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Natalia Pommer

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Name: Natalia Pommer

Archetype: Sworn Sister - Institute Staff

Faction: - White Oak Institute - College

Occupation: Instructor

Theme Song: Deep Six Textbook - Let's Eat Grandma



Little is known about Natalia's background — certainly not around Haven. Ethnically Polish, her family has some deep relation with White Oak; and those ties that bind have bound her to the Haven Institute. The clergy consider her as still on the path towards supererogatio, being of lesser religious purity due to some unspoken fumble in her past; and she has a reputation as one of the less strict Sisters haunting the White Oak grounds.

+The Now+

Natalia's class details are below.

Current Class

Unveiling the Shadows: Strategies and Studies in Supernatural Corruption

This course aims to provide an in-depth understanding of supernatural corruption, its origins, effects, and the various strategies required to combat it. Through a combination of theoretical knowledge, case studies, and practical application, students will be equipped to identify, analyze, and address instances of supernatural corruption in various settings.

This course will run over the Winter Break.

Week 0: Ice Breaking

11/3 Class 0: Class Introductions - Make the acquaintance of the instructor, as well as your fellow classmates.

Week 1: Introduction to Supernatural Corruption

11/6 Class 1: Overview of Supernatural Corruption – Defining supernatural corruption, exploring its origins and how it affects both the supernatural and human worlds.

11/8 Class 2: Historical Instances of Supernatural Corruption – Examining past cases and patterns of supernatural corruption.

11/10 Class 3: Identifying Signs of Supernatural Corruption – Teaching students how to recognize the early signs of supernatural corruption in various beings and environments.

Week 2: Theoretical Frameworks and Models

11/13 Class 4: Theories Behind Supernatural Corruption – Discussing different theoretical models that explain supernatural corruption.

11/15 Class 5: Psychological Aspects of Corruption – Exploring how supernatural corruption can affect the psyche of supernatural beings and humans.

11/17 Class 6: Societal Impacts of Supernatural Corruption – Analyzing how corruption in the supernatural realm can lead to broader societal issues.

Week 3: Types of Supernatural Beings and Corruption

11/20 Class 7: Vampires and Corruption – Understanding how vampires are susceptible to corruption and ways to mitigate it.

11/22 Class 8: Werewolves and Corruption – Examining the unique challenges werewolves face regarding corruption.

11/24 Class 9: Witches and Wizards – Discussing how practitioners of magic can both fall victim to and combat supernatural corruption.

Week 4: Corruption in Magical Artifacts and Places

11/27 Class 10: Cursed Objects – Identifying and dealing with objects that have been corrupted by supernatural forces.

11/29 Class 11: Haunted Locations – Understanding places that are prone to supernatural corruption and learning how to cleanse them.

12/1 Class 12: The Role of Alchemy – Exploring how alchemy can be used to both cause and cure supernatural corruption.

-NOTE: FINALS occur from 12/1 to 12/11!

Week 5: Combatting Supernatural Corruption

12/4 Class 13: Preventative Measures – Teaching strategies to prevent falling victim to supernatural corruption.

12/6 Class 14: Purification Rituals and Spells – Learning various rituals and spells to purify beings, objects, and places from corruption.

12/8 Class 15: Case Studies – Analyzing real-life instances where supernatural corruption was successfully combated.

Week 6: Ethical Considerations

12/11 Class 16: The Morality of Combating Corruption – Discussing the ethical dilemmas involved in fighting supernatural corruption.

12/13 Class 17: The Role of Consent – Understanding the importance of consent when dealing with supernatural beings affected by corruption.

12/15 Class 18: Long-Term Consequences – Analyzing the long-term effects of combating supernatural corruption on both individuals and communities.

Week 7: The Psychology of Corruption

12/18 Class 19: The Lure of Power – Examining how the desire for power can lead to corruption.

12/20 Class 20: Corruption and Mental Health – Understanding how falling victim to corruption can affect one’s mental health.

12/22 Class 21: Rehabilitation and Recovery – Discussing strategies for helping individuals recover from supernatural corruption.

Week 8: Final Thoughts and Reflection

12/25 Class 22: Christmas – No class.

12/27 Class 23: Lessons Learned – Reflecting on what has been learned throughout the course and discussing potential areas for future study.

12/29 Class 24: Course Wrap-Up – Summarizing key takeaways from the course and providing resources for continued learning on the subject.

All students are invited to attend class, and all faculty members are invited to attend in audit or in supplemental role of education on the day's lesson topic. This course will take place in the Spender Building, in the Abnormal Psychology classroom, Monday Wednesday Friday in the early evenings, likely 7PM (though this can change depending on student turnout, check the calendar).

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