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Atlas Stawarski

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Atlas Stawarski

Name: Atlas Ulysses StawarskiDept:CryptozoologyAge:Mid-forties

"A broad man used to harsh conditions of the Frozen North and the Pacific Northwest, Atlas comes from a long line of hunters that can trace their lineage back to the middle ages."


A panicked call from an old hunter buddy of his brought him to Haven. Werewolves? No. Vampires? Nope. Trickster fairies? Negative. It was a job opening and it paid well. In this day and age a good job with good benefits is like gold. His interview was short and the training minimal, but the proud creepy critter culler took his place as the Professor of Cryptozoology. Now he has to deal with an even darker menace: teenagers.


Years and years of hunting has brought a lot of pain and heartache. Each occurrence has hardened him to a point of numbness. Once a business owner of a well established bounty hunting company out west in Vancouver, Washington, Atlas had it good for almost two decades until tragedy struck and he was forced to retire.


Atlas' approach to teaching and guiding children would be considered severe and borderline on abuse. Though, he's capable of having a softer side - the longer he stays within the Institute, the longer that side hardens as well. Students are property and property doesn't have feelings.


"Why the fuck do you care? ...sir." - the Fairy

""Mister Stawarski... I might need another wooden tent peg..." - Alfred.

""Sometimes Gods look with favor on mere men whether they deserve it or not. Either way, it is good that you are okay, teacher man. But I hope you are one of the deserving." - Gizelle?.

"Teach a real fucking subject, you wanker." - Boy.

""A pretty pretty princess, but for serious sake, I have breasts, therefore I am a female..." - Spring?.

""Add your comment here." - Your Character.

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