• As a college student, Jennifer's GPA has almost always been 4.0 - when it wasn't, it was 'about to be'. In May 2018, she graduated, Summa Cum Laude, and has taken several contracts with Blackfield, claiming to be there to help in anyway she can - even if she seems to always manage to do things in a way that allows her to pursue her own research within each of Blackfield's branches.

    Academy: if a mundane person asks Jennifer about her work and studies, she'll tell you all about how's she into IT, software more than hardware, how cool free software is and all that. It is not just a cover, and while the sorts of biotech research she dwells on aren't commonly available, or spoken of, her interest and proficiency for technology is quite real. Using that knowledge, she got herself an academy contract as the current Technology teacher.

    Clinic: In her words, Jennifer will try to help all patients in any way she can. Perhaps it would be more appropriate to say she will try to use those resources in any way useful to her research. While she takes care of several different mental cases and patients, she is clearly biased, at least on which patient files she considers more interesting. Her main area of research is Oneirology.

    College: Jennifer took over the Dreamology 101 classes - having drawn a curriculum for that class previously, while still a college student. This is a subject she has been exploring for a long time, even while she was at the academy. It is rumored that she has actually tutored some of Blackfield's staff on a few dreamology matters. She is also available for private tutoring, most sought on subjects related to Occult Knowledge (practical, theory and history) and Supernatural Politics, from its history through the practical applications of the Venetian Treaty, right out to the current political developments in the supernatural world.

  • "There are two Destinies competing for my Fate. Me? I'm just making sure that both can get what they need from me -- my life might very well depend on it."

    The only daughter of a hard working but poor and undereducated couple from Haven, Haven is all Jennifer knows - but that means that she knows much already. Intelligent and curious, Jennifer takes real pleasure in learning. Her natural parents are John and Martha Smith.

    In 2017, her parents moved to Boston, in order to be able to keep the treatments going for Jennifer's mother disease. Since Jennifer had the opportunity to keep her studies going on Haven, she decided to stay behind.

    After graduating from Blackfield's Academy, Jennifer enrolled in Blackfield Technical Institute's College. In May 2018, she graduated, Summa Cum Laude.

    As a child growing up at Blackfield, it is no surprise that Jennifer is quite aware of the supernatural and has decent occult knowledge. Besides, her sensitiveness and natural curiosity made her dig more into the topic. And she is a dreamer: an explorer of the dreamscape and the several different psychic worlds in it, she is known by some to be quite capable of wandering through them and use their existence for her own purposes.

  • Name: Jennifer Smith
    Intro: a regular-looking young woman
    Birthdate: September 13th, 1998
    Archetype: ?
    Society: Blackfield Institute
    Occupation: Contractor
    Education: Highschool in Blackfield Academy
    Summa Cum Laude in Blackfield College

  • "There is a dream inside a dream, I'm wide awake the more I sleep, you'll understand when I'm dead."

    The City of Dis

    After a town-wide incident, several people, mostly from Blackfield, figured out that Jennifer dreams of being Graanthe in the City Of Dis dreamworld.


    Ella, a beautiful brunette, is a Scientist on New Hope.

    The Legends of Butcher's Bay

    Lady Clara is the sole heir of the wealthy Lord Borthwick. Not that he didn't wish a son, not that he has much patience for the slightly spoiled brat that Lady Clara ended up being, but the truth is whomever she ends up deciding to marry up with will be the next Lord Borthwick. Unfortunately for him, Lady Clara is... a mind of her own.