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Laine Ribeiro

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Name Laine Ribeiro
Archetype Faeborn - Merman
Age 28
Occupation Marine Biologist
Theme Song Go Into The Water

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What I'm Doing in Haven?

Currently, Laine is working his spare time as a Marine Biologist. He's often locked up within his little private lair of his, focused on research. In his spare time, however, he's been known to pop up every now and then when he's not drowning in his work. When out and about, you could say that these days, he seems a bit 'fish out of water' as he's generally keeping to himself. He finds himself mostly submerged in his work, however, only popping up when needed.

Where do I Fit in a World of Monsters?

Laine's view on his fit within a world of monsters is rather simple, because there are no monsters. Just prey. One can only keep with the playful game for so long, after all. In this world, he is the monster. He's the shark, looming under the water. You can see the fin, circling around, making his presence known. He looks like he's minding his own business. But then, just when you hope he doesn't show up, you notice he's circling just a little too close for comfort.

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RP Hooks

  • Systematic: He's a sharp mind, even if he can be a brute. Just because he's the muscle, doesn't mean he's not the brains too.
  • Hydromatic: He embraces his nature to it's fullest, to the point where he dislikes being too far away from water. It's not just research for him, after all, it's a lifestyle.
  • Histronic: It's ironic he likes to be controlling, because he finds himself sometimes hard to control. Maybe he just likes attention more than he admits.
  • (Sports)Almanac: Not many people bother asking, but he has some very strong opinions regarding football.

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