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SR Leilani

               (Conrad's odd encounter(SRLeilani):SRLeilani)

        [Thu Oct 18 2018]

At a grassy field

It is morning, about 52F(11C) degrees, and the sky is covered by dark grey stormclouds.

Conrad says "ooc room must be buggy as hell"

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Conrad is trying to get one mote person so your karma gains are better

Conrad The wolf man looks at the Academy students. His thoughts were...

Still when the young kids hive him a good morning, Conrad responds with a wide grin. "Morning kids! Try to be productive!"

The wolf man looks at the Academy students. His thoughts were... well whatever Conrad thinks.

Still when the young kids hive him a good morning, Conrad responds with a wide grin. "Morning kids! Try to be productive!"

A couple of students, holding hands, walk on Blackfield's campus, the girl holding a couple of books on her other hand. They seem to be chatting quietly, on their way from the dorms in the Union building's general direction, their pace slow and relaxed, both of them seeming more interested in their conversation than in reaching their destiny. Fortunately it isn't snowing like yesterday, and while cold, the walk isn't punishing. The boy jerks the girl's hand as she spots Conrad, tilting his head towards the college student, and whispering something on his girlfriend's ear.

Conrad looks amused and perhaps interested in the whispering. Which perhaps was caught by his enhanced senses: he could hear better then most humans. Either way he sits there just for the moment.

With Conrad heightened senses, he manages to overhear parts of words, 'Con...', 'Trait...' and 'Hand'.

The girl stops for a moment, giving her boyfriend an odd glance, but then a determined nod, whispering something back to him before resuming walking, the pair now seemingly approaching Conrad. While he maintains a relaxed appearence, there's something different on the girl's face, a resolute determination on her features.

Conrad crosses his arms and slightly sit his derriere, on a nearby table. He wanted to know what the youngsters were going to ask or talk to him.

"Hey, you're Conrad right?" the boy asks Conrad as they approach, a loud rumble of a voice, necessary for the words to carry in as they cut the distance. When they're closer to Conrad and the table he sits, the couple unlock their hands and the male extends his hand towards Conrad, adding "I'm Zef, and this is Sally", he introduces them, with a friendly smile. Sally, however, gives Conrad just the shiest of smiles, reaching for her phone instead and busying herself with texting.

Conrad Shaking the hand firm, and up-nodding them, he goes straight to the point. "So what is it. What do you need taken care off."

Shaking the hand firm, and up-nodding them, he goes straight to the point. "So what is it. What do you need taken care off." Conrad was not going to beat around the bush unless it was a patience thing like Leilani suggested previously. But he wanted to at least know what he is getting into or dealing with.

As the handshake occurs, Conrad, perceptive as he is, notices that there is a ring on Zef's hand, and, in it, a stylized sun engraved. The ring doesn't seem to have had much use. The boy seems abashed by Conrad's reply, and he just says "oh, huh... well, we were just about to go out and get something to eat, chat a bit... and, you know, you're a new guy around here and all alone, we thought you might want to come with us?" he invites Conrad, while the girl eventually does all she has to do with her phone and puts it away, looking at Conrad for the first time, and giving him a smile.

"Hey, hey, calm down..." Zef says with a frown and a step back. "we're students here, right? There's no need to bring any of those things to the table, we were just being nice coeds..." Sally throws Zef a look, and the boy adds, "There's the hometown diner, nearby... we can walk, it's not that far, but Sally has a pretty cool ride" Zef replies, smile slightly returning to his lips. "Let's go?" he suggests to Conrad, an arm moving to loop around Sally's shoulders, as he motions to start walking towards the exit. "Sometimes I think you just hang out with me because I have a car and you don't..." the girl complaints quietly, as she also starts moving, glancing to the side to watch with curiousity as an academy girl draws a flower with red petals.

Huffing a bit with a crinkled nose, and probably against his better judgement, Conrad followed. He was tense, so tense. He was ready to explode into werewolf if he was attacked or felt threatened in any way. "All right, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt."

The couple start walking towards the exit of the Institute, presumeably to the parking lot. "You don't need to worry about him..." Sally tells Conrad, even if her eyes avert a bit, and the girl's pale skin blushes slightly. "We would really enjoy your company", she adds, trying to insinuate something without actually saying anything. Zef, on the other hand, shrugs, and tells Sally "who cares, if he decides he doesn't want to come, I'm sure there are other cool guys around... we don't need to deal with someone who puts so much importance into a ring, you'll see." Sally sighs, shaking her head and muttering "you and your stupid ring..." The girl, on her end, doesn't seem to be wearing any rings or other jewelry besides a thin gold necklace that, if it has some symbol hanging on it, it isn't visible, as the necklace disappears under her t-shirt.

