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The Legendsof Butchers Bay

The Legends of Butcher's Bay

This a world of pirate sails and high seas, where everyone from the highest Lord to the lowliest Swab lives a life that is wild and free. The Bay and the surrounding seas are rife with sails bearing insignia from the Spanish, The Empire, and the black flags of Pirates who hail from the great port at Nassau. All the while ships under the control of The Butcher scourge the open seas and ports alike, bringing a terror to this fine life of a sailor!

The World

Butcher's Bay is a fantastical region that sits upon the High Seas. Tropical winds and pirate sails are the theme of this world and it centers on Butcher's Bay. Three main Harbor ports bear out the ships and dreams of those who sail upon these Seas. Nassau, the free port home of the Pirates. King's Town is home to the captains and ships that sail under The Empire's flag. Lastly, there's Costa Vista Sol, the main Harbor for The Spanish. These three forces risk the anger of the seas and the danger of her too, not to mention the legend of The Butcher himself.

The Butcher

Long across this section of the High Seas has existed the Legend of The Butcher. A vicious and otherworldly pirate, he sails the seas at his own whims heaping destruction from broadside cannons and what many say a skeleton crew. There are often sightings of ships sailing the flag of The Butcher, which appears as a black flag with a bloody red jolly roger logo stiched upon it.

The Factions

The Spanish

The Spanish have long held a presence in Butcher's Bay, their home port of Spaiyne not so far from this region of the High Seas. They are given the duty of bringing Pirates to justict and should attempt to do so unless outnumbered.

Monarch: Queen Izabella

Queen Izabella currently rules over Spaiyne. She attempts to extend her rule across the world, and always she is stymied by Butcher's Bay. She wants to supplicant all those free states under her rule. She is considered by most to be a fair ruler but not less ruthless than any other. She assigns Duke Armand with the affair of clearing Butcher's Bay of Pirates and any who would contest her role. The Duke rules from the manor house of Costa Vista Sol, and is considered the highest Spanish authority in the realm of Butcher's Bay.

Flag: The Spanish fly a yellow and white flag with a crimson lion rampant on the foreground. The edges may decorated to a Captain's taste.

The Empire

The Emipre under the Sun they're sometimes called, ships and sailors hailing from this faction have traveled a long way to be in Butcher's Bay. Their King's rule holds little weight here, and so they remain a threat through military strategy and heavier ships at their disposal. They tend to sink pirate ships they come across.

Monarch: King George

King George rules from the Isles of Britaynia, and his ships have come on a long voyage to find a foothold in Butcher's Bay. He has determined that Spaiyne has grown too large with its reach and he's sent envoys to ensure that Izabella's reach grows no larger. Sir Harold Count of Devonshire was sent to captain the foreship and it's three hundred companions that came sailing for Butcher's Bay. Only one hundred survived the trip, but it will still enough. Shipwrights and engineers made the voyage, and they replaced what they had lost. Sir Harold oversee's the campaign against Spaiyne and the Pirates from King's Town where the bulk of the Empire's naval fleet rests.

Flag: The Empire fly a Blue and white flag with a red cross disecting it down the middle both ways.

The Pirates of Nassau

These are the free Pirates of of Nassau who sail under the black flag. They've rebelled against the rule of outsiders such as the Spanish or the Empire, and choose to trade and sail and plunder as they please. They always fly under the sign of a Jolly Roger, so their ships are easily seen.

Monarch: The Council of Nine

The Council of Nine are a collection of the oldest and wisest Pirates to sail the High Seas and they know well the ins and outs of Butcher's Bay like no others do. However, their so called rule is a tenuous thing, rather they nudge and guide their brethren the best that they can. They meet in secret every so often, in Nassau. The Council consists of BlackBeard, Davey Jones, Queen Mary, The Dutchman, Stygian, and four others who's names and positons are unknown to any, even the other five. They meet in different cycles, and are ignorant of each other, except under the most urgent of situations.

Flag: Pirates fly a black flag with a Jolly Roger of some fashion on it.


  • Starting Experience: 100000
  • Stat Cost: 5000



Ranges 1-5

This stat represents both physical and mental strength, the two kind of going hand in hand with each other. It will follow a similar physical range as the normal game and will in the most part be treated the same way. It should be used for physical competitions and feats that involve strength.


Ranges 1-5

This stat represents your hardiness and stamina all rolled into one. This should be used for Endurance related feats such as holding your breath, or how long you can row an oar.


