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Dorian Frost

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Name: Dorian Frost

Archetype: Neonyte- Vampire

Faction: The Hand - YourDivision

Occupation: Private Security

Theme Song: Theme Song Title

My Story

I am working with the Haven Hand chapter and aiding with Mister Schrodinger's campaign. I'm a new Vampire. And I love to shoot first and ask questions later.

About Me

ø Guns - I love my guns.

ø Blood - I drink blood now.

ø Undead - Clearly I'm not supposed to be alive, but here I am.

ø Concise - I get to the point.


ø Guns - I shoot anything that moves and then some.

ø Hypnosis - Every Vampire's best technique.

Get to the point.

"Comment." - SaidPerson