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Dragon Age Inquisition Rising

Dragon Age: Inquisition Rising


The Grey Wardens are missing. The Champion of Kirkwall has gone that way as well. And now... Now the Conclave, an attempt at offering peace between the warring mages and templars, has been destroyed, along with Divine Justinia and several other important figures. Someone, however, has survived. Someone has been pulled directly from the middle of the blast. Guilty or not, their strange mark, glowing on their right hand, has proven useful against the rifts opening up due to the presence of the Breach, a large hole in the sky. Due to this... the Inquisition has been reinstated, with the marked person in question leading it's forces in a shaky alliance.

RP Guidelines

Roles wanted

  • The Inquisitor: the leader of the Inquisition.
  • Commander of Inquisition Forces: the leader of the Inquisition ground troops. This person is exempt from taking the rank stat. They are in charge of the overall forces of the Inquisition, although if the Inquisitor says to do something, they do it. Unless you plan on being disloyal...
  • Spymaster: Your job is to gather information for the Inquisition, you lead the spies... the assassins. You're a bit more... morally gray than the others.
  • Ambassador: The overall ambassador for the Inquisition. You can elect other ambassadors to represent you, and in fact, are in charge of where they are to go. You are almost like the Spymaster. Except... your methods are a bit more clean. You are, after all, the public face.
  • The Empress of Orlais: leader of Orlais

Note: You are expected to contribute regularly when you have snatched a role. Send a petition requesting your interest, and your plans regarding the role.

Other guidelines

  • When you have taken Warrior, Mage, or Rogue, don't take anything else that is considered a class.
  • Stats, rooms, and roles - archetype or lore important - will be added as the gods think, or even at player suggestion. If a room or a stat or a role, can be worded better, please petition how you would change it.
  • Important roles who do not contribute regularly will be removed and retconned. Regularly counts as at least once a week, and RP that translates into you trying.
  • The god of the dreamworld isn't very smart. So roles and stats are very limited. As are the areas. Scenes may not be as stupendous as they should be. But I will be there. I will constantly care for my world. Add and take away as time goes by, etc..


January: "Maxwell Howe, you are to immediately surrender your throne, or be deemed a heretic along with the rebel Inquisition. - The Chantry"