Ranges 1-5

This stat represents both how fast your reflexes are and how fast you can move or run. The nimble Pirate or svelte Wench will need to be quick on their feet.


Ranges 1-5

Not all Swashbucklers on the High Seas rely on strength but guile to get them from port to port. Charisma affects any situation where you might talk, bluff, or otherwise wheedle their way in or out of a situation. Charisma also determines how attractive you are.


Ranges 1-5

This represents one's skill with a saber or a cutlass blade. Used in melee combat involving a sword.


Ranges 1-5

This represents one's skill with a flintlock pistol. This skill will help determine accuracy and deadliness with your aim, it does not cover the use of any rifles, as rifles are rarily used on the High Seas.

 Pirate Ship:

Only Take this stat ONCE

This stat represents owning a Pirate Ship. This ship is the weakest of the three at base, but when sailing a Pirate Ship you may use the Sailing skill to boost any defensive rolls against another ship type. Pirate ships are usually schooners, or in some cases small brigs. Only a Captain can take a ship stat.

 Spanish Ship:

Only take this stat ONCE

This stat represents owning a Spanish Ship. This ship is the middle of the three in terms of power and have no inherent bonus as Spanish Captains get access to Queen's Writ. Spanish ships are usually Brigs and Frigates. Only a Captain can take a ship stat.

 Empire Ship:

Only take this stat ONCE

This stat represents owning an Empire Ship. The Empire ship is the toughest of all three ship types, this inherent difference the main bonus of flying the Empire flag. Empire ships are almost always Man o' War ships which carry an impressive five rows of broadside cannons to a side.


Ranges 1-5

This stat represents your ability and knowledge of sailing a ship. This stat is not only important for Sailors or Swabs to learn but Captains as well, especially Pirate Captains. this stat also covers being able to navigate the open High Seas by the starts and through sea charts and maps.

 Queen's Writ:

Only take this stat ONCE

This stat can only be acquired by Spanish Captains. It is a measure of the authority that Spanish Captains sail under as given by Queen Izabella. It can be used in defensive rolls with Ships, and in bargaining with Merchants. Some more brazen Captains may even try to use it to confiscate cargo from captured ships or Pirates.


Ranges 1-5. Pirate Captains and Lords/Conquestidors can train to 10

This represents your acquired loot and wealth, not always kept on person but hidden for safety. This is mostly a roleplay stat only, but can be used creatively for bargaining, bribery and other wonderful scene uses. Pirate Captains and Lords or Conquestidors can use a 1-10 range instead of the normal.


Ranges 1-5. Wenches and FEMALE Pirates may train to 10

This stat represents different things for different role types, and as with other stats of the world combine both mental and physical aspects. For a Wench Acrobat may account their ability to dance or sway seductively, or to avoid the pinch of a drunken bar patron. For a Pirate this may represent his ability to climb and walk upon the ropes and mooring of the ship he crews, or his usefulness in the Crow's nest. For a noble role this may represent their ability to dance, or even dance his way out of a touchy conversation. Use don't abuse, this stat is meant to be broad for creativity purposes.

 Lord's Privilage:

Only take this stat ONCE. Only Lords or Conquestidors can take this stat.

This stat represents a certain level of Wealth beyond the need for any Plunder. A Lord or Conquestidor should take this stat INSTEAD of Plunder to represent his status and fortune. This stat allows for social roleplay of manservants, grandoise displays of privilage and things of this nature.

 Bay Lore:

Ranges 1-5.

This stat represents your knowledge of the insides and outsides, ups and downs of Butcher's Bay. About some of the monsters that live beneath the High Seas, the various political standings of the Factions, and those very well informed may even be able to hint at the whereabouts of The Butcher himself. Any role can take this stat, and max it but be in depth about how you've managed to get to levels 4 and 5 if you are not a Pirate faction Sailor, Swab, or Captain.

 Nassau Flag:

Only take this stat ONCE

This stat represents what faction you are aligned with for roles who should be. As a Captain this also designates what base flag type flies upon your ship. ALWAYS PETITION if you want to take more than one faction stat, may be approved in some cases.

 Empire Flag:

Only take this stat ONCE

This stat represents what faction you are aligned with for roles who should be. As a Captain this also designates what base flag type flies upon your ship. ALWAYS PETITION if you want to take more than one faction stat, may be approved in some cases.

 Spanish Flag:

Only take this stat ONCE

This stat represents what faction you are aligned with for roles who should be. As a Captain this also designates what base flag type flies upon your ship. ALWAYS PETITION if you want to take more than one faction stat, may be approved in some cases.


