka lies on his back, blinking a few times and just laying there, chest
heavily rising and falling. Getting mauled by rabid dogs on the shoulder and on
the throat really does a number on a man, who knew? 

Richmond gets a long, elastic ace bandage from white canvas backpack.

"But why.... that guy is in trouble..." Al gives Thalia conflicting looks
while stroking Rambo for some love and reward. 

Faolan stares at the necklace for a bit, his eyebrows furrowing as an all
too familiar feeling to him surfaces inside. He looks away from the necklace
and looks around, anger clear on his face. His eyes land on Luka for a minute
before his gaze turns to Al instead and his anger seems to intensify. The child
turns to face the other boy fully and places both hands onto the ground,
remaining in his crouched pose and necklace in his hand. He moves one hand
forward, like an animal testing the ground before he takes off running at the
other boy. 

With Rambo getting stroked by Al, he wags his tail. Clearly satisfied to
defend and arrive with his master. He pants heavily as he did bolt halfway
across the town in a minute just to rendezvous with Al. "Good boy." Al said as
Rambo continues his tail wag, the husky however keeps a sharp gaze at the other
dog. Almost as if he was creating a defense bubble around Al. 

Thalia untangles herself from the dog and dusts herself off, taking a couple
calming breaths. She surveys the damage for a moment and nods to Al and is
about to talk when she hears and smells another shift. She does not really have
time to respond to Richmond before Faolan is going for Al. She trusts the dog
and his loyalty to intercede on the boy's behalf, but having seen the
transference of anger and the necklace and likely some knowledge of what the
two entail, she frowns. She can't really go harming kids, but if she does
nothing, kids will be harmed. Quite the pickle. Luckily, her body does not wait
for her brain to be in motion, attempting to put herself between Al and Faolan.

Now that you've gotten a glance at the necklace, it occurs to you that the
contact seems to come from direct skin contact. You might be able to mitigate
or neutralize its effects on immediate touch by using gloves or something. 

Luka is a big guy. He can take some punishment.... but he's still human, so
not a whole lot. Knowing this, Luka reaches over to grab at the boy's ankle,
saying, "Stop..." It's a weak grab, in Luka's state. Who knows, it might not
even reach the kid.  (Wildling)

Private to Richmond:
Yeah, you have no idea what the hell is going on here. 

Thalia (Subtly) does not have gloves, but she does have a long sleeved fur
coat. She lets her hand slip into it and would attempt to grab at the necklace
when Faolan closes to try to snatch it away from him, hopefully without it
touching her. Because her angry would be a terrible, terrible thing right now. 

Private to Luka:
Now that the necklace is out of direct contact with you, you feel the hunger
and anger subsiding somewhat. 

"Thalia... aren't you a ff-riend?" Al tilts his head to give the woman a
question. Al kneels down next to Rambo so that he's more eye level with the
Husky. "Defend." Al commands, Rambo barks once at Al, seemingly understanding.
Rambo circles Al, for now. "Faolan watch out..!" 

Richmond really has no clue what's going on to begin with, and so watches
with massive confusion as Thalia charges for Faolan instead of answering him.
Thinking this whole damn town is half past nuts, he doesn't really decide on
any course of action just yet. 

Faolan's ankle gets grabbed by Luka's hand, but since he's already in
motion, he slips right out of the large teenager's grip. Thalia, though, is
able to place herself between Faolan and Al before the former can reach the
latter, and body block him if necessary. The necklace is right within her
reach, and she's /just/ able to snatch it with the coat sleeve to protect her
hand. Rambo settles in between Al and the stray dog, not seeming to really know
what is going on, though the dog's attention keeps causing him to cock his head
between Faolan and the limp stray. Richmond is just hanging out at this point. 

Private to Faolan:
As the necklace is snatched out of your grasp, you feel... slightly
different. The hunger subsides somewhat but the anger does not, due to the
influence of what already exists for you. It may be that the sudden
disappearance of the burning hunger in your belly might cause you to reconsider
this course of action. 

Private to Thalia:
You feel nothing as you grasp the necklace. Dirt smears your coat sleeve. If
you would like, you can take a good look at it now. It looks like a golden coin
of what you can discern to be Wildling make, but it has been strongly defaced
along both sides with ritual symbols. There may also be something inside the
heavy coin, but you can't tell just now, especially since it's still dirty and
smudged from being dug up from the ground and smeared around between a dog's
mouth and several hands. 

Rambo just defends Al for now, he does a few double takes to teach person
in the area. "Should have just stuck with chalking on Uncle Paulie's walls, huh
boy?" The boy asks Rambo. 

Private to Luka:
At this point, you are still definitely injured, but you are no longer under
the influence of the necklace. 

