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Dark Forest

Rose of Epsilon7

Rose is the dreamworld persona of Briar in Epsilon7. At first glance, Rose might appear to be a natural, without even a hint of enhancement to either her features, or her hair. That is, until you look at her right arm, which has been augmented with a cybernetic replacement. And it is because of this that she has started to become a hacker of some renown.


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Rose of the Trees

Rose is the dreamworld persona of Briar in the Dark Forest. Appearing as simply a human with no special powers, Rose is known for her time spent perching in one of the trees outside of Bradford that she seems to be particularly attached to. Jumpy around strangers, she's quick to retreat to the tree at any sign of danger. However, it doesn't take much to win her over, gifts are welcome and will usually coax her down.


This young woman stands at almost five foot seven tall, and is graced with enough curves to distinguish her as a woman. Her skin tone is quite pallid with a faint smattering of amber freckles dusted over the bridge of her nose and across the top of her cheeks. The features of her face are well defined and appealing, but by far the most striking characteristic are her expressive eyes; which are capacious and an icy blue in color, shaded by a swatch of thick, dark eyelashes. Her ebony hair, which is wavy in nature, is left loose to fall about her neck and shoulders and the glossy ends of the wind tousled mass extend just a several inches beyond.


"I might have spoken too much already... everyone is allowed their secrets." - a beautiful brunette.

"Did you choose the tree, or did it choose you?" - Zynia.

"Curiosity is nothing but expected, I think it must be part of the nature of an hacker." Fourteen.

"Some Comment-" CharacterName?.

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