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Livi Vitale

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Livi Vitale

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Character Info

Gender Female
Birth Date October 28th, 1997
Birth Place Haven, Massachusetts
Faction N/A
Association N/A
Description a pallid, wispy young blonde with blue eyes


Story Title

Before Haven: Who was the Character? What were their dreams, aspirations? What was their childhood like?

Going to Haven: What changed to push them toward Haven? Why are they going to Haven?

After Arrival in Haven: What was their initial reaction to Haven? How have they fared since arrival? Have they accomplished something significant and worth mentioning?

Supernatural/Horror/Weirdness: How does the Character cope with the Supernatural/Horror/Weirdness in general and/or specifically in Haven? Are they Aware? Are they Supernatural? Are they the Horror?

RP Hooks/Abilities

RP Hooks / Abilities

RP Hooks

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Other Stats

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"I don't like technology, but I'll use it if it means not losing touch with people that are important to me. Don't fade away, Livi." - Selene? (12/01/18)

"You did not give me time to catch up with you again... you leave, too soon. Knowing you was a brief deal, but I will not forget you, Your Highness." - to you, Cherry (12/11/18)