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Cynthia Hamilton

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Cynthia Hamilton

The Road to Haven

Never considered to be the best of any classification while growing up, Cynthia struggled to get passing grades, was not really outspoken, and did very little in sports or extracurricular activities. She did not start coming out of her shell, until she started college. Soon into that, she met a boy, and in a flight of passion, she married him. A year later, disaster struck, and she was left widowed. After that, she stayed in Sin City, working in casinos. She only ended up in Haven when she was recruited by one of the Big Three and sent there.

The Supernatural World

She hates it. But she is part of it. And she hates that even more. She struggles against using her 'gifts,' trying not to use them at all, but using them is an all-but-essential part of her job description.

How Does She Cope?

She copes by stabbing things. Repeatedly, if necessary.

Who the hell is Cynthia Hamilton?

She stands up for those that can't. She is rarely on the sidelines, because she puts herself between innocents and danger, not to protect them, but to strike at the danger. She attempted to arrest Sheriff Calvin Earl Potter. Later, she fought a large battle against him, and by the skin of their teeth, they wrangled a win. Then she found herself in Silent Haven, tracking a Static Monster and attempting to maintain some kind of order. Then she found herself strangely popular and athletic in Haven High, becoming the Student Council Representative for the Sophomores, being on the cheer squad, and playing essentially every sport available to girls.

Make Your Mark

"Didn't you hear them? Cynthia! Cynthia! Cynthia! Cynthia!" - Donald

(I didn't. I was sleeping. In the dream? It is becoming harder to tell them apart...)

"I dunno what kind of man I was before the first of September of this world. Slimy in that reality? Yeah. Yeah. In this one? After the first? Nope. At least I don't think so. At least I hope I'm not.." - Sully

(I don't know either. This is the kind of strangeness that comes about from being in Haven.)

"You could be so much more, Sin." - Gage

(And I'd be lesser for it. I know what the exchange rate is on that currency. The bill always comes due...)

"Fortune favours the brave." - Arete

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