Ranges 1-5

This stat represents a certain financial and conversational Savvy. A Merchant can use this along with potentially Acrobat to dart their way through tough conversations and predicaments. Only the Merchant can take this stat.


Ranges 1-10

This stat can only be taken by Wenches. It's the masterful use of a small or slender blade in self defense, easily hidden in a bosom or beneath a skirt. This is the only melee combat skill that can be trained to ten.

 Voo Dun:

Ranges 1-5

This stat represents knowledge and ability with the dark and mystical magics of Voo Dun. This sorcery can raise zombies, speak with the dead and command them and use powerful bael flame as an attack against other living creatures. It lets them command the night and the shadows, and the things that lurk beneath the waves.


Ranges 1-6

Trickery is the powerful illusion and elemental magic used by the Gypsy. The travelling fortune tellers and witches can create masterful illusions that are nearly indistinguishable from reality, and they can very much harm living things as their mind believes what is in front of them. They can also call to the Wind and the Sea itself, biding them for greater gusts or crashing waves. Gypsy can often be a deadly asset to any Captain lucky enough to bargain one upon his ship.


Slave: 0

Fresh off the trade block in King's Town, you are a piece of property and have been purchased by someone. While a basic human role, any identity that portrays a slave should either be attached to another identity or have a developed NPC identity for who owns them. Slaves are afforded no consideration by their betterers, and given even less rights.

Captain: 50000

You sail under the Authority of Queen Izabella of Spaiyne. You are duty bound to bring Pirates to justice, and are allowed to bargain with Merchants to protect them during voyage. Spanish Captains are the only role who may take Queen's Writ.

Admiral: 50000

You have sailed a long way from the Isles of Britainya at the behest of King George under the guidance of Sir Harold and the rest of the fleet. You rely on your heavier ships and personal skill to maintain your place on the High Seas.

Sailor: 10000

You are a Sailor on a ship, and part of a crew. A Sailor can claim any alliance but should play to that alliance. Sailors also account the bulk of Pirate crews and most Merchant ships as well, when a Merchant is lucky enough to acquire one for themself.

Swab: 0

A Swab is the lowliest of the low on a Pirate ship. This is a basic role for the Pirate Faction. You swab decks, hoist sails and otherwise bear the burden of all the heavy lifting aboard your crew's ship. Many a Pirate have had to claw their way up from being deckhands and Swabs.

Merchant: 0

Merchants are a neutral basic role. They bargain with ship Captains for safe passage and travel from port to prot in search of adventure and profit, just in more legal avenues.

Wench: 0

The Wench is the barmaid, and the whore. These rough and tumble ladies don't live the Priate's life but they share the spoils of it often. They work in bars, ports, and harbours more than anywhere else because that's where the money is. The more attractive Wenches work in bordellos and whore houses across Butcher's Bay able to rely on their looks rather than talent with a serving tray or a knife. Whether barmaid or filly, a clever Wench will always have something hidden up her sleeve.

Lord: 50000

Lords are visiting noble dignitaries visiting ports under The Empire's control. They share wealth and the finer things in life with those that they choose, and rarely sail for themselves. However they can sway hefy influence among locals and local governments when in any port under Empire control.

Conquestidor: 50000

The Conquestidor is a Spanish noble. They visit ports and harbors under Spanish control and carry with them wealth, influence, and military training. Conquestidors are considered the best swordsman with a saber or a cutlass on land. They carry the same kind of influence that a Lord might, in ports or towns under Spanish control.

Witch: 200000

Contrary to title, Voo Dun Witches can be male or female. These are practitioners of dark necromantic and what most people will mistake as Voo Doo. They are dark beings who've aligned themselves with the more monsterous creatures of Butcher's Bay using their strengths to their own advantages and trading themselves for power or profit. They have access to the Voo Dun stat, one of the most powerful forms of attack.

Gypsy: 200000

The Gypsy whether male or female, uses an old but powerful Romaani magic known as Trickery. This is powerful illusion magic that allows the Gypsy to fool and amaze many. When believed enough, illusions can become all too real. The Gypsy do not consort as readily with monster denizens of Butcher's Bay but have been known to upon occasion. Trickery is one of the most powerful defense stats.

Privateer: 50000

Nassau is your home port and you plunder other ships, ports, and town for fame and profit. You live by no man's rules but your own. Pirate Captains can petition to change their Ship stat if they successfully board and plunder another's ship. Captains are the only role who can petition to have their own ship added

Character Roster

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