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Laurence Womack

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Larry Womack

It's that pipe dream that keeps me getting up in the morning.

Character Info

Gender Male
Birth Date August 4th, 1968
Birth Place Red River Parish, Louisiana
Faction HSD
Association Haven's Sheriff's Department
Description a middle aged white guy with long brown hair


Interview of Womack, July 2018

They say you return to your roots at some point. My roots are deep, and dark. Like the leaves of a tree, though, I reach for that sun. That hope that someday that blessed peace will end this war that I grudge through each and every day. That day however, that quickening, isn't any time soon it would seem.

Life was simple, relatively speaking, before I met her. I was a cop, that wasn't what my father wanted, he wanted me to be a doctor, but I carved out my own path. I was on the force about ten years when I met her. I was on the job, but something about her drew me in. i spent weeks thinking about her. I met her again at a party a friend held. My life was never the same.

We had seven years of happiness before the hurricanes hit and New Orleans was scattered. She had went to work that day, a trip out of town the day it hit and I never saw her again. Investigation lead me to a sleepy town in Massachusetts just outside of Boston. Haven.

My childhood wasn't like what these children have today. We didn't play video games all the time and it was safer back then. Perhaps thats just perception. But, things really were different. Well, since we didn't have video games we entertained ourselves with comic books, and our imaginations. Haven? Haven is like out of a book or your darkest imagination.

What do I mean by that? Oh, its just inspiring. The small town vibe there is somewhat creepy and people get lost in the woods a lot. The locals have stories but that's the case in any small town.

When my wife disappeared in '05 during the hurricanes, I went to find her. I never found Amelia. I never quit looking, but now I look for gravestones and the like because I doubt she is alive still. I made a home in Haven. Joined the HSD and helped the boys there. In 2016, during the fires I evacuated, got word there was news on my wife.

Why am I returning to Haven? Well, Haven just has this draw. There is just something about the town that calls me back. That and the hope still that I'll find her. This time though? I have my shotgun ready.

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