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Recently returned to Haven, Briar immediately tried to set right what she saw as a failing on her part from the last time she was in town: the removal of the current Tyrant, Arminius. She was single-minded in her focus, determined to bring the Order back to its roots and show them what they are capable of.

But when her only ally and support, Worthington, died it sent her on a downward spiral that was only exacerbated when the Order turned their back on her.

The ground disappeared from beneath and all that was solid is air. I have tumbled end over end into my nature, and darkness appears from below carrying voices of query, voices of theory, dark voices near me, all around. And reason is drowned by the sound of the clamor, the pound of the hammer is confusion, illusion. Plunged into shadows and mist, I catch my breath, frightened.

But I will not face Deathstill uninvited.