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SR Hellabaked-Scotts Encounter

At an alley

Kept impeccably clean despite the alleyways found in the rest of Haven, the alleys of the historic district are instead are eerily pristine. Little gardens are fenced off by little white picket fences, with dark green dumpsters that have only a faint sour smell when in close proximity to them. Despite that, it's poorly lit, even in the daytime, casting most of this space in shadow.

It is noon, about 60F(15C) degrees, and the sky is covered by thin white clouds. The sun hangs in the air far overhead. You can hear the sound of waves in front and to the right of you.

Scott is here, smoking with a shaking hand.

For all intents and purposes, Scott is looking pretty out of it. Not in a tired sort of way but standing as though standing comes with some degree of difficulty. A raspy breath inhaled as he smokes. "Dude, fuck this." he says quietly as he leans against the back of one of the buildings. The cherry of his cigarette alights with a flare as one of the tobacco seeds within. He blows out smoke from his nostrils as he tries to ease some of the strain from his neck. Looking to the side at a puddle he left running down the wall. "Having to piss is bullshit. Wanting lunch is bullshit. This is bullshit." he gripes.

Scott thinks; "Fuck all of this bullshit. I'm going to fucking murder whoever did this shit."

The weather in the dozy little town of Haven is relatively cool this afternoon, and the only sound that can be heard is the occasional rustling of the refuse that litters the alley when the breeze blows by. As Scott stands there griping his thoughts aloud, one of those gusts of wind picks up and very nearly knocks the cigarette right from his hand, sending the ash and cherry to scatter everywhere.

During this little disturbance, Scott may also hear the eventual approach of soft, careless footsteps nearby.

"Oh... fuck you, wind." Scott says with a scowl as his cigarette is blown out. Though the scattering of ashes and burning embers doesn't appear to bother him at first, he keeps his grip on his cigarette and scowls angrily as he starts rummaging for a lighter, rummaging for anything really. Turning his back to the gust of wind, Scott tries again to get his butt lit. He's not griping out loud anymore at least as he kind of hunches over against the wind and tries to get the cigarette lit. He does hear someone coming of course but the glance at the source of it is not what's primarily concerning him at this exact moment. The primary concern is smoking. Sweet glorious nicotine.

Scott thinks; "I can't catch a fucking break today. No matter what I do. Get back from Hellworld the real life experience and now I can't even fucking smoke? Fuck. Wait, who the fuck are you?"

Even with Scott searching for a light for the extinguished cigarette, the source of those footsteps soon becomes very clear with the appearance of a young female at the end of the alley, looking to be no more than ten or eleven, with a frightful mess of brunette curls framing her pale, petite face. She's barefoot, freakishly slender in build and her plain blue jeans, black t-shirt are dishevelled and dirty. When she spots Scott, she freezes at the end of that forlorn alley, just watching him, for now.

When the little girl makes her presense known to him Scott looks up from his efforts of trying to get half of a blown apart cigarette lit and lowers his hands. "Hey... sweetheart." he says with his lips still clenched around the cigarette. "You alright?" he says as he looks a little closer at the dirty child.

It's a while longer before the little brunette begins her approach again, but it seems she's considered Scott safe enough despite being in a dark alley filled with the potential of local vermin running between the feast of refuse and the nearby sewer grate. "H-hi," comes the girls shaky, stuttering voice, her eyes glassy as tears threaten to spill down her filth-streaked cheeks, "M-my dad, he's hurt. Can you help me?" she asks.

Scott thinks; "Bullshit... this is a run. I'm about to get fucked up by the fucking newsies."

"Okay, your old man is hurt." Scott says narrowing his eyes a bit at the girl as he looks her over. "Why ain't you called the cops?" He shakes his head. "What do you need me to do?" he says as he takes a few steps closer to the girl before sighing. He does make it a point to show that he's armed though, looped into his belt dangles Rachel. Which could be why the kid asked him for help or... the reason why he doesn't get fucked over right now.

Scott thinks; "I'm not in hell... I'm going to be nicer."

