\ Haven:Mist and Shadow NPC/Leonard Regis

Leonard Regis

Name: Leonard Regis

Archetype: British- Resurrectionist

Occupation: Fencing Instructor


+The Story So Far+

Once a nobleman, belonging to a highly esteemed family, Earthside, Leo fell in love with a woman. A woman who's affections... weren't returned, and instead were directed at one of Leo's best friends. Some things happened... and Leo was humiliated by this former friend. His woman taken from him, pregnant with another man's child. Leo was enraged. So enraged was he, that he challenged his former friend to a duel. Split him belly up, he did, while his beloved was giving birth to the other man's child. She... didn't make it through child birth. Her last words were a name for the child. Peter. Embarrassed, grieving... his title and wealth stripped away from him, Leo kidnapped the result of his best friend's and love interest's efforts. Taking with him, to the other side of the Breach, to Malifaux. It's been 13? 12? Years now, Leo raising the boy. And several other lost boys, on his own, under the guise of a name, James Hook.

RP Hooks

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