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Flashbacks By Daed

Flashbacks (by Daed)

As the first of the Raincoat Games came to a close, a sudden psychic shockwave emitted from Haven and slowly encompassed the whole of the town, seeping into the Gates and entering the border territories and possibly beyond.

A dreamworld spawned from the minds of various supernaturals and mortals alike, allowing others to relive past moments of their lives. For some, they can share their memories now at a whim, inviting others to watch and learn more about them. Others have these flashbacks without meaning to, accidentally laying their minds bare to any who wish to see what has happened in their past.


Flashbacks by Daed is a resource in which characters can interact with each other in the past rather than the present. This is mostly to allow ageless characters to roleplay out relationships they've had in the past, but there is a 'modern' section where less immortal characters can also show bits of their past. I have no control over who enters the dreamworld at any given time save for dreamworld bans, and so whenever you dream you run the risk of another person spying on your character's memories, which is IC.

When Daed sees characters utilizing this resource, he'll ask them if they're open to having their scene announced to other people who have signed up for the dreamworld. That way, characters can decide on a case by case basis if they want to join the scene as themselves or as a spectator. You cannot join a scene that your character might not have been in, and Daed is the final arbiter in deciding whether your character could have been in that scene or not.

When spectating another character's memories, the spectator must announce in their emote that they're spectating and not actively watching the scene. The spectator can emote their character's revelations to what it is exactly they're seeing, and dreamers can emote a second 'instance' of themselves who can interact with the spectators.


Starting Experience: 100000

Stat Cost: 100


This represents a dreamer who has entered this dreamworld. On joining a scene, Dreamers announce whether they are actors, fragments, or spectators, which are all shared by a single role, if only to avoid people from retiring from the dreamworld to take on a new role and potentially missing out on scene announcements.


Actors are characters who have existed in the scene and time period, and are there to be watched or to interact with other actors.


Fragments are when characters aren't quite playing themselves, but fragments in an actor's memory, extras who don't exist as characters. You can only play a fragment to an actor with their permission.


Spectators are characters who don't exist in the scene at all, and are just there to watch.

Code of Conduct

There is a code of conduct -- spectators who try to make the scene about them, or who are disrupting the flow of the scene will be forcibly woken. Repeat offenders will be banned from the dreamworld.