"I'm just eleven, dad says I can't have a phone until I'm thirteen," the little girl protests, her amber eyes alight on the axe once she's noticed it, and she falters back a step when Scott approaches her, nearly tripping over an errant bag of debris. "H-he got hurt," she stammers, her hands raised with palms showing, and it's at that moment that she does burst into tears, her little nose glowing red as she loses control of her emotions. "Please, he's in the woods, he's dying! I just need help!" she pleads.

"Alright. Show me where." Scott says with a nod of his head at the girl. "We'll get your dad out of the woods and to the clinic." he sighs a bit but he at least tries to calm her. "Relax. I'm a fireman. Only a lunatic would just carry an axe. Let's go get your pops." he says.

[With his many years of experience, Scott should be able to discern that this child is either genuine, or an extremely exceptional actress.]

The girl sniffles and wipes her palm against her cheek, further smearing grime into her face. "Th-thank you! He's..." she turns in the direction she came through the alley, a bony finger pointing the way, "That way, just outside the cemetary," she says with gratitude, already leading the way out of the alley as fast as her bare feet will carry her without just sprinting away. "I'm, I'm Lilith. Lily," she speaks with anxiety and mild confusion in her tone, "I d-don't know what happened, we were walking home and he just, just fell." she describes.

Although Scott is following at a jog he's still grappling with a newfound need for breath so by the time they are running through the streets he's panting a little bit and looking around. "My name is Scott. We're gonna get your old man some help. No worries, Lily. I got you." This would probably be a little bit worse for him but right now at least he seems focused in trying to help this kid out. "How'd you get so dirty?" he asks. "If you're in the woods you know you're supposed to stay on the paths right? There are signs everywhere." he pauses and beats a fist against his chest. "Fuc-" he clears his throat. "Darn."

"We're visiting relatives," explains Lilith as she leads the way, and aside from a passing car or onlooker that stops for a second glance at the dirty child, the short trip beyond the cemetary is mostly uneventful. In the distance is the treeline, and just beyond it Scott can see two figures - one tall, willowy figure clad from head to toe in blacks and grays that obscure them, and the other is being dragged behind the figure, appearing quite unconscious. Unfortunately, Lilith also sees this, and she cries out in a panic, "HEY! What are you doing!?" while dashing towards the two, "Leave him alone!"

As soon as the tall, shrouded figure hears the young girl, they double their efforts in trying to drag the male off through the woods.

Scott thinks; "What the fuck is this bullshit?"

"Son of a bitch." Scott says as he sees what's happening. He breaks out in a run and reaches down for his axe for a moment and in a rare moment of restraint leaves his hands off of it. In another showing he's not the fastest runner in the world but his strength and reflexes have not been affeced by the Cleanse. They are both within the bounds of human possibility. he hurtles a root as he runs and this figure is dragging a guy. He makes an effort to tackle the first one. "Stay near the path!" he calls out to Lily while launching himself into a full running tackle that would have made any high school football couch proud in an effort to ram his shoulder into the black clad figure's back. Its been a long time since he's been in a fist fight but you don't forget those kinds of things and he did get sired for a reason after all. Whether or not he can actually get the guy to the ground he's faster than most people reacting and has the height and weight of a guy whose over six feet tall

Of course, not only does Lilith pay no heed to Scott's words, but she's running a little faster than he is. She's barely able to duck out of the way in time to dodge the collision of Scott's shoulder slamming into the darkly dressed figure, which subsequently sends them both sprawling to the forest floor with a grunt from his opponent. For the moment, at least, the unconscious male is free from the clutches of the figure.

Lilith sobs as she immediately rushes to the side of the unconscious man. "Dad!?"

Scott thinks; "Gonna leave a mess of kids behind? Fuck you!"

"Oh you picked the wrong one, motherfucker." Scott says as he tackles the guy. For the moment it seems like Scott is more focused on inflicting as much damage as possible. Lily and the plight of her father aren't forgotten so much as they are fueling his own past damage. As he's sprawled to the ground near the figure his motion is quick and brutal. A steel studded combat bootheel drops down toward the base of the darkly dressed figure's back. A moment later he's sitting on top of the person's back and just hammering punches into the back of their head.

