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SR Thea-Encounter 01

Encounter at 2:11pm on December 14, 2015 by SRThea. This log has been cleaned of thinks and typos, with formatting added for readability.

Sasha closes her eyes as she takes a long swig of her beer, tilting her head back with a groan as she rests on the couch, slumping into it wearily. "Fuck.... what a day. What a night," she adds in a mutters, weariness apparent in her frame and dark circles under her eyes as she rests.

As Sasha catches her breath, there's a flash of light across the windows and the sound of a car trying to pull up and park quietly outside the cabin.

Sasha cracks her eyes open at the sound, looking to the window. With a press of her lips together, she leans forward and sets down her beer, rising and making her way near the windows to peer outside, her foot nudging the duffel bag of gear that rests next to it.

A State Trooper car can be seen outside, with two male officers just stepping outside of it. They're conversing too quietly to be heard, but their body language speaks of a strict professionalism. One of them is older with a thick bearded, and looks to be reassuring the younger officer before they turn as a pair and head towards the door. Their expressions are a bit tense, though they make no attempts to be furtive about their approach of the cabin.

Sasha reaches down into her bag, pulling out a small knife, which gets tucked into the back of her shirt and waistband. Once empty, her hand goes up to her earpiece as she mutters, "I've got two troopers nosing around outside my house. Will check in shortly, or else assume they're not up to any good."

Not long after Sasha checks in, there's a loud and authoritative knock on the door and a baritone voice rings out. "Miss Sasha Michaels! This is Officer Johanson of the State Police, please open this door!"

Sasha moves over to the door, hand hovering near the doorknob. "I'm gonna open it, show me your badge and identification, please," she calls back, her foot just a couple of inches from the door to allow it to open a crack. After a second, she does just that, opening it just a little and peering out.

Once the door opens, Sasha can see the two officers standing there openly, the younger one hanging back a bit and letting the older Johanson address her. Officer Johanson slowly reaches for his badge, the other hand open to his side and facing with the palm down in a deliberately unthreatening gesture. The badge and identification is held out for the chestnut-haired woman's perusal. "Satisfied?" he asks easily, his voice matching that of the one that had been heard through the door. The badge looks to check out as legitimate if examined closely.

Sasha nods her head slightly as she moves her foot, opening the door more fully. "Apologies, Officer Johanson. The way things are in this day and age, one can't be too careful. Is there a problem?"

The older officer nods in understanding, not seeming to be taken aback at all by Sasha's request. "Of course, Miss. Nothing wrong with being careful." His polite expression tenses slightly as he continues, gaze firmly fixed on the young woman. After a quick glance around, the younger officer (his badge reads Officer Donnelly) similarly watches her intently. The elder man replies with some small hesitation, "Well, there's a warrant out for your arrest. So if you don't mind coming down with us to the station?"

"I see," Sasha 's accent shows as she drawls out the word, not moving from her spot. "May I ask the charge?"

The two officers relax marginally at Sasha's reaction, before Officer Johanson answers Sasha. "Suspicion of kidnapping... The report wasn't very detailed, I'm afraid. Something about a missing person." He looks her over scrutinizingly and attempts a reassuring smile. "I'm sure they can better answer your questions down at the station. Mind coming with us to the car?" As he continues, his tone shifts a bit to the more mechanical, seeming quite practiced with the next few sentences. "You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney, if you cannot afford one then one will be appointed for you."

"I see...." Sasha comments, pushing away from the doorframe and holding the door open enough to show the healing scars on the stub of a left arm she has. "Wanna tell me how I muscled someone away and kidnapped them, before we go?" she asks a bit pointedly.

Officer Johanson blinks in surprise as he gets a glimpse of Sasha's healing scar, and even Officer Donnelly leans over to get a glimpse of what she was getting at. They both grimace sympathetically before the former shrugs helplessly, looking at a loss himself. "I'm not the detective on this case, Miss... Unfortunately, I don't know the details of it. Still, if it's a mistake I'm sure they'll clear it up easily enough."

"...fine," Sasha says, narrowing her eyes just slightly as she thinks it over. "I'm gonna make a call first, though. My priest is expecting me to meet with him here in a little bit, and I'd rather not keeping the Father waiting, if you don't mind?" she asks, gesturing to her front pocket and pulling out her phone slowly, letting both officers see with a deliberate motion. "That alright?"

The older officer tenses subtly as Sasha gestures towards her pocket, but looks to be reassured by her slow movements and the appearance of the phone. After a brief moment's thought, he nods in agreement. "Certainly, if you don't mind making it here while you stay with us." The junior officer looks at his superior skeptically, before shrugging slightly and takes another scan of the surrounding area.

"As you wish," Sasha says, her thumb swiping across the screen before she taps at it. Holding it up to her ear, she mutters to the others, "got his voicemail, hang on," before she speaks up and clearly speaks into the phone, "Father, it's Sasha. Look, I'm not gonna make that meeting this afternoon, at least not for awhile. I've got two officers here with some mistake about me kidnapping someone. I'm gonna head to the station to clear it up, I'll call you later, thanks." turning the phone off, she shoves it back into her pocket as she reaches for the coatrack nearby, pulling one off and sliding it on. "Okay?"

