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Buddy Humphrey

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Buddy Humphrey

No worries, my man.

Character Info

Gender Male
Birth Date April 26th, 1997
Birth Place New Orleans, Louisiana
Faction Ymir's Host
Association House of Ra (?)
Description A bright-eyed buck with shoulder-length dreadlocks


Story Title

Before Haven: Buddy Humphrey had as normal a life as anyone could hope for before he came to Haven. Living near the French Quarter in New Orleans since birth, He developed a love for a party lifestyle in his twenty years and that followed him all the way to Haven. At a glance, his family is as normal as he is, and if that isn't quite the case, then he doesn't seem to know any better.

Going to Haven: When asked, Buddy doesn't ever really have straight answer for why he decided to settle down in Haven.

After Arrival in Haven: In the short time Buddy's been in town, He's been through a gauntlet of events. Straight from unaware to being tossed into a ceiling by another man, Fae Games, and dropping waist deep into a Supernatural cold war. There's a girl too, and bringing her up is a good way to get a goofy smile out of him.

Supernatural/Horror/Weirdness: "Demigod? Like some Percy Jackson shit?"

RP Hooks/Abilities

RP Hooks / Abilities

RP Hooks

Cheese - Buddy's got a smile for everyone, friends and enemies alike.

Divine Heritage - As a descendant of Anubis, Buddy struggles to understand his powers as they continue to manifest.

Honorbound - Buddy doesn't give his word lightly and will do what he can to uphold his end of a bargain.

Spinning Compass - With his rapid introduction to the Supernatural world and manifesting ability, Buddy battles with morality and finding a true north.


Necrotic Touch - Even if he treats it like a party trick, he's found himself capable of rotting organic matter with just a touch.

Grim Reaper's Sprint - The weaker his enemies become, the more empowered he may find himself in battle.

Other Stats

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Virtue One

Expression One

Virtue Two

Expression Two


"This will be the greatest thing you've ever been a part of." - Renfield

"Everything is strange. But I miss you. I do hope you're well." - Selene?