From his vantage point, Scott can discern that the figure is in fact a male, a few inches taller than he with broad, muscled shoulders that show through the form hugging garb he's wearing. His head is covered in a riot gear helmet, luckily enough for him, as the pale mans fists pummelling into the back of his head would be sure to kill him otherwise. The man groans in pain as his fingers twitch at his side, reaching for something attached to his belt - a taser, perhaps?

By this point, Lilith stares at Scott with wide, unblinking eyes for several long seconds, and then in her panic she grabs her fathers hands and tries to start dragging him away from the violence, her fruitless efforts barely budging the dead weight.

As the man reaches for a taser Scott pulls his now bloodied knuckles away from punching him in the head, grabs the wrist reaching for the taser, presses a knee to the shoulder and just pulls -Pop- goes the shoulder as Scott dislocates it. Getting a set of binds from his pockets he ties his wrists before calling back to Lily, seeming to realize that he's ...helping. "Its alright, sweetheart. Let's get your old man and get him out of here." he stands, mostly emotionally unaffected that he just hobbled a dude. "We can't have him coming back to fight." he tries to explain and then some life lessons, "When someone tries to take something thats yours you need to blast back, kid. Hard." He does though rip the helmet off of the man's face to get a good look at him. So he can look in his eyes. "You don't fuck with little kids, you piece of shit." he says as he kicks him square in the face and then moves over to the unconcious man.

Scott thinks; "Shit... punching dudes hurts a lot more than I remember."

A dislocated shoulder is enough to make anyone shriek in pain, and that's exactly what the shrouded male does, grunting and groaning as his arms are pulled back behind him and bound, otherwise just laying there without further ado. He does mutter a string of curses under his breath, his helmet-covered cheek pressed to the ground, dark eyes watching Scott tend to the little girl and her father.

Lilith looks on at Scott with a trembling bottom lip and tentative demeanor, the back of her hand swiped under her nose which smudges more muck across her face. "...O-okay," she finally concedes, her amber eyes dropping to her father, "Be careful, please? He's - he's hurt." she murmurs.

"Its alright. I got him." Scott says and despite looking like a lean young man he seems stronger than all of that he does spot the man looking at him. "Hey sweetie. I'm going to go get the stuff we need to make a litter for your dad." he says. "If I throw him up over my shoulder, I'm going to have a real hard time not hurting him because he might have bones broken in his back or something." he says. "I'm also going to take this guy with me. So that he can't hurt you while I walk away. Okay? Just sit tight. I'll be right back." And with that he's moving over toward the dark clad man with the broken shoulder. A half lie, yes. At least on Lily's behalf. This man here's a pro. he probably knows the score.

Lilith sniffles as she looks up at Scott with innocent eyes, nodding in understanding, "O-okay," she agrees. She sinks down into the grass beside the unconscious man, though she dares not touch him - only wrapping her arms around herself with a gentle rock back and forth in some sort of self-soothing motion. "It's okay, dad," she whispers the promise, "It will be okay."

The darkly clad, broken man simply lays prone to Scott, his unbroken arm twisting against the bonds in some half-assed futile attempt to free himself.

It doesn't take Scott long to move the guy. Out of eyesight and mostly earshot of Lily and her dad. He really does take out the axe and start hacking branches off of trees as he props this soldier against a tree. Silent for awhile as he works. "You know, dude? Most days, I'm a vampire." he says with total honesty. "I'm not talking about some faggy Eurotrash Lord of the Night. I'm a fucking blood drinking, partying, fuck mothering corpse. So I'm not going to bullshit you. I want to know who you work for, why you were taking that kid's dad, and you know... anything else I might be interested to know. I've never killed a guy as a human before but I got a lot of experience in body disposal." he says as he starts constructing a litter, shredding his shitty t-shirt to make the binds. "Depending on your answers, and here's the important part. I might kill you quick. I might kill you slow. I might let you right fucking here to let some monster lay eggs in your chest. Or I might let you run."

A deep grunt escapes the fellow when he's propped against the tree, the helmet he's wearing muffling the sound of his gruff voice. "Fuck you," he says first, dark eyes fixed right on Scott intensely, as if trying to bore a hole right through his head. "Fucking vampires, just like them," he spits out venomously in a localized accent, through gritted teeth. Though unable to really move his neck at all without excruciating pain, his eyes do flick towards the little girl and her father, then back to the pale dude. He's uncooperative and seems fairly unafraid of Scott despite the situation at hand, perhaps underestimating him? Whatever the case, he continues, "Where the fuck do you think I was taking him?"

