\ Haven:Mist and Shadow Logs/The Birds

The Birds

Time & Date 21:00 Saturday 3rd of June, 2017
Storyrunner SRBonnie
Type Encounter
Genre Paranormal Horror
Player Cast Fall Summers
Content Rating PG-13

Fall has accepted the encounter. (Highlight the white text below to see the prompt.)
Your target is attacked by an animal or small group of animals driven mad with magic, it is up to them to escape or fight them off for long enough for their allies to arrive and help deal with the threat.

At a Brazilian Food Truck outside of Fields Hardware and Pet Supply
It has cheap decor.
A food truck has been set up here with several wooden tables and benches surrounding them. Each table has a cloth umbrella that can be raised or lowered depending on the weather to provide shade for diners. The flooring is a smooth concrete with a gravel pathway that the truck rests on and leads to the road beyond.

It is after dusk, about 74F(23C) degrees, There is a waxing gibbous moon. You can hear the sound of waves behind and to the right of you.

Dynamic Places: dining tables
Fall is sitting at the table, greenish eyes flickering across the street occasionally.

Fall props her elbow up on the table as she takes another bite of her sandwich, munching on the steak and enjoying it by herself. Her greenish eyes flicker around the streets every once awhile as she watches a few random strangers walk by on their own business.

The sun dips below the western horizon.

It's a quiet evening at the Fields Hardware and Pet Supply. The chirping of birds from inside the shop has finally died down in response to the setting sun, as they start to drift off to sleep. Conveniently, this allows Fall to enjoy her sandwich a lot more peacefully, though it's short-lived. Suddenly the birds inside start screaming and screeching in a flutter of chaos, their wings beating against the cages. Curses can be heard from inside as the employee on duty starts backing up from the shop, onto the street where Fall is sitting by the truck.

Fall jerks around as she hears the commotions inside the shop. She blinks a few times, a brow lifted as she starts to stand, ending up somewhere between half-standing and sitting as she eyes the employee. "Uhh...Do you need help?" She asks, a brow arched and her sandwich and soda still in her hand. Her greenish eyes turn towards the shop, squinting slightly as she tries to peer inside to find the cause of the ruckus.

The man looks young and confused. Fall may recognise him as a college student from the nearby Blackfield Institute, likely working here part time to pay his way. "Uh ... No thanks," he says, in a wavering tone as if to reassure himself. "I got this, they're just uh ... I mean I don't know why they're like this, all of a sudden." Who they are becomes clear barely seconds later. He ducks, shielding his head, and out bursts a parakeet in a maddened flurry of feathers. They drift to the ground as it sweeps his head and rakes his scalp with curled claws, attacking him with unprecedented aggression.

Fall jumps to her feet, dropping her sandwich and soda on the table as she scurries over to help the young man. She waves her hands at the parakeet, trying to shoo it off from attacking the poor man. "Is this normal for your pets?!" She asks incredulously, a slight grimace as she tries to assist the man.

The parakeet is small and weak, but a surprisingly brave creature. It doesn't back off when Fall leaps up to shoo it away, screeching and screaming with a loud rush of anger. Its claws rake the frightened student's scalp, drawing blood, and it isn't until Fall's hand actually swats its body that it falls dizzily off to the side. "No!" shouts the man, trembling fingers grasping at his matted brown hair. "They're diurnal! They aren't even active at night! Oh shit." It's only now, touching his wet head that he even realises he's bleeding. Inside the birds in every cage all start to chirp in furore, and a click of metal sounds before a whole group of parakeets burst out from inside. This time it's Fall they're flying to attack.

Fall winces as she sees the wound at the man, swinging her backpack off to pull out tissues or something to help him. However, her attention snaps to the store as she hears the birds squawking aggressively. She begins, "Wha—" Her question, however is interrupted as she notices the parakeets bursting out of the store. With sharp shriek, she ducks, her hands covering her head as she tries to protect herself, exclaiming, "How did they get out?!"

The birds sweep above Fall's head when she ducks to protect herself, but the sound of their beaks hammers against the dining tables and every obstacle in their path in an effort to get to her. Should she be using her arms, those are liable to get scratched. "I don't know!" he shouts. "Get them locked up!" The path is far from clear, but a blur of cloth can be glimpsed inside the shop. Someone — someone unharmed — appears to be moving from cage to cage.

