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Luther Stone

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Luther Stone.
Boston, Mass
Strike Team, Temple
Born and raised in Boston, Luther dropped out of high school to join the military. Not much is known of his record, any attempt to dig up more will find blacked out files. Still, it's obvious to the supernatural community that he was recruited young with the Temple. Whatever they did with him though, it wasn't forever. Eventually he resurfaced up on radar as law enforcement with his friend Seye. Now they both are in Haven, battling what they believe are the bad guys.

Luther is that old washed up cop you read or hear about in cheesy crime stories. Don't ask him to help if he tells you he just woke up.
He doesn't talk much about it, Luther, but he was in the military up to Special Forces. Anything he has to say on the matter... he doesn't.
Luther is capable of doing a lot of things thanks to his training in the service, and from bolas to naturalizing shifters, he has a tool for most of his needs. Just needs an engineer to help give him the right weapons.

"Don't worry, I'm not dead yet Stone." - Lieutenant Benedict

"Still owe you that drink, Stone." - Renfield

"Commentary." - Some Person?