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SR Fau Nightmare Stalker

[Mon Oct 2 2017]

In the main corridor The ceiling climbs, arching into a wide clearing and thrusting against its mate from the other direction. This continues from all directions and forms a complex set of ribs above. Four pillars have been set to support the structure and give it increased strength, each centered between the cardinal directions to allow easy passage in any direction. The seating here is familiar, brocade stools paired with square wooden tables, but has been set along the edges of each pillar as well as on the perimeter of the space.

Oliver strolls along the quiet, dim halls with confident steps and a lazy smile. He has a look of nostalgia on his face, behind the rather stylish looking glasses. Each classroom door is glanced in without much purpose, beyond slight boredom.

Oliver thinks: "Ah~ When will I see Cher again, I wonder? Its such a shame about Sleepy running...wonder if that was my fault?"

The footfall of Oliver's shoes echo down the quiet of the halls, breaking the silence with an eerie, methodical sound. Though he looks into each classroom, he occasionally finds a stray student doodling on desks, or studying by their lonesome. However, after some time, a slight hissing noise is heard, but from where is currently unknown. The hissing persists for several minutes, enough to garner curiosity or confusion, yet nothing is seen, or made known to the eye.

Oliver tilts his head as he pauses, in between classrooms now in a rather dark stretch of hallway. He observes the hissing sound calmly, his smile dissipating to be replaced with a look of slight annoyance.

Oliver thinks: "Gas leak...? Mmm. Possible, but unlikely with the sturdiness of the building. Suppose it could be another damn ghost. Guess I just have to hope this one isn't the possession type."'

With the hissing sound fading into a heavy silence, that presses down on the ears enough to leave only the sounds from inside one's head, it suddenly becomes evident that all classroom doors have been shut. While Oliver has paused in his stride down the dim hallways of the school, whatever faint light that had luminated the enclosure, starts to flicker. As the lights flicker slightly, casting fleeting shadows across the walls, an audible sound resonates from somewhere further into the school. First, it begins as the 'click clack' of heels along the floors, but soon transitions to the gruesome sound of bones grating over flesh, the noise breaking the heavy silence prior.

Oliver lets out a sigh, even as the noise slightly unnerves him. He strides directly towards the sound, muttering "This isn't my job anymore. I'm gonna complain to Heads." His teeth are revealed in a slight grimace, some sharper than others, and with each flicker of the light a bright reflection shines from his eyes... almost like a cat in the dark.

Oliver thinks: "Mm...heels? Maybe its not dead, and I can eat it. Still complaining to Sera and Dalton."

Almost like a mirage, though there doesn't seem to be any paradise in sight, a figure is seen at the end of the hall where Oliver has turned to walk towards. A fleeting glimpse, shows the figure is unnaturally tall, towering even, in comparison to Oliver's height. No visible features are present, though the hands of the creature itself are spindly, and sharp, akin to curved scissors. When the lights stop flickering, it is apparent that only several are lit down the hallway, casting some sort of spotlight when Oliver passes underneath. The moment his form goes beneath some light, the figure is no longer there, perhaps a trick of the sight. However, where there are some spotlights, light switches are decked along the wall for turning them on, or off.

Oliver freezes upon seeing the creature, finally showing a look of wariness rather than the mild annoyance he had kept up so far. He stays put for a few moments, obviously thinking quickly, before carefully walking towards the light switches nearest him, and shutting them off, leaving him in darkness. His breathing slows, until it stops completely, leaving the hallway in silence.

Oliver thinks: "If thats a ghost, its a damn imaginative one. I might have bitten off more than I can chew. Fuck. Running will probably just make it pounce on me. If I can just get to my machete in the dorm....”

Upon Oliver moving to one of the nearby light switches to shut the access of illumination off, the switch only seems to alternate which lights were on. From the creature at the end of the hallway, it disappears when the lights flicker to different bulbs, but makes its presence known once more in the absence of light, leaving its form vaguely seen from the surrounding luminescence. The creature, swathed in palpable darkness, has now appeared closer to Oliver, but not by much, its position switched to be crouched on the ground, almost as if it were on all fours like an animal. With good eyesight would one see its stringy hair, but still, the features of such a creation of darkness remains unknown - no mouth, eyes, nose, or distinct figure to be seen, offering an additionally eerie aura to it.

