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Kylie Leah Jackson 3

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Kylie Leah Jackson

The human face is, afterall, nothing more nor less than a mask. -- Agatha Christie

Character Info

Introduction A sloe-eyed zaftig woman
Archetype Human
Innate Qualities Angelborn

Her Story

Before Haven / After Haven / Is There A Future?

Born in Omaha, NE to Richard and Denise Jackson, a Deputy in the Sheriff's Department and a Dispatcher. She was a normal child, displaying no supernatural abilities, much to the disappointment of her father. She lived in Omaha up to her Freshman year when her father was offered a position on the East Coast as a Deputy for Haven, where he'd been born.

Entering Blackfield changed many things about Kylie. Self-confidence waned and she began eating to cope with the taunting and continual teasing of the other students and faculty, for one. She also began acting out, driven often by the cajoling and pressure of others, to do various things, both lawful and unlawful alike. As a teen she spent some time in the Blackfield clinic for her compulsions. Perhaps Daddy's desires for a less than normal child had come to fruition?

Though she's spent time in the clinic off and on past her teen years, she doesn't talk about it much, if at all. That could be in part due to her very nature, a nature that, though hasn't fully developed, actually helps her cope with the world around her. She works the odd job when she can, having worked a full-time position as a Waitress at Deja Brew, and then as a a lead singer in a little local band called Requiem, to help stave off poverty. No one can definitively tell the future. Currently, though, she is the manager / partial owner of Kylie's Kupcakes. She has aspirations of making it big. But dreams are dreams. And nightmares are more realistic.


Sins and Vices / Virtues




Food, Wine, Drugs, Music, Sex. While tame, in comparison to many others in Haven with the same sin, her glutton subconsciously helps to fill some kind of void. Given her very nature, the void is typically not her own, but of those she spends any amount of time with.


She'll have what you have. But she'll be super sweet to you as your watch is slipped into her purse.




Generally speaking, Kylie's a nice girl. She has her moments, as does everyone, but she is always willing to give a helping hand, even with things that may not exactly be lawful.


If you're down, she's on the verge. Anxious? Pissed? She's pretty good at reading a person's mood, and will absorb their emotions as her own.


Pictures / Tropes / Play List



Virtue One

Expression One

Virtue Two

Expression Two

Play List

Shoplifter - Green Day

The Angel Song - Great White

Not Strong Enough - Apocalyptica

The Fighter - In This Moment

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“We're going to make the best sort of team, Kylie; I just know it.” (10/18/2018)Eve

“Mrowl!” (10/18/2018)The Cream Drinker

"More! Never know quite what to make of you, but I guess that is a good thing. Looking forward to it." (MM/DD/YY) - Quinn

"Best. Kupcake. Sale. Ever." (11/09/18) - Jericho

"Well! That was one hell of a first day of a job! However, your cupcakes are AMAZING so I'll stick around and we can teach each other food stuff." (11/12/2018) - Jena

"I don't pretend to understand much. Why your blood is like candy and makes me forget that I'm heartless are two more curiosities that I think I don't mind flying too close to the sun for." (11/17/18) - Scott

"When one encounters a dead body of unknown origin, just remember - just poke it. You'll never regret it, especially if it is in your front yard.." (11/18/18) - Ivar

"What is mine... is mine. Find your own." (11/19/18) - Asya

"I -am- sweet, you aren't wrong. I'm just also...not. But you don't bring that side out in me; it's hard to be anything but nice in such great company. Thanks for being the best." (01/25/19) - Luci

"Is it usual for people to know Christie and the difference between Lichtenstein and art deco and know how to dance like that? You're a good lass, Kylie. Sorry about my two left feet." (01/27/19) - Ethan

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