Should Scott look in their direction, Lilith has doubled over by now with her head gingerly resting upon her 'fathers' shoulder, trails of tears staining her dirt-laden visage.

"You see, that was the wrong answer." Scott says to the man with a grunt as he ties another portion of the litter off and serruptitiously smashes his sternum with the handle of his axe. Holding him up with his other hand so he can't fall or scream with the actual blow. Hard enough to wind him. Asya would be proud of him in this moment. Patiently extracting information. Instead of going immediately for the joy. "I asked where the fuck you were taking him. I'm not playing twenty questions here, fuckstick. I'll cut your fucking head off and leave it for the crows. I don't care if you're scared of me or not, but unless you have a fucking deathwish on top of whatever beef you have with them I'd get those lips to flapping or I'm going to cut your head in half and let that dipshit mouth of yours keep right on flapping."

With the handle of that axe of Scott's smashing into the darkly clad mans chest, he suddenly wheezes out breathlessly, riddled with pain. He sits there stunned and panting, trying to catch his breath, but when he does, his tune changes pretty drastically. "...To dispose of him." is the low, gruff response, "He's a danger to us, to everyone. He's a black warlock-- That's not even his kid!" he protests, resigning himself to that slump against the tree, looking rather miserable.

Nearby, footfalls are followed by the appearance of Lilith, having crept in closer since Scott last saw her, perhaps while he was otherwise occupied. "That's not true! That's my dad!" she insists.

Scott glances at Lily and then back at the guy on the tree. "A black warlock, huh?" he says. He looks over to Lily and then at the guy on the tree. "Okay, I'll bite. Whose the kid?" he says as he gets back to work on the litter for the moment. "Sweetie. I know this is all a whole thing but I need to know what I just stepped in, okay? Go sit with your dad." There's no hint that it is anything but a command. But he does look back at the guy now as he works, making sure this thing's sturdy enough to drag a man on. "Moreover, is this black warlock tied into any society shit? I mean, you have to be if you know it's open season." he says. "The most important part of this whole thing is that killing another dude for you is the most important shit in the world. A big epic victory against the forces of darkness. For me? Killing another motherfucker is... I dunno, what day is it? Sunday? Just another sunday."

"He's a liar!" Lilith insists, her dirt covered foot stomping indignantly against the forest floor as emotional children are wont to do, with a renewal of tears and that bright red glow on the bridge of her buttonlike nose. She does eventually take the command for what it is though, and steps back over to her still, unconscious father to watch over him.

"...Lily Rosenbaum," explains the darkly clad male in no more than a whisper, as though not wanting the child to hear him, "Abducted two years ago from her home just outside New York City, recently spotted with this motherfucker, Bruno Sokolov. I tracked them here--" he grunts in pain, still singing like a canary, "Ties to the Empire, no known society business in Haven."

"Sokolov, eh?" Scott says as he considers what the soldier is saying. "That's plenty of time for a kid to get all headfucked." he agrees with a frown toward the litter he's constructing. "This Sokolov guy have fangs or is he just a warlock? I mean, he don't got fangs right now." he says. "And who are you with? This is kinda high profile shit for a motherfucker to come tracking looking for them ends." He doesn't seem angry anymore at any rate. More considering.

"Sokolov," The male repeats with an attempt at nodding his head that ends abruptly with a pained grimace and short string of curses, but he's fairly quick to compose himself as well as he can, "Fangs; both of them. She's been turned pretty recently." The last bit he says is reluctant and under his breath, "I'm with the Witch Hunters."

Lilith remains near her fathers side obediently, for now.

"Well, shit." Scott says with a sigh at the bound guy, "You really fucked up my sunday." He does though, look at the Witch Hunter. "So this guy might be my grandsire. In which case, I'm kind of fucked one way or the other. I'm not a warlock though so, that's something." He does call out loud for Lily to hear him. "Bring your Sire on down here, I got his carriage ready."