Conrad While interested in the symbol, he didn' have X-ray vision. But the way he developed his senses was by studying the prey. How they move, how they act, how they might even think when he bluffs "Guys, really, IF I didn't want to go, I'd not go, at all."

While interested in the symbol, he didn' have X-ray vision. But the way he developed his senses was by studying the prey. How they move, how they act, how they might even think when he bluffs "Guys, really, IF I didn't want to go, I'd not go, at all." Conrad huffs a little just like he would if in wolf form. "So after studying, you guys hang out and al that jazz?"

"After, before, during... I haven't been to many classes" Sally openly admits to Conrad was they walk, while Zef seems to have lost his talkative mood. But as soon as they step into the parking lot, and out of the Institute proper and the area where its wards have an effect, Conrad is suddenly pulled into the deep nightmare. It was a trap. Not quite giving any time for Conrad to act, three different, older looking Temple operatives, shoot their taser guns towards Conrad, while Sally and Zef join them in the nightmare.

He should have known better. Conrad anger allows him to push his body to extreme levels. He was in pain 24 hours due the silver, that? That was more painful then anything else. So as the tasers make their effect, Conrad still stands. He can't attack. Not yet. They had the advantage of having giving him a short time paralysis. Either way it was bad, but not as bad as the silver his been having for quite some time, tasers were painful. But that only flooded him more as he bursts from his clothes, ready to fight anyone and everybody and go down fighting.

A rather tall and burly young man turns into Conrad.

"What took you so long?" one of the operatives snarks at the younger couple, while one of the others keeps pointing his gun at Conrad, and the third moves, thinking he is going to render him helpless, just to instead see the Hand's student turn into a black, furred wolf, which makes him drop the binds on the floor and reach for his gun, firing it as he starts stepping back. The one that was pointing its tasergun also fires at the inhuman beast again, while Zef reaches for Sally's arm and pulls her back in a protective way, the other hand reaching for and drawing a machete from his backpack.

Because the man who fired the gun did it so bad, Conrad was able to leap out of the way. When the taser gets shot, the wolf lunges to the side then pounces on the man to neutralize him quickly, as he bite deep into a painful body part, the clavicle of the shoulder. once his jaws locked in, he thrashes hard and pulls in the intent of ripping something, though Sanctuary won't let it happen.

"And we're late? You're the ones who should be able to tie him up for interrogation..." Sally cries out to the operative who protested before, eyes wide in shock as she sees Conrad, now as a wolf, managing to dive his teeth through one of her companion's vest by the shoulder. The guy who missed his first shot keeps shooting against Conrad, however, eager to waste a full round on the werewolf, while the other does the trained gestures to load a tranquilizer in a tranq gun, aim, shoot. Zef, holding his machete, looks around and intensely, but he doesn't seem to get any closer to the wold and the bitten prey, while the injured one reached for a small knife and tries to stick it on Conrad, mostly just hoping to get the wolf to let go off him.

Conrad turns into a rather tall and burly young man.

Ugh. Tranquilizers. Due to his size and constant adrenaline and rage, it won't knock him down but now he felt as slow as molasses. He frocibly thrashes the other man to get out of his way as the dart hits. The bullets sadly hit the man, for Conrad had placed him in the route. But too many. And too slow. He tries to move some more but even he couldn't fight all these people. So he shifts back, gets his stuff and raises a hand of defeat. "Fine. You got me. You don't need to use the damn holders. His speech is heavily slurred. " give up. Okay. You got me.""

Conrad gets A pile of a rather tall and burly young man's belongings and straps it onto his back.

Conrad is now helpless.

They are simply too many, too ready, they did manage to catch Conrad by surprise. Despite his best efforts, the werewolf doesn't manage to resist all those attacks of all those temple operatives for long, and now, perhaps due to some self-preservation instinct, he admits defeat. The Temple operatives do not risk being deceived, and while Sally rushes to tend to the one with an injured shoulder, the others keep aiming their guns to Conrad. The honor of binding and tie Conrad up falls to Zef, who approaches with a weary but smug face, and, with ziplocks of his own, he binds Conrad securely.

You bind Conrad securely.