Officer Johanson nods readily, and takes a step towards the police car before turning back to make sure Sasha is following along without resistance. "Thank you for your cooperation, Miss Michaels. Hopefully this won't take long to clear up." He offers a small calming smile towards Officer Donnelly, who watches Sasha and tries not to let his gaze linger too long on her missing arm.

Sasha finishes slipping her jacket into place, then steps out onto the porch and tugs the door closed, locking it behind her. "You don't mind if we forgo the cuffs, as, well..." she offers a wry smile, the empty sleeve of her left arm moving as she gives the stub a little wave towards Officer Donnelly.

The junior officer snorts a bit at Sasha's remark and gesture, which earns him a disappointed glare from his partner. Johanson nods towards Sasha in agreement. "Of course. Obvious reasons aside, you've given us no reason to resort to those." He sighs a bit before holding the back door to the car open for her. "I wish all my arrests have gone this smoothly. You seem like a very nice young lady, I'm sure this is just all some misunderstanding."

"So who is it I supposedly kidnapped? I'm kinda looking forward to this story, should be a good one," Sasha comments lightly as she climbs in, sliding over a bit to clear the door.

Once the pair of officers make sure Sasha is securely in the backseat of the vehicle, they take their seats in the front. Johanson doing the driving, Donnelly reaches over to start navigating the menus on the car's computer. "Let's see... Looks like you are under suspicion of kidnapping a Marty McFly?" His brow furrows before he's elbowed by Johanson, who speaks reprimandingly at first. "Officer, you should leave that up to the detective in charge- Wait, did you say Marty McFly? ...Isn't that the kid from those movies?"

Sasha snorts as she shakes her head, just sitting back comfortably in the back seat. "No offense, officers, because I know that you were just passed the warrant, but that seriously made it off a Detective's desk?"

Donnelly ponders briefly before shrugging towards his older partner. "Maybe? ...The Back to the Future ones I think? I haven't seen those, bit before my time." He admits with a smirk, and given Johanson's reflexive groan, the impression might be given that this is a common point of ribbing between the pair. With a grumble, Johanson orders Donnelly with no small note of exasperation. "Call it in, I really thought they had cleared all of these out... Check with Detective Lassiter and see if this is legit." Donnelly makes a call on the phone, shooting a sheepishly apologetic look back towards Sasha.

Sasha returns the smile to Officer Donnelly, shrugging a bit as she says, "Not your fault, I know. Just get it cleared off my record so I don't get a parking ticket in the future and get arrested for kidnapping again?"

The younger officer nods back towards Sasha, hand over the mouthpiece of the phone long enough to reply. "Of course, Miss. You probably had nothing to do with this." With a quick glance over to Johanson, whose attention currently seems split between driving and grumbling to himself, he adds quietly. "We had some... trouble with hackers getting into the mainframe recently. Some eco-terrorists, I think, like the ones who took out the power awhile ago. They put in some bogus files that were then processed and unfortunately did result in a few warrants like this being issued." After a minute or two of conversing on the phone, Donnelly sighs and taps the driver on the shoulder. "Time to turn back." He twists back in the seat to apologize to Sasha. "We're terribly terribly sorry about all this."

"Not your fault, but I appreciate it. I trust this is cleared up now, no more warrants and accusations?" Sasha asks.

Officer Johanson responds to Sasha, his baritone voice filling the car without too much effort. "Yes, of course." He glances back at her via the rear-view mirror. "I'm very sorry about all this trouble." Donnelly turns back to continue whispering towards her on the other side of the seat. "We haven't been able to figure out who's behind it yet, since no one's found a pattern yet among those who have been targeted, but good job doing whatever you're doing, since you've evidently pissed off people willing to hack into the police mainframe." With a wink, he offers her an approving thumbs up before straightening and facing forward far more professionally just as his senior partner glances over at him.

Sasha's lips quirk upwards in a bit of a smile, the gesture quickly neutralized as she looks blankly to the older officer. Once the car is stopped, she waits for the door to be opened and climbs out. "Well, officers, please don't take offense to this, but I kinda hope to not have to see you again officially for a long time. I will buy you a beer or something at the Lodge sometime if I run into you there, how's that?"

Sasha's comment draws smiles from both of the officers, Johanson getting out and opening the door for her. "Thank you for your understanding, Miss. No offense taken and we appreciate the offer." He winks at her. "If it's all the same to you, we also prefer to focus our efforts on catching actual criminals. Hope you have a good day!" Donnelly waves through the car towards her.

Sasha nods her head, pulling her phone from her pocket. "safe duties and all, Officers," she offers as she heads back into her house, closing the door behind her. She leans against it briefly, looking over to the hatch leading downstairs, as she exhales a breath slowly.