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The prosperous cartoon city of Inkwell is the drawn metopia of its time, stuck in the year 1928, and filled with cartoon characters of all kinds drawn in pen and ink. Tall dancing buildings stand tall, bustling town cars roam with a toothy smile, and bright lights pave the black and white streets to the roaring 20's, the New York-esque city left to never fall down to the period of the Great Depression that's known to follow in our time. No, everyone is free to live their lives carefree and without concern, or at least that is what most are led think. An influx of travelers to Inkwell has started to rise to participate in the on-going fight to try and be Inkwell's next entertainment star with their names in all of the papers and up in lights.

Musicians, dancers, play-wrights, magicians, and many more fight for their stage time to entertain the people of Inkwell. Whispers are going around say that if you manage to get enough attention, you get the chance to meet Inkwell's mayor, Mayor Porque himself. Once you're chummy with the mayor they say that you can make it anywhere and do anything! Doors are opened for you on your whim, you get the best place to stay in the whole city, and you'll be able to swim around in the kind of dough you'll be making! People all over will know you by your name and beg just for a chance to get noticed by you!

In the shrouded reality known to very few, however, once a champion has been selected then things can take a much darker turn. The champions essentially become slaves to the Mayor and the board, forced to comply and follow their every demand in order to keep the people in "The Outside" happy. Should you try to refuse, then your luck would begin to turn thanks to the mayor's corrupt lackehys. More hecklers would come to harrass your shows, stage times would be relayed oncorrectly to you, more accidents would begin to happen, and there would be the constant everlooming threat of being watched and caught in some of your most vulnerable moments.

The last Inkwell champion was known only by the name Mae Day and has been gone for so long that unfortunately very few remember the beautiful singer that used to touch people's hearts.


- The character that you bring to the Dreamworld has to be a 1920's styled cartoon character. This means that they can be a human, an animal, or even a personified object but just try to keep the theme in mind when designing them and fleshing them out! Think Steamboat Mickey or Bendy and the Ink Machine when picturing it, all characters will be restricted to black and white artistic styles.

- Talking is allowed as the timeframe of Inkwell is around the time that the first animated cartoon shorts started to include speaking in their films, but you are also welcome to try to make a mute if you want! It would be acceptable if the character's spoken words appear in bubbles above their head to be read or similar structuring.

- The city Inkwell is based a lot on New York City in the time of the roaring 20's, so while there has been an advancement in technology compared to the past, keep in mind that it is still antiquated by the standards of modern times. Automobiles, telephones, moving pictures, and radios are just a few examples of the sorts of things to expect. (Also in this setting keep in mind that most objects would at least appear alive and smiling!)

- While there can be some physical violence in this world, it is often unrealistic and exagerated, and all characters are usually able to survive their injuries. This violence is going to have no blood or gore, so keep that in mind. Most of the conflict will be introduced on the stage in the form of competing artists of all sorts, struggling to surpass each other in skill and audience amazement. Also try to be modest with the sex appeal! A lot of that can be implied, we aren't discouraging Betty Boop iterations, but it's just asked that you limit how you put it out there.

- You definitely don't have to be a performer to participate and have fun in this Dreamworld! Passing bumpkins, citizens of Inkwell, and villians or goons with ties to the mayor are also welcome.