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The Loremaster

Ewen is laying in his pod organizing his clothing. Clearly he is also stark ass naked for this.

As Ewen is organizing his clothing there is a little rapid knock on the door to his room that comes in three rapid fire bursts. Seconds later the door does through the same repetitive knocking, and finally a third time, hinting that however is on the other side is not feeling very patient.

Ewen looks up from his pod and frowns, fiddling with his ring. It is very odd for people to be down here. Carefully he arches a brow and asks, "Who is it"

Despite the question posed by Ewen the knocking does not cease in the least. Indeed it seems to speed up. However a faint annoyed huff from a high pitched voice can be heard for the faintest of moments in between the insistent knocking.

Ewen stands up and walks over, mildly annoyed and opens the door with a huff, "What do you want?"

Hearing the question, whoever is behind the door stops their knocking and pauses. You can almost imagine them pacing the door in agitation but after a moment a voice can be heard that is an odd mix of shrill, soft, and femient, “You are Ewen, of the Blackfield Institute Clinic, yes? I require words with you, yes yes. Much to talk about, much needs to be heard, and said.” Rapping their hands on the door again the odd female voice continues, “This is how it works, yes? A knock and then a door opens. You're not doing it right at all, sir.”

Ewen arches an eyebrow as is his custom for situations where he is accused for doing wrong, "I see well you see I am quite naked and you are in the faculty bunks so I would appreciate it if you spoke quickly."

"Oh Nonononono. I can't do that at all. I need to confirm I am speaking to the right person. This is tricky information, I am not speaking through a door. Besides, it's quite rude to leave a lady sitting on your doorstep. Now could you please let me in, sir?" Her soft, yet squeaky voice begins to take on a darker edge, "I hate having to enter without permission, it's the height of bad manners. But I have a boss to keep happy" Again she begins knocking on the door, and a careful ear might notice, the knocking is coming quite low on the door it seems.

Ewen opens the door to the woman showing all of his naked glory, "Alright come in come in." He shakes his head again, "What do you want?"

As Ewen opens the door standing in front of him is a rather diminutive looking creature. Perhaps only three foot five at best. Its clearly a she, and has lime green skin, purple eyes, and long pointed ears. Her body is curvaceous, and her hair is night black, and pulled back into a tight bun. The odd woman wears a business suit, and the moment the door is open she barges right past Ewen and into his room. "Better better, much better." She says as the little woman struts into the room, holding a briefcase. Looking around the room she spies the bed and hops atop it, before turning to look over at Ewen, her purple eyes seeming to bore into the man. "Please, sit. We need to talk."

Like most people of the Blackfield Institute, Ewen just smiles at the creature, unphased by the antics. Moving back over to the pod he sits down and spreads he legs so that the woman has to see what she interrupted, "Oh please. Let's talk."

The diminutive woman puts a finger to her blue lips as her eyes fall upon Ewen's naked form. "Well, well. Liking what I see, oh yes, oh yes. Hmmmm" wonder if"." Her eyes seem to grow as wide as saucers, pondering something before snapping out of it. "Right, right. Business, business, Now. then" Cracking her fingers the little green woman squeaks out, "My name...is Gibbli Galatroxide. Friends call me Gibs. Or Gala. Nice to meet you Ewen." Sitting her briefcase on her lap, she begins to swing her little legs on the pod, "I am here, because I work for a very special someone, and they has some...shall we say, interest in Blackfield, and the experiments being run around here."

Ewen nods along following his attention. Finally he crosses his legs as his interest is piqued

Rubbing her hands together excitedly the little tiny woman squeaks out, "Excellent. Good to see your listening so far. So much easier when our potential partners actually wish to listen." Crossing her own legs the little woman drums her fingers on the briefcase, which turns out to end in sharp little claws that appear to have purple nail polish. "Lets call my boss" Loremaster. As you might deduce, its a dealer of knowledge. Nooormally we are not the information brokers, but we will trade important knowledge for something we don't know...and The Loremaster thinks...Blackfield might just have some knowledge worth trading Perhaps even forming a long term partnership." The little womans purple eyes seem to flash bright purple for a moment as she brings up the word "Partnership." Tilting her head from side, to side the diminutive woman continues, "Foooor instance. Test subjects. We can give you some rather"interesting ones that would normally be beyond your reach. Interested?"

"Simple. It's called covering our bases. Sure I cooould just go to your boss and talk to them. Might get a yes, might get a no. But I would much rather have some personal deals with people...who I know will appreciate the offer, just in case. My boss does not mind making a deal directly with you, if both our needs end up being met." This green skinned female then grins, revealing sharp teeth. "We can get you subjects from many different gates, The Wilds, The God Realm, Hell....all alive, of course. You....just have to pass a little of the knowledge you discover back to us as payment. That's a fair trade, right?"

Ewen fiddles with his ring a moment then nods, "Seems fair enough, yeah but..." The doctor is never one to be construed and uncalculating. He focuses intently on the green woman and asks softly, "What is the catch, exactly?"

The diminutive green woman tilts her head back and lets out a little cackle, which sounds more like a squeaky toy being chewed upon by a big dog. Waggling al little finger at Ewen she replies "Good on you. Of course there is. And it's quite simple, you see...getting your specimens...its costly. We will need something back. Now..normally. Whatever you learn from your studies would be enough. However...." Trailing a clawed hand upon the backpack she stops kicking her feet, crossing her legs a second time. "If you don't learn anything, you need to give us some worthwhile information in return regardless. Lucky for you, The Loremaster is...fascinated by human science." Putting her head on her hand she continues, "Also you will need to be able to restrain these specimens. We can get them to you sedated. Once they rouse you will need to keep them contained on your own."

"Don't make promises you cannot keep," Ewen admonishes with a wink, "Very well. If you bring me something of interest, I will study it and learn what I can, and will tell you what I know. If, however, you fail to bring me anything worth my while, then you get nothing and you will have to.... dispose of the specimen yourself. I am not wasting my time on large rats and kobolds after all."

Rubbing her hands together the little green lady grins mischievously, "Those terms are acceptable. Do not worry, we will be getting you far better things than....rats...eeeh...Kobolds..." She grimaces at the very name of the creatures before snapping her purples eyes back to Ewen. "Now then...we take requests of course. Anything in particular you would like?"

"Welll....throw me a name and I might make it a pet project of mine, but just because you got a great dick. No promises." Hoping off the bed She hefts up her briefcase and moves to shake Ewen's hand. "Alright. Just make sure you have a place ready for it. It would be a shame if it broke free and got loose on campus."

"Now who is making promises they can't keep, big man? Hmmm....Bonnie Bright...a werewolf...Blood Code. Heard of them. Nasty bunch...at the very least it would be easy to outsource some work for that...." Grinning in an bizarre cheshire cat way This little green female seems to be considering something before promptly heading for the door. "Alright. I will look into this....Bonnie. And I will let the boss know we have a deal." Turning to blow Ewen a little kiss she promptly leave the room and shuts the door behind her. If Ewen were to check and open the door to check, she would have vanished.

Ewen sighs and shakes his head before turning back to his outfit selection.