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The Last Dance

At A Glass Enclosed Garden It has cheap decor.

Irish Ivy covers the interior walls of this impressive indoor garden. The exterior walls are made of thick glass and give a nice, clear view of the surrounding area. The upper dome of the garden is also glass but it has been tinted a soft, almost misty blue-green to provide a semblance of shade. A dozen different species of orchid, along with helleborine, Irish ladys-tresses, borage, and half a dozen, if not more, other plants commonly used in herbalism and the occult fill the area. Delicate bricks form a series of meandering paths through the garden. The brick paths converge into a central arbor covered in passion flower vines. Beneath the arbor sits a small wrought-iron tea table with matching chairs. Small hazel bushes have been planted on either side of the arbor. Though the ground of this enclosed garden seems to be made of soil it is actually nothing more than a series of sturdy, steel bottomed planters that allow for root growth.

Humming softly to herself, Chloe set down the spray bottle she had been using to mist the various orchids she was growing on the small iron table. Lacing her fingers together behind her head, she took a moment to look around the room, a pleased smile on her lips. After a moment the young Irish woman lowered her arms and took a seat at her table, picking up a small tea cup.

A faint shimmer appears on one of the Ivy covered walls, but then when you look at it directly there's nothing there. A moment later there's another shimmer but again, nothing seems to be there. All of a sudden your phone comes to life, an app for the radio somehow having switched on and out blares "All the, small things. Truth care, truth brings!" A song from the nineties blaring out of your pocket.

Startled by the sudden song erupting from her pocket Chloe dropped her tea cup with a soft gasp. As the delicate porcelain shatter upon impact she grumbled to herself under her breath. "Go maith cac..." REtrieving the phone from her pocket she looked down at it, unsure why it had suddenly switched on the radio.

The radio is switched back off easily enough although there's no signs of what made it turn on in the first place. There's that odd little flicker in the corner of you eye again. A moment later an email alert pops up saying you have a new email titled. "Prom of '98"

Twisting her head to the side in an attempt to catch sight of whatever was causing the strange shimmering effect she kept catching sight of Chloe gave her phone another glance as the email alert went off. "What in the.... prom of '98? I was only 5 that year..." Unlocking the phone she tapped the screen curiously.

A small spiral loading image appears on the screen, then a moment later the phone just pops back to the inbox with no such email being listed. A new IM pops up. "Emily: Hey are you and Stephen still in for the limo?" Out of the corner of your eye you swear you can see a girl half standing inside the wall watching you, but if you go to look she's no longer there and all of a sudden the radio on the phone starts blaring out that same song again. "Always I know, you'll be at my show."

set her phone down on the table after eyeing it dubiously. "Ma's name was Emily...that's just a little....creepy." Catching sight of the flicker again Chloe rose to her feet and ran a hand through her hair. "So I have to wonder," she said, her thick accented voice rising slightly. "If I'm losing my mind or if an ancestor's come to pay me a visit." Leaning lightly against the passion vine covered arbor she allowed her gaze to wander through the room, hoping but not really expecting to find anything unusual.

Your eyes scan over a garden that looks peaceful and entirely normal, not a single thing out of place. When they sweep back however there's suddenly a teenage girl sitting at the tea table wearing a lovely peach colored gown, her hair elaborately coiffed. She doesn't seem aware of your presence however her watery blue eyes are just staring off into space.

Chloe gives a slight start at the sudden visitor to her table. "Lass?" she asked quietly, taking a step back towards the table. "What...how'd...you ok?"

"We should have gone with the others." The girl whispers, her voice sending a chill down your spine. "If we'd gone with the others it never would have happened, I could have had it, could have had my dance with Stephen..." She says, her face turns towards your own and suddenly it's not beautiful, suddenly almost half of her entire face is a bloody twisted ruin, impossible to have survived

Chloe slammed against her ribs, a memory of her own mother's mangled form instantly coming to the front of her memories. Dropping down into her chair heavily, she studied the girl in silence for a moment. "I see. I think. You....you're not here here are you lass?" Picking up a piece of shattered porcelain she titled her head to one side. "What happened to you?"

As suddenly as it appeared the ghastly image is gone once more, the girl's face entirely picturesque and normal once again. xI never got to dance." She tells you, seeming almost on the verge of tears. "Stephen looked so handsome in his tuxedo, it was Prom, all I wanted was to dance with him, in front of everyone, in front of the world..." She barely even seems to know you're there, it's as if she's talking to herself.

