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Aeria Corday

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Name Aeria Corday
Archetype DemonBorn? - Archetype
Age 25
Occupation Waitress at HomeTown Dinner
Theme Song I hear voices in my head

Aeria is a mentally ill DemonBorn, with a fixation on her cat. She believes her cat talks to her. She won't share this with many people (in fact only one person knows) but she knows the cat doesn't talk to her, but she actually her voices. But to help her cope, she pretends to others and herself it's the cat.

She also tries her best to be nice. Although from time to time, she will do something bad, to release the pressure. She never wants to become a murderer.

What I'm Doing in Haven

Her cat told her to come here, and she's starting to learn she's not the only "weird" person around, or the only monster either.

Where I Fit in a World of Monsters

She thinks of herself as a monster, but she discovered she's not the only monster, or the worse monster. She also managed to make some great friends already.

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RP Hooks

  • She can be seen at HomeTown Dinner when she works. She will serve any player that comes there, for a nice rp session. She met someone that way already.
  • She really loves her cat and she needs her cat. If you genuinely care for him, she will be interested in you in a good way.
  • On the other hand, be mean to the cat, and she will get pissed.
  • And if you're suffering she'll be happy, despite herself, but she can still listen to your problems and care.

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"You and Storm have been such a wonderful addition to our home. I'm so proud of all the progress you are making. Thanks for being such a sweet friend." - Marnie?

"Aeri, I cannot think of a happier or more important moment than that day I first walked into your work. Unless it will be the day we are married. I love you." - Kevin

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