As the necklace leaves Faolan's hands he slows his running, but the anger
doesn't fully leave his face. He stares at Al slightly and his head tilts to
one side. "You call by name... Not weirdo..." His eyes scan around and land on
the closest street light and almost runs over to it. When he gets to it he
repeatedly punches it until his hands are raw and he's sweating in the cold
air. The child walks over to Al and gets his shirt from the other boy and
quickly puts it on, covering his other wounds and scars, the anger subsiding
from his face. "I feel better." 

Luka lets his hand fall, dropping to the concrete. The young overgrown man
lays back down on his head somewhere on the sidewalk, close to the Lodge, where
he has been lying down from the whole time. He closes his eyes and lets out a
relaxed, slow sigh. It's still pained, and he's still slightly bleeding from
the throat and the shoulder. 

Thalia manages to carefully yoink the necklace from Faolan, and probably
figures that the problem will sort itself out after that, so she makes no real
move to hinder his passage at this point. That does not however prevent him
from ... beating on a street light apparently. That's probably a good outlet.
She nods to Faolan and then turns to Al, "I, Thalia Morgan, am now, and will
forever, be your friend, Al Reeves." She dips her head to him, then slips the
necklace into a pocket while no one is watching hopefully. She'll take care of
it in her alchemy lab or library later. Away from prying eyes. She then moves
for Luka and says, "Time to get you to a hospital, I think." 

The stray dog is still lying on the grass in front of the Lodge. It's alive,
should anyone actually care to check. 

Private to Thalia:
You don't actually have to check, you can tell it still has a heartbeat. 

"Ambulance? Should we call an ambulance?" Al asks Thalia with his phone in
his hands. But with the stray dog just lying on the grass, Al approaches it,
slowly at a crouched lower height. His animal skills tell Al that being more
eye level with an animal, means that he is more recessive instead of dominant
and hostile. "Are you okay buddy?" Al asks the dog, in human speech of course
just looking innocently hopeful that the stray understood. 

The stray is looking distinctly worse for the wear. Two kicks to the head
and several more to the rest of the body will do that for a dog. He (the dog is
collarless and non-neutered) is also unconscious, so he does not respond. 

Thalia gestures at Al and says, "Get an ambulance and animal control, if you
could, please." She nods and smiles at Al, then looks at Luka more intently.
She is no doctor or field medic. She has very little knowledge of what to do
with him. She crouches down and tells him, "We got help on the way. You're
gonna be fine." 

Faolan moves over to Al, giving the stray a sad look. "I hope dog okay." He
crouches down next to the other boy. 

Privately to Faolan and Al:
The dog will probably be fine with some care, but is too unconscious to
respond to anything you do at the moment. 

Luka says, in a very deep baritone that's heavily foreign, "Will... be...
fine... need... rest... at home..."

"I don't know..... but I'll just get him." Al dials both 911 and animal
control. With his lineage to the police, the cops arrive asap. 

walks over to Luka, pulling out some bandages and sighing a little, "Stay
still. I'm going to wrap this crap up." And should Luka obey, Richmond does
just that, wrapping him up with an ace wrap. 

Thalia informs Faolan, "Dog is gonna be fine too. Just unconscious." She
hasn't even looked at it since she stood up though. Like she's aware of it, but
doesn't see it as a threat any more. She nods at Luka and says, "Hospital is
better for this sort of thing. They'll take good care of you. I've got
connections there." 

The HSD is prompt on the scene. The dog is hauled away, probably to be put
down barring some kind soul adopting him, and an ambulance soon arrives for
Luka as well. 

Richmond says (to Thalia), with a distinctive Seattle accent, 'We should
talk sometime, if you don't mind.'

Thalia says (to Richmond), in a husky, modulated Californian contralto voice,
'I apologize for my lack of response regarding the sweater. I was pre-occupied,
much like now. As you might imagine, I am in high demand in this town. But yes,
we should.'

"Good night.. Rambo. you're sleeping with me tonight! and lots of bacon for
you!" Al heads off back to the apartments with his dog, it's super late past

Luka likely grouches a bit at Richmond in his strange language, but holds
still for the most part. 

Richmond says (to Thalia), shaking his head, 'I wasn't talking about the
sweater. I've given that back a little while go. And I have no idea why you
would be in high demand.'

Richmond finishes wrapping up Luka and hands him over to the medics to be
taken care of properly. 

Faolan when the dog is hauled off he stands up and goes back to where he was
by the lodge. not seeming to care about the curfew like the other boy. 

Luka gets hauled off then. 

Thalia smiles at Richmond and says, "All will become clear in time. If
you're not busy now, I was going to get a drink. You may join me in the Norse

Richmond says (to Thalia), thinking a moment before nodding, 'Sure, I've
some time. I'm not as tired as I was a minute ago, strangely enough.'

Thalia nods.