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SR Thea-Social Media War

This log has been cleaned of typos and probes, with formatting added for readability.

Scheme Thwart Beginning.

Intro: Sal Pasciano, a noted publicist for various companies based in New York with supposed ties with the Mob has been spotted in Haven. He's been seen mostly at the Dive and at the bar known as Willy's place, engaging in a social media storm of praises of the two sites and those associated with the two places as well as the more traditional use of press releases and newspaper interviews. Couple with this is a campaign of others badmouthing just about everyone else in Haven.

Desc: Further research into the arrival of Sal shows that about a dozen men and women arrived with him and have immediately begun the smear campaign of those in Haven to make the people involved with the Dive and Willy's place seem much more likeable in comparison. These men lay low for the most part, renting out various properties in Haven on short term leases.

Possible Thwart Method: Confronting either Romeo Inigo or Sal and his cronies would be the most likely way to thwart this scheme. But an original idea that makes sense will be considered.

In the cabin bedroom

It has cheap decor.

The room keeps with the simple and uncluttered design of the rest of the house. Resting against the northwestern corner of the bedroom is a king sized bed, white sheets and black frame, facing the southeastern window and the TV that sits upon a entertainment center similar to the one in the living room. Propped in the western corner is a similarity black colored dresser with gold colored handles. Pressed against the eastern window is a large black desk where a computer with a large set of speakers resides.

Hanging from the western wall a portrait of Haven taken from the perspective of Franklin bridge, done in a photo-realistic fashion.

It is afternoon, about 20F(-6C) degrees, and the sky is covered by dark grey stormclouds. It's snowing outside.

Dynamic Places: a computer upon a black desk

[ down ]

Josh is at a computer upon a black desk

Josh is on the computer, tabs of his browsers on the various major social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook, focused on pages praising The Dive and Willy's Bar, looking at it with disdain. "So, you wana go on a smear campaign, do you?" He wonders to the screen, shaking his head slowly. "Two can play at that game." First thing he does is bring up his email and begin an email to several of his contacts, pleading for their help. Specifically, his email is requesting them to reach out to various sex worker activist groups and get them in a Twitter war with The Dive and Willy's bar.

The contacts in question Josh are emailing would be Nate Steel of The Watchers and Kate Wellsworth, former Order member and someone who works extensively against human trafficking.

The e-mails prompt responses from Josh's contacts in fairly short order. They both agree to help out, but wonder if there is any particular angle or that Josh is looking to target. The Dive especially has been dogged by accusations of prostitution for a long time, so that sort of buzz might be shrugged off or seen as par for the course with such a venerable institution. Willy's does make the more tempting choice for that sort of attention, given there aren't well known strippers performing there regularly.

"Hmmm...they raise some interesting points," Josh says back to the screen, even though they can't hear him. After a moment of thought he replies, speaking as he types, "Okay, we work the angle that the strippers are overworked and underpaid, and are mistreated by management, yelled at, shoved, threatened to be fired or have their wages slashed if they don't put in extra hours. I'll also work some other angles as well." He leans away from the computer as he realizes, "Hmmm...I could make some bots that write bad reviews on various websites. Poor service, disgusting food, allegations of food poisoning...yeah...in for a penny, in for a pound," he thinks aloud.

Two quick beeps signify the responses from Josh's contacts, both to the effect of "Message received." Shortly after, Josh's windows start to pop up with notifications as activity starts to ramp up on the social media feeds of Willy's and the Dive. Glowing recommendations by Sal and his cronies that had stood unchallenged suddenly are commented by two or three new user names that pick apart the reviews with scathing glee. Expressions of sympathy and solidarity start appearing on the pages of the Dive's strippers, demonizing the conditions they're being forced to work under. This sort of surge continues on for at least ten minutes before there's any sign of movement from the Mob's apparent PR office. The responses quickly take the form of personal attacks towards the new critics, alleging they've never even eaten at the places they're reviewing among unkind commentary regarding their parentage and general disposition.

As the Fema-nazi's do their work Josh goes about the process of creating some bots to go about various bar and business review websites to post some generic bad posts on bot accounts, ones that are vague enough to apply to any bar but still scathing in their review. He checks the various social media posts in between breaks, smiling a bit as the The Great (Social Media) War rages in the trenches of Facebook, the fields of Twitter, the seas of Tumblr. Once the bots are done he sets them out on his meager bot network, a couple of poorly protected computers that have been compromised, to have them create accounts without their owner's knowings to post some bad reviews. "Alright. Lets keep up this attack."

The fronts shift back and forth, with both sides seeming to have the upper hand at times once Josh's bots start reinforcing the far better-written responses by the sex worker advocates. The two fronts seem on the cusp of overwhelming Sal's resources, but then there's a sudden surge from of responses targeting Josh's allies. He likely recognizes some of the more infamous usernames from the bowels of the internet like 4chan and the darker side of Reddit as alt-right trolls start spewing their hate on the posts. They vary from poorly done meme pictures to even trying to dox some of the dissenters. The posts start to slow to a crawl as Josh recognizes that the few targeted websites are starting to buckle from all the traffic and uploading.

"Fucking 4chan, fucking Reddit," Josh mutters to himself as he watches the bile that pops up on the feed with a slow shake of his head. He leans back as he watches the ongoings, wondering, "Maybe a DOS on the PR? ...naaah, The Association has much more skilled hacker on their side, that would leave too much evidence leading back to me." He begins going through his options to muster more support. "Hmmm...alt-right posters...wait...that's it." Diving back to his keyboard he reaches out to some more obscure far-left internet circles and points out the on going social media war against two scummy bars in a small down that have become a haven for The Alt-Right, otherwise known as neo-Nazi's.

Josh also makes sure how various alt-right trolls have come to the defense of this bar when some activist point out the various abuses of the strippers that work there.

"Alt-right association. Check, bitches. Lets see you get out of this," Josh says with a little grin.

With Josh's nudging, the course of things shifts in a direction all too common on the internet these days: spiraling out of control. Once the more liberal side of the 'net takes notice of the flagrant and insulting abuses by their arch-nemeses, the notifications just start piling up as the two sides both ramp up the pressure with the overwhelmed websites stuck in the middle and made into a battleground. One poster's ill-conceived defense of exploiting strippers because they aren't deserving of basic human decency since they choose to take off their clothes for money is assailed by actual accounts of sex workers who labor to keep their families just able to survive. An artful defense of women's rights is meme-ified into meaninglessness as the thread is derailed into countless conspiracy theories. Eventually it's all too much, and the websites one by one come up with "Page Not Found" errors.

The servers have crashed, and Josh can tell it will take them a hell of a time to bring those social media site entries back up. Even then it'll be a herculean effort to sift through all the comments and ratings and reviews to tell good from bad. The overarching story carried by the few local news sites that would show any interest are instead preoccupied with the war and its aftermath, rather than any positive press for the Dive and Willy's.

"Well...did I win?" Josh wonders as he furrows his brows at the screen, looking at the page which wants to load, but can't, the man shrugging his shoulders. "Oh well. At least I sent the message. Hopefully the mob PR decide it's a lost cause," he says, sending an email to his two contacts to thank them for their effort, before turning up the speakers and putting on the song Carry the Sun by The Glitch Mob.

The scheme thwart finishes successfully.