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Name: Merek Black

Archetype: Supernatural - Dreamer

Theme Song: Dream Weaver - Gary Wright

Title List: Hunter of Darkness, Pilot of the Kala Rose, Drifter.

Note: This page is not to be considered IC unless you have a reason to know IC.


Merek seems to be consistent with most all dreamworlds, although his personality and aspects change depending upon the world which he is at. One thing seems to be usual for all of them though, they seem to be seeking something, but what it is can't easily be placed.


ø The Dark Forest - Merek is a human in this dreamworld which travels around, wishing to learn more and seeking a name for people to remember. He holds no special powers, though he does wish to learn of any magic, and he has an affinity for elves. He often can be found exploring and looking for things to buy in the hometowns of different folk, though he stays away from the orcs. It is known that he is considered a friend to some of the forest kin, and he also has taken it upon himself to hunt some of the opponents that try and work against those that serve to better the forest and return it to its glory. Still, can a man like him manage to avoid what happens when humans are offered power, and fight for all that which is right? That's the question that seems to be asked of him the most.

ø City of Dis - Merek is a human in this dreamworld, although he has little idea of why he was found within such a place during his dreaming. While it holds many things that some might wish for, his wishes seem to extend to exploring the place and learning what he can about it. It must have some secret to it, though he doesn't know what that might be.

ø Epsilon 7 - Merek is a human in this dreamworld, where he is considered just another man in the crowd. While there isn't much of note about him in particular, he seems to be the friendly sort and can often be found in the weirdest places. He seems to be searching for something, but what it is almost no one can quite understand just through normal conversation with him. He is known to be the pilot of the Kala Rose, a fighter-class which has shuttle capabilities. He uses it to trade, which makes one wonder if he's there looking for new work.

ø The States - Merek is a human in this dreamworld, recently arrived in the Boston area. He has come to find work and to get back to the democracy that was once his favorite. He also seems to be doing an investigation into the Empowered for his curiosity. He can often be found in quiet places where there is room for him to work on tech.

ø The Wasteland - Merek is a human Drifter in the wastelands of this dreamworld. Not much is known really about him, except that he was once a citizen of New Hope that wished to leave the city. It sounds crazy, it probably is, and he was not told to leave, which makes it all the more curious. It's been said he wants to seek out ways to make life much better for those in the wastelands. He recently assisted when the Raiders were assaulted by the mutants. As much as he seems to not like some of the darker trades at times, he is often willing to assist in humanity's defense.


ø Reputation - This is a measurement much like fame for each world, but based upon other specifics.

ø The Dark Forest - 15/100 Fame, 10/100 Respect

ø City of Dis - 5/100 Fame, 5/100 Respect

ø Epsilon 7 - 5/100 Fame, 5/100 Respect

ø The States - 0/100 Fame, 0/100 Respect

ø The Wasteland - 20/100 Fame, 15/100 Respect

ø (TBA) Meadowbrook Manor - N/A


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