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Abel Zap Price

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Full Name:Abel Xaph Price
Birth Year:1995
Associations:The Boys, The Hand
Occupation:Medical Assistant

Mr. Price is a dedicated slacker who enjoys long days lounging upon the Ultimate Sack 6000 and is tormented by the oppressive fist of being a responsible adult. He does not do it well. Born and raised off the coast of New York, smaller Abel got to adventure the cramped space of Shelter Island. Within the mundane world his family is recognized for their dedication in the Suffolk County area, two loving parents who push for charitable causes and increased tourism to their area. A simple, normal life full of fun little events where dry cookies and spiked punch was provided - all while being completely aware and active members of the supernatural world.

Both of his parents were dedicated arcanists, and are rumored to be Cultists invested in the overall strengthening of demonic forces. Abel spent most of his childhood aware of the Supernatural and forever interested in learning more, for the minimum effort he could put into studying. Until he was ruthlessly yeeted from the nest and out of mom and dad's basement to make something of himself. Abel moved to Haven to attend Blackfield, graduating with a respectable 4.0 GPA - because he's so smart. He transferred from one chapter of hand to the local one in Haven. He found the loves of his life, Christopher and Daciana, and joined in their venture to forge the gang known as The Boys. Now, he causes trouble as the town's local, allegedly lovable, menace - harassing and lying to everyone and everything he can for the sake of his own entertainment. He might've been the leader of the Shadow Branch at one point too, but we don't talk about that.

All credit for this layout goes to TPB Daciana. You're amazing. Thank you to Daci and Sua for answering all my questions and teaching me new tricks.

The Quotening:

Daciana: “So you know I sound vaguely like a hyena in a falsetto.”

Abel: “I like to believe it sounds more like the many blinking eyes of the biblical image of angels.”

"The thing with tantrums is that they're usually over quickly." - An Amazing Friend.

"I'm the Black Panther of Drunk Driving. I never crash."

This Moron

Lorna Kitten Dunn
Thanks for the smoke, I'll be sure and find you again.”

Lorna "Kitten" Dunn

Mackenzie Holman
I hope you get stepped on, cunt puppy.”


“Best random text I've received since arriving in Haven. 9/10 for originality, creepy bathroom escaping skills 5/10, room for improvement.”

Sua Swann

Jei Ab Sevoi
“I'm still composing the love poetry letter.”


Tanya Strelchenko
“I swung.”


Naur of Navvere

Levi Laine
“So now... I just can't help but think to myself... If I'm already being condemned for doing something. Being something... Well then I may as well just fucking do it, right?”

A Child of Hell

Alfred Turner
“Thanks for your help in the library! I guess knowing how to sew helps with books as well as bodies!”


Spring Paxton
“Cat got your tongue, babycakes? You unfortunate thing.”


“Ya always willing ta hear me out. Ain't many folks that are.” Dayum, I sure was thick as a brick fer thinking you was different from any other dick.


“Our dysfunctional family keeps growing, and I don't know what I would without bAbe to help keep it glued together.”


“You serve the cause of the Chosen well and with enthusiasm. You, and your offerings, are welcome any time. I will show you the power of the Sins.”

Demonic Chronic


I Am

Case Arkwright
“I'm always down for a good glowstick rave, but next time let's pick a venue that's easier to leave.”

Case Arkwright

Noelle Swann
"If I could change the way you see yourself, you wouldn't wonder why you hear, "They don't deserve you,""

The Wifey