Fall hisses as their claws scratch at her arms. With a grimace, she asks, "How?!" Her gaze flickers to the store, briefly, barely able to catch the shadow moving inside. She makes a wild grab at one of the bird nearest to her, careful not to crush it, but attempting to somehow catch it. "Could you get the cages ou— Ow!" She yelps as another bird's claw catches at her arm.

The bird is easy to catch, but it struggles in Fall's hand and pecks aggressively at her skin. No matter how hard she squeezes it, in fact, nothing seems to stop it in its determination to harm her. The brown-haired student jumps up, waving his arms at the birds to try and scatter them away from her. "Hey! Leave her alone!" he shouts. "Shit. There's no way we can get them back in now — come inside." He tries to pull her by her arm into the shop.

Fall cries out as the bird pecks at her hand, instinctively releasing it. She bites on her lips, flinching slightly as the student tugs on her arm, scratched-up by the merciless birds. She stumbles after him into the shop, seeming to have given up on trying to collect the birds back and only looking for shelter from them instead.

It's a good thing that Fall manages to make her way inside the shop when she does, because as the brown-haired man slams the door shut, a sudden shudder echoes throughout it as a series of beaks lodge into it. The maddened birds can be heard pecking outside, splintering and clawing at the wood as if to try and break their way into it. He stares in horror, looking just as out of the loop as she is. There they both see a green-eyed woman with raven hair, wrapped in loose black clothing. It's clear her hair-colour is fake, meant to accentuate the gothic style of her make-up. She smirks at the pair, moving to place her hand on the lock of another cage. "Whoops," she says.

Fall huffs out air in relief, her reddish hair flying up slightly at that as the student closes the door behind them. Her greenish eyes shift to the other woman, before blinking a few times, her eyes narrowing slightly as she eyes the hand and the cage. "Hey! What are you doing?" She demands sharply more than asks, as she takes a step forward, a hand reached out to stop the woman.

"Ah, Jesus, you again." It seems the brown-haired student does recognise the woman, and he turns to stare at her, dumbfounded for a moment before Fall steps forward to stop her. He then lurches into action, and while the pair of them aren't quite fast enough to stop her from unlocking the cage, it isn't yet fully open. Inside, the birds beat their wings against the door, starting to pry it open. With Fall blocking the goth-styled woman's escape, the pet shop employee assists in flanking her, then twists her arm and tackles her to the ground.

"I'm freeing the birds!" the goth shouts, laughing.

Fall lunges at the cage, slamming the door of the cage back closed and securely locking the latch back on, though a few of the birds peck at her fingers as she does so. She hisses slightly, pressing the palm of her hand to her finger, before whirling around to face the student and the woman. She blinks a few times, watching dazedly as he restrains the woman, before asking incredulously, "You know her? This happened before?"

Around the woman's neck, a strange charm made of feathers and bone can now be clearly seen. She wears a green plastic wristband, too, which displays NEW WORLD ORDER in bold caps lock. "Some kind of vegan activist," the man says with a frown, keeping her arms locked. He looks up with a sudden panic at the sound of birds pecking at the door, but when he sees that Fall has shut the cage, the worry in his features melts into relief. "She left us some protest signs the other day. Came in a while before the fire to like, film some kind of cruelty video. I swear, we take good care of our pets here, we're nice to them." Despite being incapacitated, the activist wears a wide, triumphant grin on her face, looking up at Fall proudly as the man declares her notoriety.

Fall eyes the woman cautiously, greenish eyes trained on her. "If anything, I'd say she's the one making them all angry...I mean, they were calm before." With most of the wild pandemonium calmed down now, she looks down at her arms to examine the damage done, drops of blood trailing down from the numerous scratches of the bird. Her gaze flickers back to the student, before she breathes out a sigh, "Hold on...I'll call the police to pick her up." With that, she digs out her phone from her pocket and starts to dial the number.

