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Kevin Mactyre

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Name: Kevin Mactyre (12 April 1888 - 09 July 2019)

Archetype: Human - Soldier

Faction: The Order - Librarian

Occupation: Researcher

Theme Song: Marine Corps Hymn



Born 12 April 1988 to Will and Shae Mactyre of Keene, New Hampshire, Kevin's early years produced no unusual or striking records. He grew up in a rural, forested area of mountains and lakes, doing country boy activities like swimming and hiking and camping. His school records reflect average performance in the usual curriculum, an intelligent boy performing reasonably well without any special motivation. He was also known as an avid reader and the local library has a record of membership stretching back to his 10th birthday.

High school records and anecdotes portray a casually successful youth with good grades, some average sports involvement in track and wrestling, and the usual social involvements. He worked part-time at a gunshop and occasionally accompanied out-of-town hunters on their day hunts for whitetail.

At sixteen the boy became Aware of the supernatural when his parents had to intervene so he would not follow the trail of 'a large dog' into the woods near dusk during a full moon. There is no record outside the subject's memory of the details of the conversation, but later interviews uncovered a claim of Fae blood somewhere in the distant past. The awakening did not have any significant impact on Kevin's adolescent patterns, but he did begin a low-key habit of occult studies and exploration.

+Marine Corps+

College was to be a local community academy, but in a surprise decision the boy joined the Marines as a rifleman in June of 2008, citing concerns about his ability to support himself. It is probably pertinent that Will was an ex-Marine, though. After two years and one tour in Afghanistan, security vetting and fitness testing, he was selected for the Marine Raider Regiment (MARSOC) training. He graduated a few months later to the 1st Marine Raider Batalion, 2nd MOSOC.

Kevin's enlistment was generally unremarkable for a Special Forces Marine until very near the end of his six years, when he charged a sniper position to pull a wounded Marine clear. A totally unremarkable IED threw him backward onto an equally unremarkable chunk of urban concrete, fracturing four thoracic and one cervical vertebrae while damaging some nerves. Two years of VA rehab followed, after which he was discharged as a sergeant (E4) pinned with a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart. The young man also took away a body suffering from with a chronically stiff and painful back, but he did so with an accepting attitude and an acceptable prognosis.

During the rehab, Kevin's naturally laconic country-boy perspective served him well. He accept the necessary changes with equanamity, trading in his cross-country PT regime for Ashtanga Yoga and filled his days with the schooling he had turned away from when he enlisted. He obtained an Associate in Liberal Arts, continued his occult studies thanks to his Top Secret clearance and worked part-time during rehab as an administrative specialist in a Marine Corps Wounded Warrior Regiment in North Carolina.


Kevin went home after discharge, but home did not really fit anymore, so he went to Boston and then, finally, to Haven. He would have denied that he was looking for healing or meaning, but that is the theory his parents voiced when asked.

When things finally did begin to look up, it was not Gate magic or divine intervention that made the day, but rather a woman and a cat. Nothing would ever be the same. Kevin met Aeria at the Hometown Diner and on April 27, 2019, they married. By that time, they were Order Librarians and living a fairly peaceful life except for the occasional rescue or protection mission.

On the Honeymoon in Hawaii, they intercepted a suicide bomber and Aeria was badly injured in the blast. The explosion triggered genetic activation in her, a haywire fleshforming of her demonborn heritage that caused numerous physical changes and also some psychic ones. After some time in the Godrealms, she went on a retreat to complete the healing and while she was gone, a werewolf came to town looking for her. It found her family instead and engaged several times with the normal Marine while Order reinforcements were tragically delayed.

ADDENDUM: Anonymous Incident Summary

On 08 June 2019, Order Librarian Kevin Mactyre was captured by a rogue werewolf named William. During the capture, Kevin voluntarily lowered his Sanctuary to save an unidentified family member whose safety was used as leverage by the wolf. Mr. Mactyre was savagely and repeatedly bitten by the werewolf, then released along qith his family member.

A short time later, faced with the prospect of turning during an impending full moon, the Subject attempted to repeat a recent meditation retreat his wife had undergone to meet Order requirements in the face of her own growing supernatural strength. Trying to recreate her experience, he was pathing to Tibet with a friend when the lunacy or maybe just the change caught him. He ran from the path in a gesture of sacrifice to avoid attacking his partner and he vanished for a very long time.

Later reports show that the Subject surfaced in The Wilds, where he lived feral for decades according to his own recounting and sparse Wildling reports. The latter were mostly of the large wolf, but occasionally of the man. Subject states he had no real memories of his life previous to the Wilds, but only occasional disturbing dreams.

In time, the Subject began to remember more about living with people and he eventually remembered Gates and that led to more people and, finally, to Earth. He reports making short trips to our world, but was never fond of the industrialization. Still, the closer he got to the date he vanished on the ill-fated Tibet trip, the more memories began to rekindle. He surfaced again in 2019, the day after his trip, a hundred years after he had vanished, and returned home, bearded and heavier with new muscle but, finally, with his memories and his nature integrated.

RP Hooks

ø Marine Raider - If not for the bomb, probably woulda been a lifer. Maybe scout sniper. Guns and bombs and knives and Apaches are fun stuff. Fitness and combat skills. He is not bloodthirsty, but all lifers are a little psychopathic.

ø Avid Learner - He likes to learn new things, especially related to the occult and the nature of the worlds. He was originally destined for College on the advice of many high school teachers before he sidetracked because he was quick and smart in class.

ø Family & Home - Family is important. They add the depth of real living to the two-dimensional world of endless strife that is Haven.

ø Is There More? - The Way of the Warrior includes meditation. In learning to fight, he also learned to meditate. In blasted body recovery, he continued, touching on Ashtanga Yoga and Zen Shikantaza. Curiousity and the need to survive in a world of overpowering enemies drives his training onward.

ø Healing? - He has slowly beaten himself back into shape. There is still chronic pain and some awkwardness to the repairs. He dreams of the day when he can regain what he lost, push it further, be more.

ø Primal Wolf? - A century has passed since he was bitten, half of it in the wilderness. He is not what he was when he left. He is a Grey Marine, now, still human and with his disciplined history, but now also a beast.

Supernatural Outlook

ø The Reality of Responsibility - People are people. Answer for your actions rather than blame a bloodline. Mistakes happen and people may rethink past decisions, but if you are embracing predation, then you are embracing the consequences.

ø About Fear - The only thing to fear is...huh. Guess there ain't anything to fear! Marines know fear. It rides with them off the ramp, through the surf, across the beach. Old buddy coming along to watch the carnage. Fear is to be considered, but not obeyed.

ø About Power - Curiosity, remember? Wait!? You can really fly? How did you heal so fast? What...else...can you do?


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