Oliver begins slowly backing away from the creature, keeping his eyes on it. With one hand on the wall, and a lifetime of experience here in the academy, he could make it all the way back to the boys dormitory like this...at least until he hits a turn, or the creature otherwise disappears from his sight.

Though lacking a visible mouth, that same hissing sound starts up again, as if the creature were trying to communicate its hunger, and thirst to kill. Even as Oliver backs away, the creation of darkness doesn't move, nor does it stand, remaining crouched as if waiting for something. While the young man's hand does not touch any of the switches, and they don't seem to move of their own accord, the lights, however, alternate once more. With the lights having alternated, the creature has now assumed an upright position, its arms stiffly at its sides, and scissor-like fingers separating in a gesture of anticipation. No eyes to be seen, the creature still seems to be focused on Oliver, its head tilted down as it looks towards him - and even with no mouth, a hissing sound, like the expulsion of smoke from a broken pipe, is the unintelligible communication it offers, the sibilant noise rising in cadence and sometimes wavering enough to hurt a normal person's ears.

Though obviously scared of the damage the creature could potentially do by the fact that he is attempted to retreat, the obvious threat simply cannot be ignored. Oliver' incisors slide out to a supernatural length, and he lets out an unnatural hiss himself in response, though far below the noise level of the creature.

Despite Oliver revealing his incisors, the creature seems unfazed by the gesture, and suddenly its hissing stops. Dropping to the floor with an unnatural dexterity and speed, that causes the sound of bones grating over bone, and flesh reshaping to sound from its form. Upon being on all fours in the quaint darkness provided by the absence of a failing lightbulb, it contorts its body at the waist, twisting with a 'crack' as it gradually has its head upside down. Hair draped to brush the floor, yet still lacking eyes due to the pervasive, palpable darkness that shrouds the truth of its form, it cranes its head to either side with an audible popping of bone while its attention remains on Oliver.

continues backing up slowly, his fangs remaining out as a threat. The contortions don't seem to bother Oliver overly much, more, he seems almost glad of the extra time to continue his escape.

Extending its hands, to let its spindly fingers tap the floor with a 'click clack' sound, the creature seems poised in a stance akin to one of a predator about to give chase to its prey. At first, it seems frozen as its head remains tilted to appraise Oliver with its eyeless vision, but then the lights flicker, causing the creature of palpable darkness to appear much closer to the Academy boy. Though, when it has appeared closer, its waist has arched, while its shoulders remain close to the ground. Another flick of the lights, and it suddenly manifests in the lack of light, with about three feet and some away from Oliver, however at this point, its hips have formed a tent-like angle, with legs bent behind it.

Oliver acts on his nonverbal threat immediately, snapping one of his oxfords towards his best approximation of the creatures head in a powerful, quick kick.

The creature, noticeable when Oliver assesses the situation seems to be steadily avoiding the light, but springs to action in the presence of darkness.

Oliver's kick only seems to pass through a smokey presence of darkness, as the creature, almost like teleportation, has appeared in the lack of light behind him. Though this time, the creature's body has formed an odd-angled slope with its body.

Oliver growls in annoyance, though the kick has enlightened him on one thing- the creatures aversion to light. He slides his iphone out of his pocket, flicking the flashlight on before twisting around and shining it at the creature.

When the illumination from the cellular device in Oliver's hand reaches the creature, it recoils at a supernatural speed, blinking out of his sight for a split second, before appearing farther down the hallway, and away from the source of light directed at it prior to its retreat. While still in Oliver's view, it does not approach, and instead waits by way of contorting its body slowly. The slow graduation of its form, brings with it the sound of cracking bones, and the audible and familiar hissing noise, before the creature returns to a crouched state. With unsteady movements, it comes to stand at full height, easily going above six feet, as its spindly limbs jerk at the transition to an upright position. Oliver's phone indeed dissuades the creature, for when the lights flicker to dapple the hallway in its dim glow, and showing that the odd semblance of a figure no longer residing in the hallway. Leaving the Academy boy to linger, by himself, in the quiet halls.

Though, after a moment, like a warning to make his way to a brighter area, the hissing sounds off somewhere further in the school.

Oliver snorts, shaking his head and using the phone to fire off a quick text, before making his way along-perhaps considering the creature to simply not be his problem anymore.