Welp. Nothing Conrad could do. Bound. The worst thing that wolves hated was restricted freedom. "I said I was coming along peacefully. I'm not sure why you had to wrap me up like a turkey." He starts to laugh hysterically, "The Hand won't be pleased."

Zef starts going through Conrad's stuff, while he starts to talk, explaining "we need to talk... and, I assure you, you wil--- WHAT THE FUCK?" he interrupts himself, as he holds something from Conrad's possessions and drops it once he feels it, even before realizing it is an infant human heart that his hands have just touched. Acting as a tough guy isn't enough, and this Temple trainee and college student seems to be still impressionable by some things. And, as such, comes the first question, even if it is clearly not a planned one: "what are you doing with.. this?"

"That is a gift from a powerful being. You sure you want to risk the owner of the Goblin Market's wrath?" Conrad states in a deadpan as he looks at Zef, "But sure. Do whatever with the heart. I'm not the one who will get extremely stressed about it. But you might."

Not the question that was being planned, but still a topic of interest, it seems. Letting the younger and impressionable Templar get his bearings, the one who shot the tranq gun approaches, and asks Conrad in an authoritative manner, taking over the interrogation, "And why would Gobar grant you a gift?"

"Ask him?" Conrad remarks with a shrug. "It's not like Temple never uses them. I know you do."

The Templar moves his tranq gun, rotating it on his hand and flinging it as a bat, using its handle to hit it against Conrad's knee. "I don't have time to waste, beast, so don't try to waste it. This is how things work around here: I make questions, you answer them. I like the answer, I move to the next question. I don't like it, I give you some pain to remind you that we -will- get what we want, and then ask again." The weapon is held again as it was, and the man asks "Why did Gobar decide to grant you a gift?"

"Well man. If I knew the damn answer, don't you think I'd answer?" Conrad declares. "I told you, ask him." Damn good thing he hit the knee. While he hate it the silver in his body. It did rise his pain threshold.

The templar makes the same hand movements, to rotate the same weapon in the same way, in order to hit it in the same spot on Conrad's knee. Perhaps he isn't too imaginatively. Perhaps he is just starting. "You are still wasting my time" he points out to Conrad. "Let me get this straight: you just walked into the Market, and Gobar just decided, out of kindness from his beastly heart, to think 'hey, why don't I give an expensive item from this market to one of our patrons?"

Feels that one. Conrad hopes his regeneration leaves the mark less noticeable "Well, heck man. Your guess is as good as mine. Why would I lie about it? I went in. We had an argument, he realized I was right. And gave me a heart for the trouble. Hence I never lied. I have no idea why he gave me that when moments earlier he was going to kick my ass."

Conrad's first words have the Templar tighten the grip on the weapon he's holding, no doubt preparing to deliver yet another of his blows. However, as Conrad keeps talking he seems to relax the grip a bit, and once the werewolf stops talking, the Templar replies, even if he doesn't sound too convinced, "Now we're finally getting somewhere. He gave you the heart because you won an argument" he sums up, perhaps letting the prisoner know what would be the answer that could have avoided him the previous hits in the first place. Of course, that is followed by another question: "What was the argument about?"

"I brought in a friend who I thought was human but had signed in Blackfield College. Which reminds me. I have double the protection. Blackfield doesn't like people messing with their students. Neither does the Hand. Dude just let me go. You won't get nowhere with me." Conrad explains after a roll of his eyes and a huff like if he was in his wolf form. He lowers his head, appearing to be broken. Nope. Wrong. He lifts his head with a smirk, a very evil one. "You want something else. What is it."

The Templar smirks at Conrad's words, and tells him "Blackfield doesn't like people to mess with their thing, that's fine by me. I didn't even go in there, did I? However, out here? Outside of Blackfield's and specially with that ring on, you can't seriously expect to be treated like an innocent student kid, you are a beast, a member of the Hand, and you're being treated as such. You seriously won't try and tell me that you didn't know what did you sign up into when you joined your new 'bosses'... Meeting with people you'd wish never to see, getting tied up and questioned is going to become part of your life... get used to it -- or leave the Hand behind and go back to whatever hellish hole you've came from." After that brief moment of education, he returns to his questioning, asking "you went into the market with one of your student collegues. How did that turn into an argument with Gobar?"

Starting to laugh even more hysterically, Conrad says "Oh please. That's the wort attempt to convince someone to leave. See the thing is I KNOW I'm a monster. I RELISH in being a monster and I will ALWAYS serve the Hand. Your best bet is killing me. Other that we are both wasting time due to Sanctuary. So how about you let me go and I'll forget this incident ever happened."