"Where's Ryley when I need him?" Chloe whispered, trying to keep her wits together. The fact that there was a girl suddenly in her garden dressed for a formal dance setting her mind and nerves on edge. "Is...is there no dancing in the After then? Surely you could dance there, couldn't you?" ~Keep it together Chloe,~ she thought to herself. ~You've seen things like this before just not quite so personal...~

"Stephen?" The girl calls out, "Stephen where are you, we're going to be late!" She insists, her eyes roaming the garden as if looking for someone, passing straight over you as if you aren't even there. Her hands twist nervously in her lap as she frets and then suddenly turns her head towards you and it's the same ghastly wounded face from before. "There is nothing." She tells you directly, her voice cold. "There is only the cold, I can never dance again, only watch, watch the others."

"Ah, damn lass," Chloe says softly, shaking her head slightly. Reaching down to her waist she sighed heavily when she realized she had left her cigarette case in the bedroom. "Damn it all." Turning her attention back to the girl, she leaned forward slightly. "I take it you're Emily then. It bothers you, just watching and not being able to dance, doesn't it?" Resting her elbows on the table she waited, hoping she was actually seeing and speaking with something and not simply losing her mind. She knew a couple plants in her garden were toxic but she didn't recall eating any of them...

The girls face turns normal again as she looks away, staring off into the distance and seeming to speak to herself again. "It's all I wanted." She complains in a whisper. "Nobody even really knew we were a couple yet, I wanted that dance, the first dance, the first dance with him in front of everyone. Everything would have been perfect, my dress, my hair, his tuxedo, it was to be perfect..." She trails off then.

"Ma always said spirits don't just appear for no reason," Chloe said quietly, almost as if were speaking to herself, same as her 'guest'. "Suppose there's no harm in asking. Do you...is there something you need or want me to do? Not sure what but I'd be willing to try and help. Restlessness is not a good thing to experience."

There's a long moment of silence, as if the girl hasn't heard you at all, she's just staring off into the distance. The suddenly her face turns to you, her blue eyes seeking yours out and an earnest expression overcoming her features. "Will you dance with me Stephen?"

Glancing down at herself Chloe's lips twitched slightly. "Not sure I'm the one you're really wanting to dance with but why not? Every girl should have her first dance." Glancing around the garden she suddenly wished that she had a radio set up. Rising to her feet slowly she smoothed down the front of her skirt before extending her hand to the girl. "Did you have a particular song you wanted your first dance to be to?"

The girl's hand rests in your own, it feels real but also too light and cold to be a normal hand, barely there. She stands also, a faint smile on her features. A burst of static comes from your phone again and then a soft song starts to play from it, echoing around the garden.

Keeping a calm expression despite the pounding of her heart at the whole situiation Chloe took a couple steps away from the table, guiding the girl along with her. With a smile she pulled her a bit closer, wrapping one arm around her waist lightly. Still holding her other hand Chloe began to move with the music, guiding the girl in a simple dance she remembered from her own prom.

With the girl's cool, ephemeral hands in yours she moves with you, slowly at first, hesitantly but then smoother and smoother. Her gown starts to flow around her feet, the dance starts to get even more complicated more elaborate your body moves with a knowledge you didn't even know you had, the tinny music from the phone grows louder and larger as if it's coming from a an actual band and then before you know it you're in the middle of a dance floor instead of a garden, other teenage couples swirl all around you but you and the girl are the center, you're in the middle and everything seems to orbit around you as if you are the sun as the music continues to swell.

Chloe looked around, surprised but curious as to what exactly was happened. Shrugging one shoulder slightly she decided that the safest thing to do was go with the flow. ~Besides,~ she thought to herself, ~Not likely I'll ever get to dance with Ryley. Enjoy the experiance, Chlo, enjoy.~

The dance continues, the music swells higher and higher, the lights get brighter, everything takes on an otherworldy glow, the girl before you starts to shine as if giving off light, her smile equally radiant. You feel yourself being carried by the music, being swept along in the path of the dance even as the girl starts to fade and you see the wall through the other side of her. It's another step, and another, a sweeping curve and then between one step and another you realize you're suddenly dancing by yourself in the middle of your garden, no sign of the girl, no sign of the dance hall. Nothing but you and the garden and your phone's tinny speakers.

Drawing to a halt, Chloe looked around the garden, slightly dissipointed. After a moment she smiled and ran a hand through her hair. "Thank you, lass. I'm glad I was able to help...assuming I did." PIcking up her phone she gazed at the screen for a moment before chuckling to herself. "Not sure what I actually did but I'm glad."