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Milaura Hawn

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Milaura "Jena" Hawn

Show me a wolf without a nightmarish past, and I'll show you a liar - or someone who lived in a vaccuum all their life.

Character Info

Gender Female
Birth Date November 10, 1993
Birth Place Ocoee, TN
Society The Hand
Association None
Description a curvy young lady with an olive complexion


Story Title

Before Haven:

Your average Southern gal - family, friends, church. Swimming in the river. Her childhood wasn't a complicated one. Not a great childhood but ... there certainly are worse. She did have some stuff that forced her to grow a bit meaner, she doesn't necessarily take shit from men. Even as an adult she has a lot of dreams, confusing ones. Be an interior designer some say, be a doctor others say! What to chose? What to decide on? She tries to remain positive and friendly but she has one hell of a temper at times.

Going to Haven:

Why she went to Haven is unclear, because she simply won't give a straight answer as to why she's there. Usually it ends up being "I wanted a change of scenario. Just start over." And why is a question never truly answered. You're better off asking a cat why he or she meows and not howls.

After Arrival in Haven:

Jena (don't call her Milaura if you wanna be her friend or even want her to answer you) was initially curious about the town. Its so ... small and quiet at first look. But weirdness started happening and she spends some time griping about the town, but some may argue she looks for stuff to gripe about in her more noisy moods. Otherwise, she's settling down well - she has a job, she has a home. She's met some people she is growing close to.


In the short amount of time she has been here, she has encountered very strange things, which are forcing her to make a decision or several. She has been heard saying that she practices mindfulness and meditations and similar new agey things to balance herself out in the wake of odd supernatural events. Considering she hasn't (completely) lost her mind already she is doing well at it. If she wasn't aware before, she certainly is now. Its hard to be unaware with certain people around ... and she may be supernatural but maybe not. She treats everyone with as much kindness as she can manage so its hard to tell unless she tells you were she stands. Still, she IS an odd woman...

RP Hooks/Abilities

RP Hooks / Abilities

RP Hooks

Southern - Modesty, Hospitality, Grace. Her southern roots won't let her go.

Balanced - She seeks to maintain a balance in her life between the human self and her spiritual self.

Duality - The concept of duality in nature is made manifest, and threatens the before mentioned balance and is what is balanced.

Loyalty - Once a person is found worthy in her mind of her loyalty, she won't let them go. Thick or thin, she tries to remain a constant and that friend you need the most when shit hits the fan.


Acting - Can act (Become another person)

Cooking - Delicious meals and baked goods

Perceptive - Notices small details most won't

Empathy - Understands other's emotions well

Other Stats

Vice and Sin / Virtues / Play List




Holds it all within, until it explodes dangerously


Sometimes allows her ego to control her, and damages to her pride triggers her Wrath in a vicious cycle




Respect, Reverence, Admiration


Sense of Humor - Meaningless and Absurdity


"Tradition has a place in the hearts of those beset by tragedy. I think that's what you and I have in common. Come on by anytime, Red." - Scott

"There ain't nothin' to see here, just a bitter, drunken old man who got a fuckton of praise for killin' a fuckton of people." - Jericho Witter

"She seems fun!" - Staying Sharp