With that request, the little girl cranes her neck to the side and blinks at Scott guiltlessly. "Sire?" Lilith asks, brow furrowing when she looks down at her father, then right back to the pale man and his bound companion.

"...She's probably all twisted up in her head," warns the Hunter, addressing Scott in that gruff voice, still laced with pain. "Fucker's at least a few hundred years old and sneaky as hell. I thought I caught a lucky break catching them here." he grunts.

"Yeah. I know that feeling." Scott says as he looks for a moment at the unconcious man. Trying to see if he recognies him at all with his decades of running in Empire circles. Taking the taser from the Hunter he pulls Bruno up onto the litter. "How'd you knock him out?" he asks as he ties Bruno to that.

"Horse tranquilizers," the Hunter admits as his dark eyes flit to the top of the treeline, "From up there. Never saw me coming; I waited until she ran. I'm not a fucking kid killer." he defends himself before he's even prompted to, and with a sigh, "...Even fanged kids."

[It's entirely possible that Scott vaguely recognizes Bruno, perhaps having seen him in the same social circles over the years.]

"Respect." Scott says with no sense that he's lying before he crackles the taser to life. "Yeah, not my grandsire. An uncle... if that kind of shit applies." he says in clarification as he presses the taser to Bruno's chest. "Wakey wakey you dead Russian fuck." he says, in his thick Boston accent.

The shriek that fills the air isn't from Bruno or the Hunter, but from Lilith, when she spots Scott with that taser pressing to her 'fathers' chest, delivering a current of electricity through him that makes his unconscious body jolt. "What are you doooing!? Don't kill my dad!" she cries out in a panic right before she tries rushing headlong into Scott, her scrawny body smacking against his side with no real effectiveness whatsoever.

Despite his predicament, it seems the Hunter can't help but snicker at the sight of this, though it's cut short when painfully sucks in a breath through his teeth.

"Jesus Christ, kid. This isn't gonna kill your dad." Scott mutters as he holds out a hand, doing that bully shit against Lily's forehead to keep her at arm's length. he pulls the taser away from the tied down Bruno to slap him across the face once to try to rouse him before he goes back to tasing. "Come on, Bruno. Wake up. Your nephew's wanting some words. Its me, Scott. I saved you from the big bad Witch Hunter. Which as you know means you want to open your eyes before I splatter your fucking brains on this tree like my cousin Alexsei. Come on, you remember that shit, you know who I am. Open them pretty little eyeballs."

Eventually, Lily does give up in her futile efforts to fight with Scott, resigning herself to plopping down on the forest floor with her legs folded in a pretzel and her arms crossed over her chest, silently sulking.

Scott's efforts don't go unrewarded, as Bruno finally begins to stir, a groan escaping as he rapidly blinks, the setting sun causing him to pull his arm up to shield his eyes. He's definitely disoriented if his twisted facial expression were any indication, and he asks Scott in a parched, cracking Russian accented voice, "What do you want?"

"I want two. Exactly two things from you Bruno." Scott says as he grabs his axe off of the ground and tests how sharp it is. Its not. "First thing." he says, letting it really sink in for the guy the sound of his voice and knowing how fucked he is. "Did you fucking sire this kid and make her think you're her daddy? I mean, goddamn, that's fucked up." he says. "And remember, your daughter and Rachel are both listening. You remember Rachel, right?"

Bruno's eyes are on that axe, which is probably the only thing preventing him from trying to get up and move, and he narrows his eyes at Scott. "How is that your business?" asks the Russki, his lips pursing into a thin, tight line. "She's my Childe now. Who she was before no longer matters." is the only explanation he has, weak as it may be.

Lily continues to sulk in the grass, though she does attempt to follow the conversation with utter confusion written on her countenance, as if perhaps not even aware of her own nature.

"Fucking told you." the Hunter mutters, but is otherwise stoically silent, watching on from his spot.