"Thanks," the employee says to Fall with a nod of his head, giving her a weary, grateful look. The birds are all still screeching in their cages, and the ones outside can be heard persistently pecking and clawing at the door. They were indeed calm before, but now all of them seem to want to get out, even at the cost of injuring themselves. Fall's arms are scratched up, the employee's head is bleeding, and the birds too are cutting themselves against the bars. "I'll keep her still. Fuck, I should start carrying handcuffs if this is going to be a regular thing."

Still beaming, the activist swears, "I'll come back, just so you know. Next time it'll be the dogs that get you."

Fall furrows her brows, a concerned look shot towards the birds as they try desperately to flee from the cage. She quickly dials 911 and brings her phone up to her ear, "Hey? This is nine one one? There's a woman here at the, uh, pet shop on Beech street. She...Well, uh, she's damaging property you could say?" She pauses slightly as she listens to whatever the operator is telling her, "...Uh, yea. You might want to bring animal control or something to gather up the birds outside...They're a bit aggressive...Uh-huh, yea...Thank you." She hangs up, before looking back towards the student and then the woman, a small grimace as she hears her. She suggests the student, "Maybe you should ask the owner to place actual locks with keys on the doors or something..." She presses her lips together.

"We have those," the man says with confusion. "I don't know how she ... Right." He looks down at the smug, grinning activist, then releases her for only a second to make a grab for the set of keys stuffed into her pocket. This might be interesting to look at, but for whatever reason, Fall doesn't. She spaces out, losing track of time — when her attention returns, the woman is just gone. The brown-haired man can be seen looking around in confusion, so he too must have gotten distracted. Frowning, he turns towards the door and notes, "She got away." The sound of sirens can be heard outside as a police car pulls out, but within minutes, the screeching birds slowly start to calm down in their cages, and the pecking against the other side of the door ceases suddenly.

Fall blinks a few times, bringing a hand up to her head and mussing up her reddish hair, "Huh?" She looks around perplexed, both at where the woman headed off to and how the birds are all calming down. "Where'd she go..." She mumbles, before turning to the door, "I think...We can try to catch the birds...Or maybe let the police do that." She adds the last statement, hearing the sirens promising help. "Well...You should, uh be careful...With what the woman said about coming back..."

"Yeah," the man says with a frown, still seeming a little lost. "I'm Geoff, by the way." He turns first towards the locked cage to inspect the injuries on the claws of the birds, and raises his hands to gently try and coo them calm. His finger wiggles through the bars and none of them move to attack him. In steps the HSD seconds later, through the blare of the red and blue sirens.

"Treaty get broken?" asks a deputy.

"Nah," Geoff assures her, shaking his head from near the cage. The deputy, seeming suspicious, squints at Fall askance.

"Fall." Fall replies to the man, a brow lifted as the birds remain calm. Her gaze turns back to the deputy as she walks into the room. She breathes out a soft sigh, clearly looking relieved though she informs her, "Oh, the woman, uh, she got away." She wrinkles her nose slightly, "But she said she'd return again." Brushing a lock of reddish hair out of her face, she glances around briefly, flinching slightly as her arm stings with the cuts from the birds earlier.

"Great," says the deputy, lifting her eyes to the ceiling. "Love it when they make my job easier." She steps forward, extending Fall a handshake. "Thanks for calling it in, Fall. We'll take it from here. You should visit the Clinic and get someone to see to those cuts."

Geoff turns from the cage, giving Fall a weary nod. "Yeah, thanks Fall. Come back any time. It isn't usually like this, I swear."

Fall nods her head lightly, looking down at her arms, before taking the deputy's hand and squeezing it lightly, "Thanks for coming..." She bobs her head at Geoff, "Uh yea...Glad to help." Though she looks uncertain if she'd ever come back. She clears her throat, before offering the student a faint smile, "Well, uh, be careful then."

Geoff mirrors the smile, but despite her thanks, the deputy keeps squinting at Fall as if she might just be a prime suspect in this case. All the same, no one stops her departure. Outside she can hear the escaped parakeets chirping in the trees, clearly quite happy to be free, but no longer on any kind of warpath.

Fall breathes out softly, before walking out the store and making her way gingerly down the street, swinging her backpack off and taking out a roll of bandages. She wanders off with stiff movements as she finds somewhere to clean up her cuts.


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