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Discordance Is The Cancer Slowly Killing This Game

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Name:Seye Aniefiok (sheh-yeh)
Age:Too old.
Marital Status:Widowed
Nationality:Nigerian American
Alignment:Lawful Good
Occupation:Private Investigator
Educational Background:Criminology
Society:The Temple
Supernatural Status:Human (aberrational blood-type; to be monitored)

Man of Faith

Seye possesses a rare and dwindling quality in the town of Haven: faith. Not just in God, but in people: in humanity. He believes in goodness, that all have it within themselves to find this goodness and be cured of their wrongs, if only they would allow themselves to surrender to it. At the end of the day, however, he is well aware that he lives in a world full of sin and that Haven is a heathen town; his duty is to the Lord above all else, and he will do what must be done to protect those who choose a more honest path.

The Law and Other Things

With over two decades of experience in law enforcement, Seye has seen and done it all, from parking tickets to fresh crime scenes and a few things he can't legally talk about. He considers himself a patriot, and is committed to his belief in a world that is lawful and just — or at least he was. Having left the service, in more recent years he occasionally finds himself on the other side of the law working as a private investigator and cleaning up Temple's dirty work. His beliefs and his reasons for pursuing this line of work haven't changed, although some of his methods certainly have.

People Person

Seye is very good at reading people and is quite naturally empathetic towards them. This has both helped and hindered him in his line of work; it's never easy to arrest someone whom you know would do anything for a second chance, but he's also very good at getting answers out of people who otherwise might refuse to talk. He has a natural understanding of their personal struggles, and the customers who come to him will attest that he genuinely cares about their problems.


There's a persistent rumour in the supernatural world that he may have murdered his own wife. Perhaps he's not so pure after all.

“Fathers shall not be put to death because of their children, nor shall children be put to death because of their fathers. Each one shall be put to death for his own sin. -- Ezekiel 18:19-20”

Paula Brito

“While I have no doubt he is a great man, I simply found his vision extremely limited. Hence I cannot see eye to eye with a man like this. A shame. I guess I broke family traditions. But its not like he gave me a choice. Poor sight on what some things are. Either way, I wish him the best.”

The so called heretic

Cassandra Johnson

“Fridge pasta. In my tummy. Now. Thanks.”


Brook Cunningham

“There is much you don't know about me, but that much doesn't matter. Hold onto the Lord's promise and don't give up your faith. We've a long road ahead and a long battle, but its a battle that must be fought. Keep fighting.”

Brook Cunningham

Briar Holiday

“It was a surprising alliance, but it worked well none the less. The resistance was better for having you in our corner.”

Briar Holiday

Gage Gagnon

“Against the greater threats we may be allied. I suspect we will not be so in the day to day.”


Virginia Nightingale

“A rational leader of his people. That's a trait I can respect. We will never be allies, but our mutual enemies' destruction is assured in our crossfire.”


Elias Abdel

“I understand our work. Without condoning or condemning, I understand.”


Teresa Guerra

“Hmm? Oh. We fought together. He lost an arm, I lost an eye, we survived it all. For awhile I really thought it was bonding us. And then he sort of... disappeared. He's a pretty cool guy. For an uptight Templar, anyway. ”


Dalton Derrion

“You and I suffer the same affliction, Aniefiok. We too often allow passion to choose our battles, rather than wisdom.”

Dalton Derrion

Sanaa Hassani

“When Paz brought you up the first time calling you nothing but the Director, I'll be honest and admit it was intimidating. It just made it all the more surprising how cool you turned out when I met you in person. It's even enough that I can get over your 'old' taste in music. Whatever ends up happening, I just hope that by the end of it that I can stay half the person you are. So, pretty sure that means you'll probably be stuck with me for a while.”

Sanaa Hassani

Teresa Guerra

“That was probably a once in a lifetime moment. Kind of wish I'd just said yes.”


Natalie Williams

“Ey, the boss? He's a good man. Seems broken in there somewhere. Doing so much good that he forgets to be good to himself.”

Natalie Williams

Teresa Guerra

“Maybe it worked and I'll see you again, someday.”


Wulfric Graves

“After I took Natalie's child and Beau has become a corpse, you might as well accept that against your will... you work for me.”


“These are my comments.”

A Character