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Genevieve Vanden Berg 2

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Mistress of the Night

You say bitch
like its a bad thing.

Van den Berg,
Official Nut Kicker
The Hand, Haven

with the power

POWERS — from ritualism to hypnotism
WEAKNESSES — Hot dudes & Whiskey
VITALS — Born: August 4th, ???? Age: ????
OCCUPATION — Alternative model, Student & Bartender

Sie kommen zu
euch in der Nacht.
Und stehlen eure, kleinen heißen Tränen.
Sie warten bis der Mond erwacht,
Und drücken sie in meine kalten Venen.
Mein Herz brennt.
Square Hammer
'Neath devils torn asunder

"An especially uninspired student." - Doctor Schmidt

"What's up skaaaaaank?" - Virginia

"Fabulous student, of course. You learn quickly." - Prof. Henderson

"So you are going to attack me?" - Idiot FBI guy who left

"Not sure what to make of her." - 'Good Guy'

"Haven't seen her again but goddamn is she the greatest woman to live in Haven! All she did? Show me where to buy some primo weed. Shame I haven't seen her again. Wonder what happened to her. Pretty sure we would have some killer stoner moments." - That cronic smoking blak guy

"I got a... business proposition, liebling." - Fritz

"Put your stupid ass comment here." - WHO ARE U