"Ooo... that one made Rachel twitch a little." Scott says with a shake of his head as he makes sure Bruno's still tied down tight. "You know the Emperor didn't like that siring kids shit, right? Wait wait wait. No. That's not the second thing. But I do got some facts for you. Fact one is that you know you're going to leave this place missing parts. Whether it's your balls or your heart's up to you. You know why She made me. That's to break you. Fact two is, you stepped in just an unlucky pile of shit. Imagine my surprise when you were just here. Like the wrath of an angry God set you right here in front of me. The fucking executioner." He shrugs his shoulders and starts loosening up his arms. "The second thing I want from you is this. I want you to say you're fucking sorry. For hurting Her. And this little girl. You'd better sound like you mean it. My next twitch is taking off a hand."

"If you take my hand or any other parts, I'll inform Anatoly. Do you really, really want to see exactly what he can do to her?" Bruno asks Scott fairly menacingly despite his predicament, a smug smile on his thin, pale lips as if he knows something the other man doesn't.

By this point, Lily slowly begins to scoot away from the two males and that axe of Scott's.

"Wrong answer, Bruno." Scott says with a shake of his head as he stomps hard on Bruno's groin. hard enough likely to crack his pelvis. "Been awhile since you had a pulse. I could taste that. You're assuming I'm going to let you live to tell grandpa about this shit, you stupid smug cunt. All of you bitches. Every one of you I've been through already you're all fucking like broken records. Trigger this kid's suggestions. Now. Unfuck her brain with whatever snapping you have to do. Fix it, or I'm putting this fixing axe through your frontal lobe. Lily, I need you sit down, sweetie. You're fine. We're family." His tone isn't angry but its definitely still a command. "Tell her to sit down." He says to Bruno. "Now."

Scott's foot is a direct connect with Bruno's groin, the impact causing the sharp cracking noise of bone beneath the thin layers of clothing and flesh, making the dark haired man attempt to double over and gasp out a foreign word - most likely a curse. He struggles to catch his breath, his flimsy body not used to such pain, but he does turn his head to address Lily, "Sit down."

The moment the command is barked, Lily stops backpedaling and immediately pouts, but drops back down and takes a seat, her arms crossing over her chest as she scowls at the man.

"Alright." Scott says to the Witch Hunter now as the sun sets. "You get to live. You take Lily to one of those Order joints. Where she can learn to be a fucking vampire. Because this guy fucked her." he unties the man. "I'll take the flak for this. The Empire already suspects I've been the one killing the Sokorovs. Hey Bruno, I've been killing the Sokorovs. Just make sure she's safe." he says as he turns and lifts his axe, spike end down. "Say you're sorry, Bruno. Before the lights go out."

The Hunter looks visibly grateful when Scott says those magic words, his uninjured shoulder slacking for the first time since he'd been placed against the tree. He hesitantly looks away from the man down to the bindings on his wrists, then travel up to his busted shoulder with a wince, "I hate to be a downer in this fucked up little family moment, but I'm gonna need some help with that."

Lily's pout turns into a frown, tears welling in her eyes and once again, her sobbing begins anew.

Bruno tightens his jaw and sucks on his teeth, quiet for some time. When he finally speaks, his dark eyes moving to Lily, mouth opening long before the low voice escapes, "I'm sorry, Lily."

"Yeah... I'm sorry too, Bruno." Scott says, "I'll make sure she's alright. This shit ain't over though. Not till you're all dead." Scott smashes the axe downward crushing the front of Bruno's skull. Shattering teeth with just the force of the impact. Buts of skull, globs of blood, brain matter and worse go flying through the air. He takes a breath through his teeth in a moment, crosses himself, and then moves over to Lily and kneels down in front of her. "I'm sorry too. He made you into a vampire. You know that... today at least, right?" he says as he nods to the Witch Hunter. "Where's your car? Take her to Saint Gillians. That's in North Boston." He does though look at Lily for a long moment as he scoops her up. "My Sire made me... so I would kill them. I'm sorry I didn't kill Bruno before he killed you."

Scott prepares to follow the Witch Hunter, holding Lily.

The gore bits explode in an arc, showering the trees and foliage nearby, a flutter of wings flapping away as some winged beast takes off from its perch, though the glass-shattering shreik expelled from Lily takes precedence, piercing the ears of anyone unfortunate enough to be nearby. Once the torture ends, she immediately folds into a fetal position and begins rocking herself frantically, incoherent words attempting to make sense through her sobs. Her hysterics could very well be enough to alert some passerby.

