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Boston 2100

Boston: 2100


It has been one hundred and fifteen odd years since "World War Terminus" destroyed the old world order, if not the Earth itself, and left human civilization in ruins. In the aftermath, the United Nations aggressively encouraged emigration to off-world colonies to protect delicate human genes from the long-term effects of the pervasive radioactive dust, but without explanation let these efforts dwindle. Over time, the genetic identity of humanity became unstable and degraded as more and more individuals of intelligence damaged by radiation populated the world while the interplay between evolution and devolution created aberrants with talents far beyond those of their peers.

As the old nation-states failed, crippled by years of war and institutional decay, humanity has reorganized itself around a corporatocracy out of necessity rather than fondness. Government has been largely reduced to work at the local level, more or less under the thumb of the mega-corporations who hold wealth hostage in their monopolies over the entirety of existing production chains from resource mining to commercial transport to retail sales. The people remaining on Earth cluster within the crumbling walls of their irradiated cities, oppressed wageslaves who worship the Mercerist ideals of empathy to the individual and working for the good of the community. Should their faith or energy flag, they need only grip the twin handles of their empathy boxes for a quick kick of empathy, or dial up an emotion on their mood organs.

Completely organic androids are relegated to off-world slavery, with no further incidents of rebellion since the Los Angeles Nexus-6 revolt of 2019. Though the odd andy makes a suicide run through the solar system to play at humanity, most are caught before they set foot in the poisoned terrestrial atmosphere and all of these are retired. To this day, any andy on Earth is Outlaw; forced to hide and assimilate without protection and without rights, hunted for income by the police department's Bounty Hunter unit.

Character Roster

Kaythlin Ella Paula