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Alois Rinser

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Alois Rinser

Name : Dr. Alois RinserJob :Blackfield ProfessorD.O.B. :20/10/1954

Anomalous Materials

The codename for the supernatural used by his previous benefactors, Doctor Rinser has brought the name to Blackfield in a study of cataloging supernaturals as a whole, particularly dangerous entities, and artifacts of interest.

C.A.M. Protocol

Catalog of Anomalous Materials (CAM) details coming soon.

Role Play Hooks

Any players looking for Supernatural Science Fiction Horror are welcome to seek me out. Inspiration from the character comes from "Vague yet Ominous" scientist tropes such as

  • The Vague Yet Menacing Government Agency - Welcome to Nightvale
  • The Foundation - The SCP Foundation
  • Black Mesa - The Half-Life series


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"Add your comment here." - Your Character.

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