Conrad probably knows the ritual by now: the Templar does rotate the weapon, and in the end it connects to his already beaten up knee, this time seemingly with a bit more force - which wouldn't be surprising by the unamused expression of the Templar doing the interrogation - or perhaps it's just the toll it is starting to take, from the fact that he is being beaten up on the same spot again and again. Ignoring Conrad's reply, perhaps never expecting Conrad to actually leave, and - being a Templar - probably really believing that Conrad will only be in a good place when he's dead and buried, he instead repeats his question. "You took another student into the market, and then an argument with Gobar started. What was that argument about?"

The knee could take it. Sanctuary wouldn't let him pass that defense. Still something pops (inflict mild damage) But the wolf grits his teeth and powers through the pain. "Dude you are wasting your time. And mine. There is nothing else to talk about as I explained everything you asked, but you are not a good listener." Conrad shakes his head.

The Templar moves the gun to press against the knee, knowing that - in its state - the action needs to hurt like hell. "No" he replies, "you are avoiding the question, which means I want to know the answer to it. You said you went into the market with a college student, whom you thought was a human - so I am assuming it turned out they're not. You also said that you had an argument with Gobar." The pressure on the knee is relieved, even if the (temporary) damage is done. "So, connect the dots for me. What was your debate with Gobar about?" he asks yet again.

injure conrad mild Done.

God dammit that hurt. He closed his eyes drawing more from his natural chemicals: endorphins and adrenaline. He couldn't shift, but he could still rely on regeneration later. He ignores the pain for now. "Dude. You are really wasting our time. I already said why. You are a terrible listener." Conrad was talking in a raspy way because he was also trying to push through the pain. Beads of sweat forming over his face. "I wonder if Seye would like that you are messing with a member of the Hand, considering he owes Master Gage his grudging loyalty, yeah. I read the servers too."

Templars are a stubborn bunch - or at least these ones are. But impatient too: "He's stalling and wasting our times" Zef accuses Conrad, speaking towards the interrogator, who is trying to act like he has all the time in the world, even if Conrad might have noticed his girlfriend glancing towards her watch several times already, during this interrogation. "Maybe I need to be more convincing" the interrogator replies to Zef, rotating the weapon in his hands, positioning it in the way it would need to be if he would like to do what he has been doing to the knee, but now to the one on the other leg. Crouching just a bit to approach his face to Conrad's, he asks, again: "What. Was. the argument, about" in a paused, menacing tone.

"I. Told. You. Hours. Ago." Conrad repeats. He looks straight into the man's eyes. "I hope you are able to sleep well tonight. What goes around, comes around." He then sits back, leaning back as if to relax. "Let me go. There is nothing else to talk about."

The Templars have been acting against the clock all this time, and they knew it. Perhaps Conrad knew it too. That's why the Templar students were in such an hurry to lure Conrad outside, or why the soldiers waiting for them in the nightmare were so impatient. Whether Conrad suspected of it or not, and helped by Fortune and the fact that an heart was found in his possessions, with the time spent in the fight, and the stalling on Conrad's replies during the interrogation, the Templars have learned almost nothing yet - and certainly not about whatever subject they wished to ask Conrad about in the first place. However, their time has run out. "They're coming!" shouts one, and, in an hurry, the Templars leave the spot they were, ignoring Conrad and leaving him there in the nightmare, injured and tied.

"Rotten assholes." Conrad comments as he looks at the box of cigarette in his pockets. "Yeah... That's not going to work. At all." So he does the next best thing, now that he was alone. Absolutely nothing comes to mind. "Great. Now to wait until Sanctuary let's me loose."

'They were coming', indeed. While no Templars are now around to be seen, a group of half a dozen Hand members approach, Conrad probably noticing them first by listening a call of a female voice, one of the group to the others, saying "the pup's here!" Soon enough one of them unties Conrad and takes him out of the nightmare, while the others spread and try to catch the vanished Templars. The conversation and explanation given is quick, as the one who unties Conrad also wants to join the search party. However, Conrad would realize that the Templars whom he spent these moments with are not from Haven's chapter, nor are the Hand members trying to track them down. Unfortunately, Conrad didn't learn what did they want from him either... not today, at least. If he bothers to look, he'll also find out that, unsurprisingly, the 'couple of students' are no Blackfield students at all.

You untie Conrad.

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Conrad is no longer helpless.

Conrad walks down.