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Darley Clay

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Darley Clay

Description (WIP)

Sex: Female
Birth Date: 19/08/1999
Race: Perfectly human
Occupation: Couch Potato. Somewhat working at the Biomechanical Cafe. Is seeking SAFER work.
Theme Song: P!nk - Just Like Fire

Supernatural Outlook

"Supers suck! >:C"

Penchant for Danger

Magnet of Danger

Irrepressible by Danger

(These count, right? Right??)


The following are all according to her words. The reliability as to these claims are generally unknown.

She claims to have ran away from her mother in Boston, who she reputes to be a "sugar baby". The said "sugar daddies" mistreated her. Her two older brothers were of no help either. She came here to Haven to find and live with her grandmother, but she apparently disappeared.

Since then, she's had quite a tangle with both werewolves and vampires alike.

More About Me

Not those blood-sucking arachnids! It's this sudden change of thought and mood. One moment I'm working quietly, the next I'm stomping around the streets looking for trouble. It's probably what keeps me talking back when all sense and reason say I shouldn't. Probably also a wrath thing. Maybe more of ADHD? I don't know!

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Notes on file

"Don't be silly, girl, spirits have no tribe, they only serve themselves. They'll be good for the tribes who worship them correctly, and evil to those who disdain them, as you did. Sacrificing you will appease him and make him better to all your tribe" - Primeval Paula

"I don't know if I want to see more of her or less of her. Either way she's got potential." - Dr. Spilsbury

"anyway, it's quite a pleasure to meet you in... well, regular circumstances. And I'm glad you aren't having nightmares about me." - Paula Brito

"We were only just beginning. Return and I'll challenge your humanism more thoroughly - and convincingly." - Dr. Zmeyakov

"Come back any time, young lady. We're always so happy to have you. Always." - Doctor Schmidt

"I ever tell you you're a sweetie? 'Cause you are." - Nina

"What ever happened to Darling Darley? She had so much fire, so much spirit. I ain't had so much fun fucking with someone since that night in the cave." - Bitch