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Haven High

Haven High

Welcome to Haven High School.

While recent events led to death of its Principal, life in school must go on.

While no official replacement to the Principal is elected, a power struggle has

started to happen between the current staff members - whom seem to agree only

in that they should not accept an outsider as the new Principal, but it should

be one of those currently teaching in Haven High.

While students can have several focuses, they end up being defined by where

their main focus is, their clique made by the group of people with more or less

the same interests. High school, after all, is a mean place full of mean kids,

and there's nothing meaner than kids from one group to the kids of another.

- Jocks know how to fight, how to throw a ball but also how to throw a punch.

- Nerds are usually looked down on by those popular. They're usually into

comics and video games.

- Popularity comes from many reasons, but mostly it turns out to have its

source on money. Usually, popular kids are friends with Jocks.

- The criminal element exists in any school, and Haven High is not exception.

They might be dealing with drugs or information, they might know how to get

you accept to that particular locker, or even steal a test from a teacher's

office. Being criminal can make you quite popular.

- Geeks are the underdog, even nerds look down on them. And yet, who would you

turn to in order to get those illicit test answers hidden in an app on your


- Everyone knows what a goth is, or how to recognize one. They're not all the

same, however, and they're even often divided and divisive between themselves.