\ Haven:Mist and Shadow Logs/The Ghost Of Tiananmen Square

The Ghost Of Tiananmen Square

StoryRunner SiRMack
Type Adventure
Times Chinese New Year: Saturday 28th of January, morning or afternoon time TBD
Risk of Death Low. Help story death still applies.
PvP Potentially.
Research Ahead Yes.
Investigative Stats Politics, Education, Media Contacts 2+, Occult Contacts 2+, Government Contacts 4+, Hacking 5
Useful on the Day Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Sensitive, Second Language (Chinese Mandarin), Military Contacts 4+
Associations The Sentinels, Chinese Intelligence, The Allied Underground
Territory Beijing, China


Nearly three decades after the 1989 massacre of Tiananmen Square, new efforts by democratic activists are being struck to bypass China's censorship laws, in what the media has dubbed 'the Chinese Arab Spring — or Winter.' It's unlikely that these incidents would reach Western news outlets at all, were it not for a particular oddity: videos which have surfaced from the dark web, particularly those frequented by the supernaturally aware and disseminated through faction servers, which appear to show the flickering image of a grim, bloodstained Chinese man. In one of these videos he merely stares at the camera in the midst of a crowd before blowing his own brains out, though no one around him seems to react; in another, he can be seen stabbing a woman to death with a ballpoint pen, at her desk in a red-painted office. Though these videos could easily have been faked, the Chinese government is determined to cover them up, and have reached out to faction-members near the Gate, one step behind the distributer. They are offering to pay handsomely for assistance in tracking down the poltergeist along with any living accomplices who may have been helping to spread the videos and accompanying propaganda. The primary account responsible is posting with an avatar depicting a rooster-styled map of China, ominously ablaze, and is spreading them in online community threads titled 'The Ghost of Tiananmen Square'. Representatives have determined the propaganda to be a threat both to the statute of supernatural secrecy and the supernatural peace in the region.

Risks, Tips & Warnings:

Your host for this adventure will be SiRMack, who leans towards geopolitical, neo-Noir and character-focused mystery plots. Your success in this mission is not guaranteed, but can be greatly increased through prior preparation, attention to detail and cooperation with (or even clever subversion of) your fellow party members.

The risk of death on this plot is currently estimated at low. As always, help story death still applies.

Depending on the spread of factions on this plot, a competitive element may come into play between rival PCs. Though all characters in attendance will be bound by a Venetian Truce (see help the treaty of venice), the SR will not OOCly intervene with or prevent PvP from occurring if it is reasonably IC, especially not of the clever, subversive variety.

If the spread of characters in attendance is likely to increase the risk of death or serious harm, this page and the in-game plot info will be updated. You will receive a final warning of the risk-level before the plot begins, at which point you can make the IC choice whether or not to proceed.

Your character will be faced with moral quandaries on this plot. Ultimately, the outcome and your success in the adventure will be determined by how your character and their fellows choose to face these quandaries, be it cooperatively or competitively.

Advance in-character preparation:

Gaining prior information about the circumstances surrounding this plot will greatly increase your chances of success. To do this, you can contact SiRMack (for details on preferences, see the SR page) and either arrange for a scene or a coded research submission, depending on the nature of your investigation. It is up to you to determine the best course of investigation, and what you gain will vary accordingly.

Stats listed above as 'investigative stats' are almost absolutely required for pre-adventure investigation purposes. Those listed as 'useful on the day' cannot be used for research in advance, but will give your character an edge once the adventure is underway in Beijing. If you come up with a particularly creative way to obtain information through RP, however, either before or during the adventure, alternative avenues may be considered.

Applying for the Plot:

If your character is a member of The Allied Underground or has the Sensitive stat, it's important that you list this in your application. Any other information that you think will be useful, such as secret motives your character has for attending the plot, is up to you to include. Please also note your preferred times and availability on the morning or afternoon of Saturday the 28th of January.

Individuals who express an interest in researching the plot in advance, codedly or via prior notes/scenes, are more likely to be taken on the adventure.


"Feedback goes here."Someone who attended this plot.?

"Feedback goes here."Someone who attended this plot.?