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Mercurio Merciaio

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Name: Mercurio Merciaio

Archetype: Dreamchild


Occupation: Tea Shop Owner


On September 7th, 2017, just past tea time, a heavily tattooed man walked out of the forest and into the outskirts of Haven. Clad in a top hat and with a pocket watch, he quickly realized that this was not his home but took advantage of his unexpected voyage to learn all he could about Haven before retreating to the forest.

A day later he returned with a companion to take advantage of the new world that they have discovered.

Life for Mercurio has been one of mischief and misunderstandings. Not incredibly familiar with all of the social norms in Haven, he is quick to make a joke, or a fool of himself, and not understanding why it is funny.

RP Hooks

ø Inseparable - There is no good word for how to describe the relationship between Mercurio and Marchesa. They are more than family, having known each other as long as they have existed, literally. Separation from her any extended period of time, especially if he doesn't know where she is at, causes Mercurio to start to lose his nerve and temper.

ø Trickster - Living your life shouldn't be done by rules, especially not rules dictated by someone else. As long as Bunny is safe, there is no way to tell what his whims will guide him to do.

ø Not From Around Here - Mercurio takes no steps to hide that he isn't from Haven. From his antiquated, if stylish, dress, to the manner of speaking that only Marchesa seems to understand, he stands out in a crowd.


"Despite the unusual circumstances of our first meeting, Mister Merciaio, your virtues have so strangely taken up my thoughts with growing abundance." - Anne Young

"What's up, buttercup? You look so dandy, sugar-candy! Can you recognise that it is me, Bunny, without all my fur, honey. Did you miss me, sweet pea? Let us have tea and cake, we have a lot of fun to make. What is that you say? This is just our foreplay. Tomorrow we start, tomorrow we grow, tomorrow we take over this world too. Here we GO! " - Marchesa du Lapin

"I'd have preferred someone else, but you kept me going like the energizer bunny for days. One day you'll learn and understand, Merc. I'm too old for humanity and morals. I don't care. I want something, I take it." - Adele

(Delightful Hatted One; how doth the wind rustle in the maze. How doth we trees miss your cheer.)” – The Otherworldly Trees

"I'm hungry, Merky! I hear you have cake and only one leg right now... Race you to the kitchen!" - Bunny

"My favourite is anything with bergamot. And whiskey. The whiskey is more important than the bergamot. " - LB