"In front of the cemetary," is the Hunter's answer, stiffly nodding his comprehension of what he's been told, then trying to struggle to his feet with some help from the tree he'd been placed against, using his uninjured shoulder to brace himself. He tries his best to hold his arms out, but only one arm really moves and he grimaces, groaning in pain while he starts to move in the direction of the cemetery.

Strangely perhaps, Scott doesn't really try to console Lily as much as he might at first as he lifts Lily and carries her quietly behind the Hunter. "Shh..." he says softly. "You're gonna be alright. When you're older, I'll show you how this is done and I'm not going to get in your head and fuck with you. I promise you. You just need to stop screaming for now. Hate me if you have to. I would hate me, too. But someone's got to teach those crusty dead bastards that they can't do whatever they want. Bunch of kid rapist fucks. I know. Believe me. I know you feel like he was the whole world but there are plenty of vampires. Plenty of trouble to get into. And you have a family. When you're more able to handle your shit... Give me a call. I'll come get you. I promise."

Lily doesn't resist being picked up as she seems to have gone into some sort of shock, having cried herself out, her bony body curled up tightly on itself as she just kind of stares at Scott vacantly with her innocent amber eyes. The hunter leads Scott down the paths through the cemetary to arrive at a shitty, matte blue older model Buick parked there. Luckily, his keys are located in the pocket of his good side, and he fishes them out to fumble with them, unlocking and opening the car door, then moving aside to let Scott place the child in a seat. Still, she stares while her bottom lip trembles.

With Lily having cried herself out which is understandable Scott is left scratching the side of his neck for a moment as he turns his attentions on the Witch Hunter. Standing shirtless now as he says, pretty simply. "Saint Gillian's. Its on Exeter street. One three four sevem. They take care of these turned too soon vampire kids. I'm going to take you at your word that you're not as big a piece of shit as Bruno and I'm pretty sure after today you're pretty aware of the fact that if you fuck me on this I'm going to burn down everything you ever loved. I got nothing but time. I'm going to call them later. When you get that arm looked at. You want to talk to Nurse Pavinsky. They'll hook you up and keep the Hand off of your back while you're getting better. Bills off the table."

Scott says, a raspy South Boston tenor, "I need to go bury Bruno."

The Hunter listens intently to what Scott has to say, his attention moving away from the broken girl in the back seat to summarily tell the pale man, but not without earnest, "I'll get her there." He makes no further comment regarding his own safety, so it's anyones guess if he'll follow that advice. Climbing into the car with a grunt, he settles down into the drivers seat and reaches over himself to close the door, careful not to jostle his limp arm too much. He's quick to turn the ignition and peel away, leaving Scott by himself.

Heading back to Brunos's dead body, Scott takes any jewelry, anything clothing, anything he could be wearing that might serve as an arcane focus and he starts to dig a hole. Not a deep one. He'll be ash by the time anyone finds out he's missing. But deep enough to hide him. "Bruno, Bruno... Bruno. Out of all of your 'brothers' that I've killed? You're my absolute favorite."

Of course, there's no answer from Bruno, very much dead with his brain bits soaking into the creepy forest foliage. Scott would find a pair of silver cufflinks in the mans pockets and a silver chain around his neck holding an ornicately decorated phial with a swampy green mixture inside, the stopper connecting it to the chain and also keeping the substance firmly held within. The pale man's hole digging goes fairly uneventful aside from the occasional chitter or chirp of the local wildlife.

"That's a nice fucking suit, Bruno. You dead fuck." Scott says, pocketing his accoutrements and kicking him into the hole before filling the hole/ The phial of green liquid he dumps out onto the ground, crushing the bottle under his heel. "Visiting family my pasty dead ass." he mutters, in response to something Lili had said. "Next time bring your A hame Grandsire." he says with his shallow grave filled.

[That phial Scott just crushed under boot might have looked vaguely similar to one Asya sometimes wears.]

With the deed handled and Bruno buried in his shallow grave to turn to ash at a later date, Scott can go back to trying to smoke that cigarette he'd been craving earlier.

Scott smokes that cigarette on the way out of the woods. Humming as he goes with a flashlight in hand. What is he humming? Who cares?