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Lazarus Winston

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Lazarus Stryfe

Name :Lazarus Stryfe Archetype :Faeborn Focus :Gun Disciple Society :The Hand Rank :Peacekeeper Age :22

Circumstances are somewhat strange when it comes to Lazarus Stryfe, but all that can be found is that he is the husband of Tessie Stryfe.

Gun Maniac

Rifles, shotguns, pistols, carbines... if it is a firearm, you can bet your ass he knows how to use and wield them with incredible accuracy.


Lazarus is a Peacekeeper. And he is the one that not just does the job and gets it done, he loves it as well.


Most people have seen telekinesis, after all a lot of people, specially vampires go that route, Lazarus on the other hand went the route of using magnetic pulses. He can even repel metal, or jam a modern firearm. But its when he curves the bullets or reflexts bullets back that he becomes scary if the person is using guns themselves.


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