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Artemis Wallace

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Artemis Wallace


Sex: Male Male
Birth Date: 05/08/1994
Race: White
Occupation: Bartender
Theme Song: Howl

Supernatural Outlook

Regeneration has been noticed
(more to be researched)

Overview (✝)

Artemis arrived in early october 2018 in a sort of medical leave to recover from a grievous injury he received in Los Angeles. Something about a gang related incident. The young man quickly started working tending drinks at the Shady Lady, and getting to know the names and faces in Haven. He's relaxed and rather guarded, and when prompted he speaks of a hippie community upbringing, like some distant, consumed dream. He lives in reclusion out of town, and can be seen prowling the forests, looking for today's prey to eat.

Artemis met his death at the very beginning of 2019. All information regarding the event is classified.

More About Me

He displays viciousness and a near suicidal sense of loyalty, jumping into danger if an ally or friend is in danger. Kindness and sweetness are not his strong points. He has little respect for the soft and the weak. On the other hand... he doesn't seem very interested in romance, and prefers to walk a lone, bitterly safe path.

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Notes on file

"One day... I hope to see you smile." - Jena

"You smart, you play it safe, and one day, you ain't gonna have to no more. We're gonna change this town, together." - Rose

"They say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Sometimes it's what does. I'd take the blast again." - G'Mork

"Remember that tradition's only as important as the strength on which its backed. Conventional bullshit is just that, bullshit. Blood calls to blood. Your space rock seems to be doing alright for you so far." - Scott

"Damn it... I /fucking/ told you to not /fucking die/. Mark my words Artemis, I will /find/ you. And I will /haunt/ the shit out of /you/! " - D.

"Thank you for being my friend. For accepting our differences and letting me feel like I belonged. I had so many hopes, but you'll always be with me. A fond memory. A heartfelt regret. One more reason to fight." - Selene.?

"I'll never be afraid again." - His last words